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  1. The Collection Agency is demanding tha son open a checking account so they may withdraw from that. He is not allowed to have a checking account......due to lack of responsibility. They said to have me have it if!!!!! They do not want to send a payment booklet.......they want a checking account or they want to garnish....... Now on the Garnishment.......He works as a waiter, how in the hell can they garnish if his checks are only in the single digits???? He checks look like he makes alot, but that is because they put 15% of his sells on the check for tax purposes.
  3. Okay another question............... Two different balances right, one from US Department of Education& one from a Collection Agency. This was a Trade School and he did not finish the course, actually only attended maybe three months, I'll have to check on that though, I know it was not very long. Does that matter?
  4. We already Ceased them.................Now what???? And why are the balances different from the two companys??
  5. He does not as of yet have any kind of DR. this is all through the Probation Department and the County Attorney's Office. These are the offers being made to him, we have yet to recieve anything on the DWI charge, that is just for driving with a supended license. So I guess I'll just leave it alone for now, as his credit is already wasted due to lack of responsibility.
  6. alright then, so when they call again, What does he actually have to tell them? He is going into rehab in September for about six months, so he will not be able to pay anything until after then, AFTER he gets caught up with all the fines ect.........
  7. On the wage garnishment, if that should happen, his paychecks for two weeks run about $1.46 to $3.57, so they will garnish 15% of that? He is a waiter, so all of his money come from tips. And today, I had him senda cease and Desist communication letter, because I THOUGHT he could deal directly with whom ever he got the loan through? Wrong move???
  8. Diversified Collection Services, Inc. Mr. XYZ Claim of: US Department of Education Acct.# 0101010101010 Balance: $8121.58 Mr. XYZ This letteris in response to our recent telephone conversation. We were unsuccessful in our attempt to assist you in resolving your defaulted debt owed to the US Dept. of Education. Our firm has been authorized to use any of the following steps to resolve this matter. *Arrange voluntary repayment terms in accordance with your financial situation *Assist you in qualifying for programs offered to inviduals with defaulted student loans. *Verify any entitlements that may alter the amount you owe. *Refer your account for administrative wage garnishment procedures which may garnish up to 15% of your wages if you are employeed, in accordance with fedreal regulations. *Submit your debt to the Department of Education for referal to the US Department of Justice for litigation if you possess other assets. If your refusal to pay is simply due to your inability to pay the entire unpaid balance at once, we can verify your circumstances through financial statements and offer your repayment terms that will be fair to both you and the Department of Education, If you have had past difficulty in resolving issues with a collection agency, please offer us the opportunity to assist you. If any of the following specific circumstances are applicable to you, contact us so that your concerns can be addressed immediatly. *You can verify a total disability *You have proof that this debt is paid in full *You have proof that a payment has not credited your balance *You have proof that this debt has been discharged through bankruptcy *You want proof of the promissory note you signed *You want itemization of the balance we are collection *You can prove that the school closed during this loan period *You have concerns about school's responsibility for this debt. If you intend to avoid direct collection activity, and would like to take advantage of any of the options we are offering to resolve your defaulted account, contact your account rep 888-335-6267. This is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. ******************************************************* US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Account # 01010101010101 Principal Balance $3114.74 Interest $ 200.48 Penalty charges $ 0 Fees & Costs $ 828.80 Total Balance $4144.02 THE US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION NOW HOLDS THE DEFAULTED STUDENT LOAN FROM THE DIRECT STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM TO ATTEND REMINGTON COLLEGE-DENVER CAMPUS FOR WHICH YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. THE ENTIRE OUTSTANDING BALANCE ON THIS LOAN IS NOW DUE. YOU WILL ALSO BE LIABLE FOR THE COSTS OF COLLECTING THIS LOAN. THESE CHARGES CAN ADD SUBSTANTIALLY TO THE AMOUNT NEEDED TO SATIFY YOUR DEBT. ED WANTS YOU TO KNOW THAT PAYING YOUR DEBT BY A MUTUALLY AGREEABLE INSTALLMENT PLAN MAY MAKE YOUR LOAN ELIGGBLE FORLOAN "REHABILITATION" OF PAYOFF THROUGH A CONSOLIDATION LOAN, WHICH WILL REMOVE YOUR LOANS FROM DEFAULT STATUS, MAY IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT RATING BLA BLA BLA BLA *********************************************************** So now what in heck is he suppose to do. he is fixen to have to go to rehab for the next six months, so what little money he does have is going to pay attorney fees for his third DWI conviction. I need step by step drirections on how the best way to handle this mess for him would be. Thanks in advance. Sorry this is so long.
