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  1. I was so excited that I was approved for a Banana Republic card... I have to share my news somewhere!!!!!
  2. NO, never give your SS# out. I made the mistake of doing so with a CA and they used the information to be able to verify an account, which they other wise could not have done!
  3. Since I moved to Colorado I received a letter from Equifax informing me that negative info has been added to my file (which they have to do in this state I guess) So I filled out the sheet and sent it in to get my file... Which arrived listing only 3 accounts, and no inquiries. I was a bit dumbfounded, but I called Equifax and they put it back together for me and are sending me a new file... but the lady on the phone said I had no new neg. info... isn't that strange?
  4. DH was sued by ASSet Acceptance last year they got a judgment against him... which he paid... then they sued again for another credit card... which he did not pay... So we move to Colorado and recently receive in the mail a copy of a court document from his bank in Michigan citing garnishment. He still has not closed the account for fear of anyone learning of his new address... he's so laim. So he wants to make payments, but he's afraid if he contacts anyone about this he will be garnished here more than he can afford to pay... Does anyone have any advice or insight into this type of situation
  5. kbean

    Medical Bill

    okay, wait a minute. Cradle to the grave billing?? wtf?
  6. yes that's right! I wish we would have been responsible and done the same. We folded.
  7. It doesn't surprise me! I never got any kind of alert when I used the service!
  8. well... They said they could approve us at 12.6% right? Well we haggled a bit then decided to go with it, because if we drove the trade in another day, we might lose what they offered us because it was in pretty bad shape. We both work long hours right now and we drive ALL the time. He doesn't need a brand new car, he is in Sales and will run the wheels off of it, so we don't want to take the depreciation hit... So ANYWAY, we go in to sign the papers and they start talking about their gap insurance and what not... and how would we like it if our payments went down? So they ended up getting us
  9. they already pulled it... said he had a 630... I wonder if they are using fico
  10. fiance has a split file... with TU, which is what they pulled. It says, at myfico.com that he has a 646, but only has one account listed. wow!
  11. out of no where... I don't even mess with his reports really. is this good or bad, since we are trying to get a second car and I'm co-signing? no wonder he has a 646
  12. except one credit card account... He has no inquiries, no collections... his repo is gone... he has three credit cards, and 2 of them are open right now.... only the closed one is reporting... his student loans... gone... what's up with that? I went to myfico.com
  13. http://msnbc.msn.com/id/3660557/ I remember watching this Dateline NBC thing, and I found it on line, it talks about dealerships doing that!! It just sucks, I hate having to have my credit pulled over and over!!
  14. Okay, I bought an 03 civic in Nov. 03 Never missed a payment... We moved to Colorado and my boy got a job in sales, so he needs a better car... we went and looked at a few places, and we found an 01 for 13,900. It's great, has 41,000 miles and looks good. It's certified used... But the dealer pulled his credit and said he had a 630, so I was willing to co-sign. He pulled my TU and said I had a 660. He said Honda would give us a rate of 12.6%... I didn't need a co-signer and I got 5.5 through my credit union when I bought the civic. any advice? Should we go to a credit union? The boy feels like
  15. They had a copy of a contract with his signature. They had copies of statements. Either way, he has two judgments against him now. Regardless.