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  1. Will do! I'm in Troutville, VA. Population 432. I just saw Ned Beatty float by in a canoe.
  2. Leaving Walton, KY... headin' for Roanoke, VA... I think I'll start up a (another) blog when I get back home in case anyone's interested in tracking my whereabouts...
  3. Hey Kristy! I'm still driving a truck, it just doesn't have hoses and ladders... I did the I-40 run from Barstow through Flagstaff and Winslow (what a fine sight to see) and on into Albuquerque. So technically, I finally made it out to you. Hey almost! Gotta finish packing - leaving tonight around 2 a.m. Later peeps!
  4. Hokey smokes have I been out of the loop. Hey Chasey! Catching up: I've since left my previous employer (see: driver mill). Now that I've "paid my dues", I can be more selective about who I want to drive for. I've managed to make it through 40 states. Have NOT seen the Northwest yet. (Hey Kimmie! ) Been everywhere from upstate New York to New Orleans to Los Angeles to El Paso and up to the Twin Cities. Passed through Kansas and Oklahoma, but did not stop. Left Maryland one morning with every intention of stopping in North Carolina on my way to Atlanta, but it was last Nascar race of 2008. Every truck stop was packed. Same with South Carolina. Ended up having to drive through to Georgia. Dropped a load in El Paso going to Juarez. After sitting at the dock for some time, went to find somebody to unload me. Passing under a sign that read "Employees Only", turned the corner to find a room full of women on sewing machines. Whoops. They unloaded the trailer pretty quick after that. I have not been flashed yet. I expect that to change ladies. I'll be back on the road Monday. I'll try to post some entertaining pics/stories... Peace! ps: Jenn. Ack!!!
  5. Speaking from experience, most of these online career sites are nothing but headhunters. I've actually found better leads on Craigslist. Try looking under software/QA/DBA/etc jobs where you're at.
  6. I haven't found any yet specifically for truckers, but I'm still in the initial stages of research. No doubt there's hundreds of these fly-by-night incorporating (ie: "we'll help build your business for $500") sites out there.
  7. I'm sure there is. I wasn't sure what it was exactly you do - I was thinking along the lines of writing software code as opposed to internet applications...
  8. That sucks! Sorry to hear that. Any chance you could do your line of work as a contractor from home?
  9. I was thinking of getting into smuggling. I have no problem jumping through the hoops, but I know there's a lot of entities out there that are looking to do nothing more than take your money for a bunch of false promises. Given I don't have that much downtime and can only get online at truck stops that have wi-fi, I wouldn't mind utilizing the services of a reputable company that will help make sure I have all my duck in a row - so I can smuggle them more efficiently.
  10. It's come to my attention that the only way I can really protect myself in this industry is to buy my own truck. That being said, have any of you used a company that will help you with the daunting task of obtaining business credit? Thanks in advance!
  11. 1) Buy my own truck. 2) Make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  12. It's tough to be away from home during the holidays no matter what you're doing http://www.letssaythanks.com
  13. Congrats old man... er, uh... grandpa!
  14. I'll chime in on this. First, this didn't happen overnight. Those of us who live in Michigan have been on this ride for a looong time. Remember when they closed down Buick City in Flint? Huh? Where's Flint? Exactly. Second, there's a history of mismanagement here that most people outside Michigan never hear about unless it makes the news. Third, the news is overflowing with wide-mouth-self-proclaimed-experts-on-everything who have NO clue about what's going on. Lastly, this isn't just about people losing jobs (many here are third-generation auto workers). Flint has never recovered from the closing. Now you're looking at the tri-county area (Oakland, Macomb, Wayne) to be added to the list. So while the Big Three shouldn't be rewarded for poor decisions, an entire State is at stake here (ie: innocent people whose only crime was trying to keep food on the table and clothes on their kids). That saying "will the last person to leave Michigan please turn out the lights" may become a reality. Seeing as how most of the nation is experiencing severe water shortages, we should just become the bottled water capital of the world.
  15. They make a larger version of the chopper, but you can't battle. Check out the Storm Launcher... if you decide to get one, consider picking up a roll of lightweight reinforcing tape. You'll know where to put it after landing wrong.
  16. Your comment about finding viruses associated with these movies reminded of a story... http://www.zdnet.com.au/news/security/soa/Trojan-horse-found-responsible-for-child-porn/0,130061744,120276799,00.htm This was back in 2003. I can't imagine how much more prevalent this could possibly be now given the way these criminals operate...
  17. Great costume J! Still doesn't beat Spongebob. Sorry. I’m remembering a line from History of the World Part I... "I'm looking for a pack of trojans." "Darn, I just ran out."
  18. I wave everywhere I go. Unfortunately, I can't stop in 99% of the places I pass through (insert spooky spy music here) Also, I can only get the net when I'm near a Wi-Fi hotspot, so I may be 600 miles away in the other direction before I can tell anyone I was going to be in their area. Great joke, WD I work for neither. Speaking of roadblocks, I heard Stevens governed their trucks to 60... I was witness to an Averitt truck cutting a guy off without even signaling. Then I hear over the CB "[expletive] Averritt, I'll put you into the woods boy..." as they postured up over the next hill. Yee ha!
  19. You're right to be proud. May God watch over him wherever he goes...
  20. Closest I've been was so far was through Statesville a couple weeks ago... I waved...
  21. Will do, Jenn Most of your roads, Matt. Most. None of which I was on. Here's the shot of the day. I call it "Lost in Translation":
  22. Next time I come through Houston, shoot me. Picked up the truck from Rush off 610 and got lost on the loop trying to get out of town.
  23. I drove fire trucks for about 8 years back in the day. Can't keep away from the big toys. I like driving. No family, which is why I'm OTR right now.
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