  9. DCS is threatening to garnish wages for my son's loans. I need step by step instructions on the best way to get this fixed for him. Please!!!
  10. There are several sites on the Internet that list the various states' Statute of Limitations. The SOLC generally begins with each payment that is made. Each payment, whether timely or late, re-starts SOLC. This is the critical concept in understanding SOLC, because when you default, the last payment made is where SOLC is counted from. Here in Arizona SOLC generally is 4 years. If a creditor has not commenced suit within that time frame, the Statute of Limitations doe not BAR a suit, but it becomes an Affirmative Defense against the suit
  11. On the acct in question, on the Experian report it shows Proidian Financial Then it lists sev. different things but on the balance date it shows Jan 31, 2003 but we haven't made a pmt since 5/01. It shows at the bottom on the year scale that as of June 2001 it was 30 days, then July 2001 it was 90 days past due. Would this mean that the statute of limitations would go from the day of the last payment?
  12. If the SOL has run out and another collections company buys the debt from the previous collection company does this start the date of last activity all over again?
  13. In the mean time, i have a collection agency calling and writting letters. So I take it then I should send the cease communication letter, and then call the county attorney and see who I talk to about the trash service provided?
  14. I live outside of the city limits, the city has their own trash service through the city. So, I call the county attorney and what, show him the past bills, cancelled checks, the letter I wrote to them, by the way of which was certified.
  15. Actualy, I paid for service but the billing was all screwed up so I wrote a letter to them: Waste Management San Antonio P.O. Box 79168 Phoenix, Az 85062-9168 RE: Past Due Billing Received: Acct # : xxxxxxxxx-xx-xxxx-x To whom it may concern: I received from you a past due bill in the amount of $178.77, I am writing to dispute this debt with you. In Sept. 2003 I received a parcial bill for the amount of $32.99 which was paid 9-13-2003 with check # 3299 On Dec. 18th 2003 I made a electronic payment of 64.70. The last time you picked up my trash was Dec. 19th 2003, because I received a bill sometime that next week for another $ 70.00 something dollars and decided that I no longer needed your service. Please feel free to contact me in writing with any futher requests for information. The bill they say I owe goes like this: 1 Month..................May 31,2004.....................$24.93 4 Months................Feb 29, 2004.....................$88.67 Makes no sense to me.............I quit putting my trash out in December because their billing was screwy. I called and told them not to bother with my trash. Sugestions on dealing with this?
  16. Capitol One sent me a letter: Re; Your charges off account xxxxxxxxxxxxx with Discover According to our records this charged off debt should no longer appear on your credit report, however Capitol One will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your creditworthiness. Plus when your new account is opened all recovery activities will stop. However if you fail to make a payment to capitol one in the first three billing cycles your card will be cancled and your charged off account will be returned to TWA. Are these people stupid or what? I guess they think I am!!
  17. I have a collection letter from RMS for trash service which was not rendered. A few months back I wrote the trash pick up people about the bill I disagreed with, they in turn turned it over for collections? So do I ask the RMS people to validate or cease communication? Thanks in advance!
  18. I will do that, but I cannot send a letter, if I do not know where to send it, or who to send it too. When they call again, do I ask for their contact info?
  19. SOmeone from RMS keeps calling me at work, about something I know nothing about. I told them to contact me by mail, an dnot to call me at work anymore. Well today they called again, and asked if I recieved whatever the supposedly mailed to me, of which I have recieved nothing, and told them that. She said, what do you want to do about the debt donna?, I told her I told her to mail me whatever as I know nothing of what she is talking about, she said we can't continue with this, what do you want to do? I just hung up on her....... I am trying to figure out how to get a hold of them now.......and what do I tell them the next time they call? How do I find out what they are talking about? Thanks
  20. this is just a campus ticket, issued by non-police people. It isn't even showing up on any credit report.
