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  1. Just because a credit union is a federal credit union doesn't mean that all federal employees can join. Each credit union makes up its own mind what the requirements for membership will be and put that down in their charter. The above posts tell you all you need to know to join.
  2. Unfortunately, there's no rhyme or reason for the differences among FAKO and FICO scores. No one can predict for anybody how they'll compare, so don't hold your breath.
  3. Yup, I counted one time and he said it six times in a speech. I wonder if his groomers ever mention it. He's probably got enough on his plate with dyslexia.
  4. Mispronunskiations are what chap my hiny ! The ones I hear most commonly are nuke-ya-lerr (for nuclear) and real-uh-terr (for realtor). Nuke-ya-lerr really stuck with me after I heard a freakin' Nuke-ya-lerr Engineer pronounce it that way -- Jimmy Carter. I no their are more but I ca'nt think of any rite now.
  5. They all use different models. There's no reason they would be the same. EX has their own FAKO model. EQ gives you a classic FICO score. At TU, you got either a Personal snake-oil FAKO score or a FICO score. MCK gave you FAKO CreditXpert scores.
  6. If you consider +/- 110 points a useful comparison, more power to ya.
  7. 925, are you sure that's not "2005fico", which has been around for a while, or have you confirmed this one your self ???
  8. Sometimes the lender will choose to use a "classic" FICO score which appears to be so in your case.
  9. Comparing FICO to FAKO is useless. It's apples versus oranges.
  10. The majority of lenders use a FICO score of some type, NOT necessarily the classic FICO which is the only one consumers can buy. A minority of lenders use scores other than FICOs or no score at all. A lender does not have to purchase a score directly from a CRA. There are MANY resellers to purchase from or Fair Isaac to purchase FICOs directly from. Ultimately, though, whoever provides the score will have to get the data to base the score calculation upon from the CRAs. That "real" score stuff that people love to toss around is quite misleading because it leaves out the rest of the story. The rest of the story is what I said in my first sentence above.
  11. They did use to. Then they caught on to all of the abuse, cancelled a lot of folks' accounts and crippled it for new subscribers. Some, including myself and DW, although cancelled, were allowed to sign back up immediately and have a functional PG subscription with daily online pulls. You may want to give www.mycreditkeeper a shot. Same parent company, same format except for color scheme, cheaper than PG and I haven't heard any complaints about MCK's online daily pull functionality.
  12. Understood. I thought YOU mistakenly thought rising_score was suggesting you purchase an Experian report because you said you'd ALREADY made that mistake. My mistake.
  13. It looks to me, Ponzied, like rising_score just described to you how to purchase your Experian FICO score with credit report at and how to dispute from that website NOT FROM EXPERIAN. If you decide to purchase a report at, try the discount code "2005fico" to get 20% off -> $11.96.
  14. Further to what Miracle said, keep in mind that the East Coast's free reports come roaring online 9/1/05.
  15. crofttk

    FICO models

    Some of us refer to that as a PFICO to distinguish it from a classic FICO.