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  1. Congrats to you credithound, your hard work is paying off.
  2. Thanks for you prayers as well. And dont worry about the time frame for getting back to me. We are both very busy right now. Everything seems to be going good for us, knock on wood!! All final paperwork went to underwritter yesterday, so we should have a final word this week. I will let you know when I hear from them. I know there are people that "need" help more than you or me or half the people in the world. To me its about who also "deserves" the kind of help Oprah can give. You do deserve that help. Talk with you later. Sis
  3. What i was refering to in my post over there is the way fights are allowed to go on at boards and the big wigs and know it alls just allow it go on. Just because someone has been at a board for a long time don't mean they are right in these posts with all the fighting and arguing going on. I don't like it, and I won't stick around when its allowed to keep going on over and over again. Even the trolls, there are a few that allow the trolls to stick around and I am not okay with that at all. So if I offened anyone at this board with my words at AOC I say I am sorry, that it had nothing to do with this board here at all. I have had nothing but good things to say about CIC and all the people that are here. FYI, I started out putting names with some of the letters, some there are no names attached to when I do find them. Others I have written myself. I stopped doing it that way so that each person that wanted to direcly download or copy and paste the letters from my site, can do so without having to remove all the info. I really thought the entire thing here was get the letters out to those that need them. Use them at will for your own needs and Good Luck with it all. I guess I was wrong. And just which letters out there have more than an inital or screen name? How is that really giving credit to these people when their real identy is not posted with the letters that are posted all over the internet?
  4. OMG your in an uproar over this? This has nothing to do with your or even this board for that matter. Tell me what this has to do with Cookiemonster or Credit Info Center?
  5. I really have no clue what you are talking about. Do you want to spell it out for me?
  6. And how is this not giving credit to Nasa?
  7. Well first I am not sure who I bad mouthed at another site. If anything, I may have stated that I don't care for confilt thats going on at certain sites. I also will state again, my site from day one said right there on the very first page, and it has never changed. My email link has always been in the same place as well. And really the reason for my putting the wording that I will help for a fee, it more to turn others away from emailing me for personal attention. As I said, I get more than enough on a daily basis, and I would rather be paid for my time when it comes to that. Most people will walk away when they are being charged a fee, no matter how small or big. And no, I guess I don't get what this is all about.
  8. I for one have not frauded anyone here. Any letters on my site are there for the benifit of anyone that cares to use them. I am not sure where your trying to go with this. I am not asking anyone asking questions on a public forum to pay me, nor have I used the letters on my site to help anyone that might pay me for help. I have not been paid for anything at this time. I don't ask anyone to pay me, I put the info out there on my site that if someone needs more personal attention to their credit problems I am willing to help for a small fee. Do you see anywhere on my site that I ask for money? Do you where I claim the letters as my own? Even the letters that I wrote up on my own? No you don't, cause its not that way. I put that site together for the beneift of credit fourms and the consumers that need the letters quickly, that don't have time or knowledge to search for what they need. I didn't put that site out there to make money, trust me on that. You can try discredit me all you would like. I know who I am and what I do. That is all that matters to me, not what you or anyone else might think of me. If there is a letter of yours on my site, let me know and I will be glad to remove it. I moved the site, if my help is no longer needed or wanted that is fine, but I put the hours into getting all the info into one place. I searched high and low for hours on end to get it all into one spot. If it is not appreciated, so be it, I will keep it for my own personal benefit.
