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  1. Hey everybody I'm back. Spoke with EQ two weeks ago to get them to delete old addresses. They sent me a letter confirming the deletes. I've been checking "PG" and the addresses were still there a month later. I called and the guy told me that they were there and still being reported from that address. They said they would delete and sent me another confirmation of the deletes. I am worried because after I got the first confirmation of the deletes, I began disputing negative TL's. Suggestions?? Is my file split or is there a reporting that keeps my address from deleting.
  2. Does anyone know if a foreign corporation that has surrendered in California can still do business as a collection agency? Checked the Secretary of State's website. I tried to serve CMI and their agent of process only to find out that they surrendered. CMI is based in Texas. How can I serve papers on a Texas corporation? Also isn't it illegal for them to do business in collections for Californians? LadynRed, Calilawyer, other legal experts please reply.
  3. Ok here it goes. Merrick Bank bought out my Next Card Account 3 years ago. I had trouble and did not pay my Next Card so Merrick bought the account and I have never paid under Merrick Bank. Well I have 1 neg left on TU and Merrick Bank last November wanted to settle with a reduced payment in the amount of 230 on a 351 bill. If paid they will show account as settled and paid in full. I sent them two letters stating that I don't have an account through Merrick Bank and to validate this. They did not and instead sent a second letter for a paid in full settlement. Are they desperate for a settlement? Do I have the upper hand to negotiate paid in full for delete of tradeline. That is what I want. Where do I stand legally on this and perhaps get a delete. Looking for a delete or will wait. Help Desperate in California
  4. Checked EFX and saw US Bank pulled two different dates. It was listed as "AR" US Bank 9/2003, 11/2003 Is this an example of non pp?
  5. Looking to find out who is winning money from these scum bags. Let me know if it was settlement, or judgement. How much in settlement? Did you get paid from your judgement win? Did the CA's have a difficulty cutting your check? What were the violations/damages ? Length to fight them
  6. You can try Pentagon Federal Credit Union they pull EQ. http://www.penfed.org If you are military you are in. If not you pay a $20 membership fee to join the Military Families Organization then you qualify to join Pentagon Federal Credit Union. When they pull your EQ also apply for CC or loans at the same time so they won't have to pull again. You can get everything on just one report when you join.
  7. Well after filing with the BBB back in October and sending two letters with Capital One, John Higgins the Executive at Capital One will not delete the adverse tradeline and will continue collections on my account within the law. (Yeah right his law!) He claims that the Charge Off date date was Dec 20th yet he has not sent me a copy of the statements as evidence. So I will send the Attorney General of Virginia copies of my dispute along with California's Attorney General. I shall also file a complaint with the FTC. Is this fight worth it? See my point here. This is the seventh year and according to my credit report both TU & EQ report last actvitiy for March and April of 1997. (easy) But EXP report DEc of 1997(this is a lie) So I can fight these two bureaus and claim the reporting as outdated or obsolete and get early deletions. Experian I plan on attacking them by getting them to verify the date of last activity. If the charge was in Dec then the date of last activity would be earlier than DEC 20th. Not sure that court would be helpful since this is the year that the seven year reporting ends. What's in your (wallet) oops! thoughts.
  8. Morrow have u used Household loans such as HFC or Beneficial or are there others. If I already have a UP card with a $1000 limit is that a good sign with this bank? Thanks for answering these questions.
  9. Looking for a Personal Loan or Visa with a larger Cl to BT my CC's. Help
  10. Checked my PG this morning and noticed Lowes on the account with a credit limit reporting on EX. Had not recieved the card and went batty this morning trying to find their number. Called cust. service and have a $400 cl Was mailed on Dec 6th. Yippeeeee! I now have 4 unsecured cards and 2 secured cards.
  11. After disputing them all year the CRA's have triggered Merrick bank to respond to my dispute. Merrick has charged off an account two years ago. The debt was $330.00 and this account was bought from NextCard. However, I am disputing the amounts and now I have a settlement from Merrick. Give us $113.00 and we will report account as "settled" Isn't "settled" worse than charge off? Doesn't it reage the account for another seven years? What should I negotiate?
  12. I have 4 baddies with a bk included. No disputes and an EQ score of 636. Received a 7-10 message and today I opened a brand new UP card with a $1K limit. I had not recieved an unsecured card in years. Now I have: Target Guest Union Plus American Pacific Bank(secured) First Premier Bank(secured) This tops the cake with only 1 year of hard credit repair done by myself with no help from anyone except these boards. Thanks to all who have been there for me.
  13. submitted 11 accounts for dispute. 7 were deleted only 4 baddies remain. 4 collections, 3 charge offs Could not get off CAP ONE or Merrick Bank Can't complain now! What a christmas present!!! Can't wait to see the scores....
  14. Currently they approved all from EQ. I have 1 bk 61/2 years old, 2 collections, 1 CO(cc) was 631 before applying for credit. Now 626 or pehaps 624. Good luck. I do have things in dispute but Equifax no longer inflates your scores. Applied to Target and Crescent Jewelers (in store) no online approval
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