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    Thanks for all of your great advice, I have been researching this and apparently, Hotwire has been doing this to other people as well. I asked for a 3 star and got a 2 star. I can't get any where with them, so I have decided to go on my vacation as planned. I Never use Hotwire again. Thanks, Lisa
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    What do you mean false?
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    I used my bank card visa, so I can have my bank stop payment, Just as I could with a check.
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    Can Hotwire dot com put a collection on my CR if I stop a payment on them.. I use them all the time, but this time they give me a crappy hotel. They say ALL SALES FINAL no refunds. Thanks, Lisa
  5. Thanks Again, so if I TRY to do this I can do it in my county Right??
  6. In the contract it says this... Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreemrnt ( including whether a particular dispute is arbitrable hereunder) shall be resolved by submission to binding arbitration with the American Arbitration a$$. in the state of NY. Controversies or claims shall be submitted to arbitration regardless of the theory under which they arise, including without limitation contract, tort, common law, statutory, or regulatory duties or liability. I looked them up and it cost money to file a claim with them... Also they have broken there own contract a number of times.. Thanks Again, ~Lisa~
  7. Thanks Methuss.... I do have a contract... but nothing was ever signed.. It was done over the phone... Does that matter?? ~Lisa~
  8. Hi, Where do I file a Lawsuit? I have a Home Warranty Company for my home in NJ. The home warranty company is in NY City. If I were to sue. Could I do it in my county because the Contract is on my home or do I have to do it in NY City??? Thanks, ~Lisa~
  9. When are you going to send out your disputes??? Just looking for the perfect date.... Thanks, ~Lisa~
  10. I got a Lowes card with a $ 725 limit and a Juniper card with a $ 500 limit. 1.5 years after my BK7 Lowes : EQ Juniper : TU
  11. I just got a post card from PG....It says they are making some changes to the web site..You will still have unlimited access to your credit report, but the information contained in your report will be updated monthly instead of daily.... Time to cancel PG.....
  12. GE Money Bank: Salt Lake City...Thats what the agreement says....
  13. WoW Xan.....And I was happy with my $ 725....I would not want to pay 21% on 10K.... As for my score I am not sure, the last time I check my FICO was about a year ago and it was 622... DH was 684 in Dec. 2004..
  14. I applied online for DH and less then 30 seconds later was approved...It was only $ 300...So I applied for myself, and 30 seconds later...I was aproved for $ 725....They pulled EQ..... DH: BK7: 10-2002 ME: BK7: 11-2002
  15. I had a card with them back in the 90's that I closed with no lates...And in good standing...Every week they send me a CC offer...So I went for it.... They turn me down because of my BK from 2002....They were not in my BK...
  16. Ya, I have seen that before..But it also says on there, that they have seen both approved and not approved.... That is why I was asking if anyone had got one...Thanks, anyway.....
  17. Has anyone on the board been able to get one of these cards with a BK on there report ???
  18. I just paid $ 4.42 also, for NJ to PA...NJ to GA...NJ to TX...All 3 CRA..
  19. Maybe it is : National Mortgage Reporters......
  20. I had the same thing happen when I signed up my DH...The problem was that one of the CRA's had the wrong SS#...Call PG to find out which CRA it is.... And get it fixed..It took about two weeks before I was able to pull DH's PG report...
  21. Thanks....No this was the CA....They will be sending me a check for $ 1000.00...just in time, how did they know I needed a washer & dryer for my new house....Nice......
  22. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, and intending to be legally bound, I have hereunto set my hand and seal as follows: Does this mean I have to sign this in front of a witness or a notary..Or just sign it.....
  23. I pulled my DH's PG report to find 3 Postive accounts gone.. 1. TU 1. EQ 1. EX, 2 different accounts... They are 10 years old, I want to keep them on there because we are buying a house and I don't want his score to go down... Can I send the CRA's a copy of an old report and tell them to put it back on ?? Has anyone else had this problem ???
  24. Workin.... I did not dispute any lates........ I was very brief in my disputes.... I have found some things on my CR that are incorrect.. Not my employer-Trump Towers-Please remove.. Not my address-123 any town-Please remove.. Arrow-did not authorize-Please remove.. Cap one # 12345 Should be a 0 balance- Please update(didn't tell them why BK7)..They changed to Paid as Agreed....LOL BofA # 987456-not mine- please remove.. Thank you and Kiss my a**....Just kidding....Hope this helps you...
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