  9. Michigan does not require you to be licensed to do credit repair. I have taken care of what I need to on my end.
  10. Of course it can be implied that by posting it on your site without giving credit is actually taking credit. I don't think that's right, especially since you're charging people for credit repairs using these letters. I see you deleted your post but that's what you said. You do take credit, sis. Face it. You don't put on the letters who wrote them - the average surfer who happens upon your site will think you wrote them. Why? Because there's nothing there to tell them otherwise. Not giving credit for other people's work is, at best, unethical, dishonorable, and lacks integrity and decency. At worst, well, have you heard the name Bill Bauer? The line is really crossed, however, when someone takes the letters that others have written - that they've refused to give credit for - and uses them in a service that they charge money for. So you're making money off the blood, sweat and tears of others, but can't even have the decency to give them honor of acknowledging that they wrote the letters that are making you money? I think I see a snake in our midst. I deleted the post because I don't feel like having conflict over this with anyone. The reason for starting to charge is I am getting sometimes as much as 10 emails a day asking for help. FYI, anyone that wants the letters, I send them to them. But when I am getting asked to look at reports and advise, it takes way too much time. I have a right to ask to be paid for my time. Actually it would be impossible to list each and every person that wrote a letter. Most of the letters on my site have been reworded in some way or another. It also state right on the very first page, right there out front for everyone to see Thanks to all that have put together the letters and the information to repair your own credit. I couldn't possibly list all the names that have contributed to my site. Kristy, it all started with your book, Good Credit is Sexy, can't wait for the second edition to come out. How is that me taking the credit for doing the letters???? I used to put in the posts where I go a letter, but there got to be way too many asking for letters. Seemed like it was all find till I put that I will help for a small charge. Its all good, I can read between the lines ladies. Have a good one. And FYI, not once have I ever in the past year that I have been working on credit repair, have I ever asked that someone give me credit for something that I put out here. And I have put things out here as well as everyone else.
  11. I didnt say that the consumer could dispute this with the oc. What the letter says is that the consumer disputed with cra and cra says the oc verified. With this happening, the consumer has a right to ask the oc how they were able to verify this info. The consumer has a right to ask the oc how they investigated this account that led them to be able to respond it was accurate to the CRA.
  12. HEHEHE, you know Paw, what would really be funny here, if you filed a complaint about the BBB to the FTC and AG. Now that would be a fun thing to watch. Could say she descriminated agaisnt you cause she felt you were a DEADBEAT. And you feel she wouldnt look into this cause she has good credit and you don't. I bet there are 10 things you could use agaisnt her in complaints.
  13. Almost, I am just so happy for you and DH. Someone told me a few months back that if I wanted a home of my own, I had to pray for someone else to get their home. I have prayed for you and a neighbor for weeks now. My neighbor got word that her sister is giving her property in Mississippi to put a mobile home on. She is so happy about this. And now this with you. Maybe, just maybe everything will work out for me and bf and our kids with our mortgage. We are still waiting to hear from the underwritter. You so deserve this, you so do. I don't really know you know you, but I even was looking for a way to call Oprah or Montel and see if they would help you get a house. I know that sounds corny, but thats how much I want to see this happen for you. I know your going to make the best mom in the world. I hope we can exchange mail addresses in private so that we may send xmas cards and such back and fourth one day to each other. Congrats again to you, I can't wait to hear about you getting the keys and moving in. This is so exciting.
  14. Is it with TU by chance? They just sent me a results letter saying four accounts had been deleted!!! I didn't dispute them either. I disputed some inquiries, nothing to do with the accounts they did delete. Two were bad and two were good. But the good ones are open and report each month, so no big deal. They will get back on. I think TU has just gone to crazy land and does whatever it feels like doing.
  15. I think you have to go to the DNC site and file a complaint.
  16. Joe welcome back. Everyone was asking about you, wondering how the car loan turned out. Glad to see you, sorry I can't help with this though.
  17. If you are getting no where with a CA or even and OC you can file complaints about them. This has helped to resolve some issues and gotten some deletes. Make sure you have attempted to settle the issues on your own first, if after a few trys, try making complaints to the right places. FTC CONSUMER COMPLAINT FORM BBB STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL
  18. If you are 100% sure that your insurance paid this I would send the HIPAA letter to them. You would want to use insert b, and send it to the original health care provider. Read about HIPAA here http://community-2.webtv.net/YCHANGE/STORAGE/page14.html
  19. Actually in some states Penal codes, its is fraud to report a card stolen if it wasn't stolen. I would look up my state laws on this and see about that. To answer your question, once the card is reported as stolen, it will show close, 0 balance, and stolen, and FICO will not include this account in the score. Then the creditor would report a new account number with the real balance and old history to it. So, really it wouldnt help you at all.
  20. HI there, I am not too sure how to help you with this, but thought this link might get you the info you need: http://www.creditboards.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=17
  21. They will not stop till they make us have no phones at all.
  22. Wax, is there a way you can send proof that they cra had already investigated these and the out come was to mark as paid? If you have a report from them showing the results, then I would send a copy of these with a PR letter and see what comes of it. Have you disputed these as not mine yet? That could be another route to take. What about sending dv letters to the cas? They are required to report accurate items, and its obvious they are not. You could send ITS to ca's and oc's for not reporting correctly.
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