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  1. A year ago my husbands TU FICO was 656 and we bought a 2003 Escape with 9,000 miles with O down and 3.9% APR through ford motor credit. He had 2 medical collections showing and 1 charge off. Liz
  2. I been here since 2002...I have learned alot and cleaned up our reports. My credit is clean except for another bill that just hit my report and tanked my score 96 points for a measly $40.00. Which I was paying and the OC turned me to collections but still continued to cash my checks. The OC on that one just cashed the check I sent along with the HIPPA letter. Hopefully I can get that deleted. We have alot of medical bills from my son getting hit by a car last year. The last time the CA called, I had her so shook up, she hung up on me. Knowledge is power, but sometimes I need help in cases like
  3. Doc, I didn't know it was in collections. The letter came AFTER I sent payment. They sent us a collection letter at the same time I sent payment so it crossed paths in the mail. As far as I know it is not on his report yet. Before I learned on this board NOT to pay a CA until you have something in writing, we paid the same CA in full on a different medical bill and THEN they placed the collection on my husbands report. I will NEVER fall for that again. Although this one is not reporting, I knew if I paid the CA it would start showing. Liz
  4. We have a bill from an ambulance company. I sent the payment in full ($500.00)to the OC via CMRR. They won't pick up the mail and the CA is calling the house. The OC told me to pay the CA after we sent payment in. What do I do now? Can someone guide me as what I should do? They (CA) are calling the house and we won't speak to them. Thank you~Liz
  5. Well, he called when he got home and he did get the $1,500.00. Liz
  6. I have had my Chevron for 2 years with a $600.00 limit. There are NO Chevrons here so over the holidays I used it to buy cookies from Mrs. Beasley's. They screwed up my order and ended up crediting me the $30.90. This was the first time I used the card in 2 years. When I placed the order, my limit was $600.00, I get the bill today and see a limit of $1,500.00. It has never reported in the 2 years I have had it so I am hoping it will start now with the new line. I must say I was surprised. Liz
  7. Juniper pulled it for my husband. His score was 656 and got $800.00. He applied last week and the card came today. Liz
  8. My husband got a pre-approval in the mail for $1,500 from home depot. All he has to do is take the paper they sent to the store. Is this for real? I have my own Home Depot account with him as an AU but my limit is only $750.00. Has anyone else gotten this offer in the mail and got the line of credit they qouted? Thanks for your help...Liz
  9. I have had a Merrick account for about a year. I started out with a $600.00 limit and now I am at $1,200 they give increases as long as you pay on time and keep your balances low. I haven't had a problem at all with them. Liz
  10. My husband got an invitation to apply so he did(online). He was approved instantly for $800.00 so I tried and got a big NO. HUH? my credit is clean...his has baddies on it still. I have no idea what his TU fico is at this point. I checked on 12/27 and it was 656. Liz
  11. I had five go out three for my husband and two for me. Me: TU-disputed 3, no knowledge-all came back verified EXP-disputed 3, 2 no knowledge, 1 never late-two came back verfied one was updated from charge off to paid,never late. Fico score jumped 20 points Husband: EXP-disputed 5 no knowledge, 2 never late-all came back previously investigated TU-disputed 6 no knowledge, 1 never late (GMAC) 2 came back verified (Cavalry) 4 deletes (GMAC being one of them) 1 verified. Both Cavalry and other that was verified are both out of SOL . His fico score went up 9 points with all of those deletes. We a
  12. Yes...a big fat DECLINE no reason why yet. Now my husband applied and they pulled MY credit report which makes me wonder why. It was not a joint application. Liz
  13. Please don't shoot me I applied an hour ago for a consolidation loan and just checked to status online. It says Referral anyone have idea what that means? Thanks...Liz