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  1. Credit Protection Association L.P. A Nationwide Collections Company 13355 Noel Rd, Dallas, TX 75240 1-800-418-8144 to pay or www.paycpa.com TeleRecovery P O Box 641090 Kenner, LA 70064-1090 504-888-8300 Take care
  2. Thanks I will check with the laws in LA regarding tenant landlord. I don't think this guy would be interested in a goodwill letter if he has ideas on getting the building back. Thanks a bunch. You guys are great!
  3. Aha... so that's why they ignored the C & D letter. Smart and scary too. Can they double up on late fees in the same month in addition to the rent? It appeard to me as if they are padding the amount hoping he won't pay it
  4. Ok the letter clearly states this is a communication from a debt collector. This is a business not apartment and the atty represented the original creditor. I can see where it may not apply... and I think he may just want the building back is that a possibility? Total owed $13,910.00...total paid..$8000.00 Appreciate the help.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I really am surprised that they returned certified funds. I guess it may be that they want the building back? What about the atty ignoring the C & D letter and sending a second letter?
  6. Ok hello from long lost member vonniegirl.... My friend received a letter from an atty acting as a collector for back rent. I advised them to send a cease and desist letter (sent on 3/3/08), which they did and he received the green card back (signed 3/7/08). To resolve the debt, he sent a certified check for 1/2 the amount owed to the original creditor. On today he received a second letter from the same attorney who attached the check and returned it to the office saying he was instructed to return the cashier's check because it is insufficient to bring the debt current. Can he sue the atty and get the $1000.00 and I guess its the choice of the person he owes to return the check...pretty stupid i say what say you? Thanks!
  7. Thanks retmar, So you're saying there is no difference in business and personal as it relates to credit reporting. I thought that might be the case but wanted to verify it with you guys. As far as I know the OC is still in possession of the account and I will inform my friend to begin by contacting the OC and making arrangements to repay the balance, try negotiating a settlement amount with an agreement not to send anything negative to the cra. Does that sound okay
  8. Thanks guys for the replies. This outstanding late accounts has not reported to the credit bureaus yet however, it was told to me that instead of the social security number used it was the tax id number to open the accounts. Does that sound feasible and if it does since it is not being reported to the credit bureaus and the accounts may be stilol in the original creditors hands what is the net step to settle these outstanding accounts Thanks in advance for your continued expertise and help
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question...is there a special credit reporting agency specifically for business accounts? There are several collection accounts and late pays but not showing up on personal accounts. If these accounts are used for the purpose of credit can I negotiate with these companies to settle the debt? Can I still use the sample settlement letter? Thanks in advance for all your help
  10. Yeah, it gets us mad too...no not really we have all been where you are. Again there is no quick fix but the letters on the home page can help you out. Buying admin's book is a great tool to have with the CD or you can download it via e-books. I don't know about Crapitalone they hold your feet to the fire with the 7 year negative stay on your cr deal. Document all your work, Start by getting a folder with dates on when you started this journey, there will be a lot of paper , send everything CLRR(certified letter return receipt) and start with the debt validation letter. It's all here for you.... patience grasshopper
  11. Not anymore!!!! Pulled mine yesterday, the day before and today...shhh don't tell anybody, it's still working for me
  12. Welcome! However you found this site it is a blessing Check out the information like tryingtodigout says. There is no quick fix. You didn't get into this point in a short time and patience is not only a virtue but it will help you get your credit repaired on your own. It's so empowering and gives you back your control. Good luck and keep us informed.
  13. Hi FLMusicMan, What I have found is that MyFico gives you the most accurate scores and sometimes you can get a few dollars off with a discount to purchase but I don't remember having the ability to use bumpage because you pay each time you pull. PrivacyGuard can be pulled daily but you have to be careful and drop them before the 30-day trial period. Good Luck and keep us informed
  14. Thanks for responding so quickly Sky! Now, I have never file a counterclaim I may need to speak to my attorney to see what the conversation between the two of them. They may have taken care of that but I will know more today when I put in a call to their office. I have not informed them that I know a little something about debt collection and the FDCPA so should I let them in on it? Also, where can I get a copy of Spears V Brennan from Indiana. My Dad could certainly use the violation money I hope I haven't been out of the loop so long that I can't help my Dad. that would just kill me so any help I get from the board, my credit repair family would be a god-send.
  15. Hi members, My dad sent this letter to me on yesterday. It is from Fontana & Fontana, LLC regarding a defaulted loan for American General Financial Services of LA, Inc. Re: American General Financial Services of Louisiana, Inc versus A***** E**** First City Court for the City of New Orleans Case No 05-51280. The letter states that "This office has filed the above suit on behalf of American /general Financial Services of La., Inc. to collect a loan that you defaulted on. American General Financial Services of Louisiana will accept voluntary payments as follows: a first payment of $466.66 by June 3, 2005 and then monthly payments of $233.33 each starting July 3, 2005 and on the 3rd of each month thereafter until the debt sued upon in the above lawsuit is paid in full. All payments should be mailed to my office at the above address. I have been instructed to proceed to obtain a judgement against you fo r the amount sued upon less any credits for payments received since suit was filed. If payments are made as set forth above; then I will not proceed further than obtaining a judgement against you and recording the judgement. Please seek the advice of an attorney if you have any questions regarding a judgement and your rights. You will not receive statements on your account. You must make payments each month on time as set forth above. If you fail to pay as stated above; this office may proceed with additional litigation to collect the debt owed without further notive to you. Additional litigation will increase the debt you owe. This letter is from a debt collector. Sincerely, Darryl M. Fontana Jules A. Fontana III cc: American General Financial Services of La., Inc." My dad forwarded the lawsuit papers to me and I sent them to my attorney. This is the first reply since then. My dad will be 85 on July 13 and has had several surgeries... including a pacemaker. He does not need this worry. He is on a fixed income and I know he cannot come up with the money they are asking him for. The last line...does it constitute a mini miranda? Can I still send a C & D or DV to this office? I don't want to call my dad until I know which direction to go in. Thanks guys, I know it has been some time since I posted but the well-being of your father will do that to you