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  1. Well its been awhile since I've posted anything so lets catch up, sure is nice to see everyone still at it. Since my last post the wife and I have put an emergency fund of $1000.00 in the bank, We paid off her Juniper, my Juniper and 1/3 of orchard bank. In March the income tax check will pay of the rest of orchard and my pickup truck, no automobile payments of any kind. Yeeha more money in the savings to tackle the next one. To everyone who is paying down debt and those just starting to, its hard but the feeling of telling them to kiss off is fantastic. I actually told that to a rep from Hoot
  2. You won't find better knowledge anywhere. So start asking and see what happenns.
  3. Well Abby you made one post and that was It. Where did you go.
  4. Well congrats so far. Unless you are going to buy something don't worry about your scores, just keep getting those deletes. I know is hard not knowing ( been there done that) your score but ident guard is fako. Okay go ahead anyway.
  5. I would put my faith in the gurus here before the blonde #%%^^*&.
  6. The only way we can get back at the banks/credit cards is to pay cards off then use them each a couple of times a year n pif to keep a tradeline good. So as Flo would say ( im showing my age now) KISS my grits. Shame on u for raising my int.rate n lowering my limit.
  7. Just paid off HSBC card/paid Hooters off last mo. In 2 wks will pay off BP Chase & 2 wks later will pay off Lowes. We hope to have all cards and charge accts paid by xmas time. What a heady feeling it is every time I can say PIF.
  8. All you are going to do is pay to piggyback someones elses credit. If you do and that person doesn't pay their bills it will ruin your credit. Take the time to do it yourself and the rewards will be sweet.
  9. I've been a member of my local Moose lodge for 20 yrs. Is there something you need to know. Lefty
  10. Hi Valor, I had the same problem with the IRS. I wrote a letter to each of CRAs including the withdrawl letter. At the end of my letter I wrote, " If you need further info I strongly urge you to contact ( I wrote the name of the person who signed the withdrawl, their position with the IRS, phone number to contact and the address of the where the letter came from. They all removed the lien. Hope this helps. Lefty
  11. lefty


    Well hello KB, your a sight for sore eyes. Glad your back here. Sorry its for the wrong reason. Is your email addy still the same. I kind of stayed away from that other sight, they get to intense with each other over int., balance transfers and such. Where are you living now. Lefty
  12. Nice article Homey. In my area the big thing is short sales. People aren't buying and sellers are realizing they can't get the price they want. It has created a market for unscrupulous investors to take advantage of home owners in foreclosure.
  13. Almost and Chelsea if you need info on how to deal with Larry Litton the liar and thief shoot me a pm.