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  1. Keep an eye out for Raymond G. Martin He is an A##hole collector from the Pittsburgh area that is harassing the hell out of my wife about a debt she does not owe due to SOL. Here is there info and address: Rgm & Associates 5824 Library Rd Bethel Park, PA 15102 Phone: (412) 854-5874 Spread the word. Raymond G. Martin is a con man and evil person. He doesnt even have a clue what is going on at this point.
  2. That is all he is...a big FAT JOKER WANNA BE,...yeah he is probabaly a millionaire b/c "people will buy anything". Sorry, but when you go from "instant cures" regarding health reasons to "instant cures" regarding the the stuff we talk about on this board you are an absolute phoney no if ands or butts. Tell him to GFH immediately and "dont do it"!!!
  3. try this www.whocalled.us that is the best resource...its very reliable
  4. Hi all. Check this out. My friend had an 8000 judgement placed against him back in September for an 8000 Credit card bill from the lovely MBNA / Bank of America folks. He didnt go to the court date (obviously) and had the judgement levied against him. A few weeks ago, a Sheriff from the county (You know, these "deputies" who make $8 per hour and act like they are the state attorney general! and act like they never had financial problems) showed up at his door step with papers titled "schedule of property levied upon and set aside". PA RCPDJ Numbers 407, 408. The "sheriff" gave him papers listi
  5. I guess I started a good topic ! ! ! Even though its been several weeks since my post !!! Anyway, good conversation on this topic and thanks to the moderators for an awesome board and resource. I love this place ! ! !
  6. hey Charles...Joe here in Philly...you worked miracles for me 4 years ago... I left you a VM the other day...give me a call so we can catch up... You are the very best in the industry...Love your new website as well ! ! Thanks Joe in Philly.
  7. VEVE so you think paying the 79$ per year is worth having a worthless credit card from orchard bank? Shred that and use your debit card. They are a joke, just like first premier. Horns.
  8. Hi all Ive been hanging out in this forum for over 5 years. I've learned a lot and love all of the info that I got from here. In fact, if it wasnt for this site, I wouldnt have gotten my home loan that I pulled thru 3 years ago. I must say I started listening to Dave Ramsey about 2.5 years ago after I got the house. I know a lot of people on this forum think that credit is sexy and is the way to go, but if you listen to this guy you will quickly learn why "credit" is not so good. What is so great about having a First Premier credit card with all of the monthly and annual fees when your credit
  9. I sent them a DV, they responded back with the original signed contract and other legitimate papwork from Chase. My quesiton is : Are they licensed to collect in the State of Pennsylvania? If not, can they still sue me over this if they arent licensed to collect in PA? I know they will go the NAF route and I will not have a snowballs chance in hell, Can anyone guide me at this point? Thanks Joe
  10. LadynRed, Thanks for replying back. They just sent me an account detail form showing a name of a person from Chase who was an "authorized representative" from Chase . There is a fake "seal " on the form. It looks like the pre NAF stuff you get before it goes to "arbitration". But yes, I was thinking on responding to them asking for my original signed contract as well as other things. The debt charged off nearly 2 years ago. Any further help would be appreicated. What would you recommend I do next? Thanks again joel
  11. Hi Can someone direct me how to proceed after the validated the debt so to speak? Please help Thanks Joel
  12. It took them about 45 days to respond to the DV letter.
  13. Hi all I had a chase account go bad. It went to Mann Bracken for an amount of $8000. I sent a DV letter and the sent back a response with a "basic account information" page and a "detailed account information " page. The detailed info is signed by a supposed representative from Chase (Jacqueline G.) How do I proceed from here? I've never had a CA respond to a DV. Do I request more info (signed contract with Chase, etc)? Please help me with this if you can. Thanks Joel
  14. Does anyone have a fax number for this scumbag collector in St Louis?
  15. Please help me with the questions. Im running against the clock. Thanks