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  1. The Collection Agency is demanding tha son open a checking account so they may withdraw from that. He is not allowed to have a checking account......due to lack of responsibility. They said to have me have it if!!!!! They do not want to send a payment booklet.......they want a checking account or they want to garnish....... Now on the Garnishment.......He works as a waiter, how in the hell can they garnish if his checks are only in the single digits???? He checks look like he makes alot, but that is because they put 15% of his sells on the check for tax purposes.
  3. Okay another question............... Two different balances right, one from US Department of Education& one from a Collection Agency. This was a Trade School and he did not finish the course, actually only attended maybe three months, I'll have to check on that though, I know it was not very long. Does that matter?
  4. We already Ceased them.................Now what???? And why are the balances different from the two companys??
  5. He does not as of yet have any kind of DR. this is all through the Probation Department and the County Attorney's Office. These are the offers being made to him, we have yet to recieve anything on the DWI charge, that is just for driving with a supended license. So I guess I'll just leave it alone for now, as his credit is already wasted due to lack of responsibility.
  6. alright then, so when they call again, What does he actually have to tell them? He is going into rehab in September for about six months, so he will not be able to pay anything until after then, AFTER he gets caught up with all the fines ect.........
  7. On the wage garnishment, if that should happen, his paychecks for two weeks run about $1.46 to $3.57, so they will garnish 15% of that? He is a waiter, so all of his money come from tips. And today, I had him senda cease and Desist communication letter, because I THOUGHT he could deal directly with whom ever he got the loan through? Wrong move???
  8. Diversified Collection Services, Inc. Mr. XYZ Claim of: US Department of Education Acct.# 0101010101010 Balance: $8121.58 Mr. XYZ This letteris in response to our recent telephone conversation. We were unsuccessful in our attempt to assist you in resolving your defaulted debt owed to the US Dept. of Education. Our firm has been authorized to use any of the following steps to resolve this matter. *Arrange voluntary repayment terms in accordance with your financial situation *Assist you in qualifying for programs offered to inviduals with defaulted student loans. *Verify any entitlements that ma
  9. DCS is threatening to garnish wages for my son's loans. I need step by step instructions on the best way to get this fixed for him. Please!!!
  10. There are several sites on the Internet that list the various states' Statute of Limitations. The SOLC generally begins with each payment that is made. Each payment, whether timely or late, re-starts SOLC. This is the critical concept in understanding SOLC, because when you default, the last payment made is where SOLC is counted from. Here in Arizona SOLC generally is 4 years. If a creditor has not commenced suit within that time frame, the Statute of Limitations doe not BAR a suit, but it becomes an Affirmative Defense against the suit
  11. On the acct in question, on the Experian report it shows Proidian Financial Then it lists sev. different things but on the balance date it shows Jan 31, 2003 but we haven't made a pmt since 5/01. It shows at the bottom on the year scale that as of June 2001 it was 30 days, then July 2001 it was 90 days past due. Would this mean that the statute of limitations would go from the day of the last payment?
  12. If the SOL has run out and another collections company buys the debt from the previous collection company does this start the date of last activity all over again?
  13. In the mean time, i have a collection agency calling and writting letters. So I take it then I should send the cease communication letter, and then call the county attorney and see who I talk to about the trash service provided?
  14. I live outside of the city limits, the city has their own trash service through the city. So, I call the county attorney and what, show him the past bills, cancelled checks, the letter I wrote to them, by the way of which was certified.
  15. Actualy, I paid for service but the billing was all screwed up so I wrote a letter to them: Waste Management San Antonio P.O. Box 79168 Phoenix, Az 85062-9168 RE: Past Due Billing Received: Acct # : xxxxxxxxx-xx-xxxx-x To whom it may concern: I received from you a past due bill in the amount of $178.77, I am writing to dispute this debt with you. In Sept. 2003 I received a parcial bill for the amount of $32.99 which was paid 9-13-2003 with check # 3299 On Dec. 18th 2003 I made a electronic payment of 64.70. The last time you picked up my trash was Dec. 19th 2003, because I received a bill som