  21. Is there a SOL on parking tickets in Indiana????
  22. My friend is in Ohio, can you still help? I am having her scan and send to all documents .
  23. It was not a cashier's check, it was a store money order, and she has since moved from the state she purchased the money order, stuff is still packed, that is why she does not have the reciept, it's lost in the mess of moving. She is totally freaking out here, what else can I tell her to do???
  24. There were charges from some porn site and whatever? The phone co. waived the charges and about 6 months later I got a bill from some collection agency saying I owed them $86.00 because they went after the phone co. and they refused (allegedly). The phone bill is in Oscar's name but they sent it to ME. I ended up paying it with a money order and do NOT have the proof anymore. Then about a month ago I got a letter from another collection agency for the same thing. I sent them a cease communication letter (from and according to the site they are allowed to legally contact me once after that. I also know that if they contact me any further I can sue them. So today I get the mail and got another statement from these guys. The letter says: Your credit report has been reviewed by our legal department. It appears that you have assets sufficient to pay the balance due. A decision will be made within ten (10) business days as to possible legal action on your account. Arrangements must be made immediately to avoid possible litigation. If legal action is instituted, your account could incur court costs, pre-judgement interest and attorney's fees. I am sure that you recognize the benefits of not having a final judgement on your official records for a minimum of seven (7) years. Restitution is accepted at any Western Union location. I urge you to contact this office at once. What do I do??? It also says on the bottom "This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information will be used for that purpose. This communication is from a debt collector". THIS IS NOT MY BILL!!! First of all, the phone bill is in Oscar's name, not mine. Secondly, I already paid this (even though I cannot provide proof. And thirdly, the letter I sent them specifically said that they needed to show proof that I signed up for this "service" and also it said that I had already paid it. If I don't respond to you right away, please forgive me. We are in the process of moving this weekend. But I want to know also, how do these people have access to my credit report??? Is that legal? Should I report them to the FCC or whatever that place is? I don't know what to do and if these jerkoffs try and take me to court or put a bad mark on my credit report, I'm going to be so mad!! Oh, and the letter I sent them also states that if they put any bad mark on my credit report then I will take legal action. Do I respond to them? Do I ignore them? Anyone know what I should do? *************************************************************** Dear Sir, In regard to your statement of July 25, 2003, I formally request that the following inaccurate item be immediately investigated. Credit Account Number: Original Creditor: As stated in my first letter, this account is not mine, and was reluctantly paid one year ago by another creditor. You have failed to show any proof at all that I signed up for this service. Please note that as in my first letter (which was sent via: certified mail on June 28th and delivered July 1st), any information regarding this account that shows up on my credit report is illegal and I will not hesitate to contact the Federal Trade Commission who is responsible for enforcement, the States Attorney General office and/or the American Collectors Association or local State Bar Association and have you reported. You are trying to extort money for an account that is not mine and that is illegal. Please note also that I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and also the FCC regarding your company. (filed with both but did not get any information back yet as to file #'s, etc.) If you have any proof of my signing up for this service please have the orginal creditor contact me as I wish to deal with them directly. I have also stated that in my first letter. If any legal action is taken against me, please be aware that I also have the right to sue you for harrassment and will do so if needed. Any other contact by your company from this date forward will be considered harrassment and legal action will be taken. The proof they sent was just apiece of paper like a call log, that is all. No business name no nothing. If you will notice, this is NOT proof of anything. My signature appears nowhere and it doesn't say what it is, what is was for, no dollar amount listed. The only thing listed is a label with the original creditor name and address. That is IT! I am so I could scream!!! I don't know what to do. This crap is for a porn site that neither I nor Oscar had anything to do with. The phone bill was/is is Oscar's name but yet they are coming after ME for money that I don't owe. They did not send any proof as I requested and I AM NOT PAYING THESE F G PEOPLE ANYTHING!!!! I already reported them to the BBB and also the FTC (or FCC, can't remember now). I am so sick of this crap from these a-holes. What do I do now? Do I have to keep contacting them over and over and over? I don't want to do that. Besides I DID send them the cease and desist letter, they contacted me once with a threat (there are allowed to contact me once after letter was sent), I contacted them again and now they send me this?? Do I have to send another cease and desist letter? If you'll note, the 2nd letter I send DID say to have the ORIGINAL CREDITOR send me proof. What do I do? Please someone, can you help me out here?