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  1. They just charged my CC for the yearlike 4 days ago. I figured I would pay the $129.00 for the year because the daily pulls are worth it to me. Now I feel that they did this just to spite me! I am calling tomorrow and canceling. Another one bites the dust!
  2. Yes, I paid by check. How did they prove your payment by check? If it hadn't been for the payment that I made in 2001 by check, this account would be past the SOL. Simba Well On my check it had my name and address plus the account # and it had my signature on it!
  3. With mine, no address was given just a name thats it. I know because I am the one who requested the AU. Some OC's do request ssn's & addy's. The weird thing with mine is I used a maiden name and it still showed up correctly. BUT...Now all the CRA's are reporting the maiden name as the "actual" name on the report and one of the reports (TU) split!
  4. I had my home listed on FSBO for quite awhile. I never had an offer and I did have 4 realtors come and do a market analysis. SO I know the price was right if not low for my area. My realtors contract is up in 1 month and I may go back to FSBO. Even if you do get a lawyer, I would rather pay $700 for a lawyer than 20K to my realtor!
  5. With Equifax they usually drop the items temporarily until the dispute is resolved. With me it caused my score to skyrocket and I was able to get a new CC back when I first started credit repair. I know that EQ stopped this practice for awhile but then I noticed about 3 months ago it was working again. My neg TLs all disappeared while the investigation took place. Back then a few of us (members) on the board applied for a Union Plus CC while our EQ TL's were in dispute because they pulled EQ and the majority of us were aproved!! TU & EX stay the same.
  6. With mine it was reported to all 3 in less than a month. This was a new account though.
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Whens the house warming party??? I'll bring the Margaritas!
  8. Another good site is Check that one out also.
  9. Congrats on your new home! Yes...People like Charles are far and few between. He is working with me as well, and he always has the BEST & most CREATIVE ideas when it comes to buying/financing a home! He goes out of his way to help you, not himself.
  10. You know I just paid down a couple of my CC's a few months back because I got same deal as you with the 0% for 12 months. The CC's that I paid down jacked my interest rate as soon as they recieved my payments from my new CC! This really made me mad. Congrats on the new CC!
  11. They do need more evidence against you than just a statement. Did you ever pay by check on this debt? That is how a CA proved to the court that the debt was in fact mine. They never could come up with the credit application. Plus now a days, you can apply online with no sig.
  12. YW. I have not done any avatars in a looooong time because my paintshop pro 8 unistalled itself and I have not been able to find the disk to reinstall. It is so frustrating not being able to create beautiful things!!! I also used it for my photos and that is where I really need it. Maybe someday I will find it, I better!!
  13. Good to see you again Niner!! Good luck with getting your repo deleted!
  14. I am not sure about your area but I know that Bank of America pulls TU. I just read about a few people who have applied on this boaerd and they all got a pull from TU. You can also go to to check there. Good Luck!
  15. I told them that I have had a split file in the past and that my name has been confused with someone else's. I told them that I did not authorize the inquiry and that I don't have an account with that particular company. I also told them that I was applying for a mortgage in the next 30 days and I need it investigated and removed ASAP.