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  1. I have a family member that is on SSI and I am their representative. I know that if she has a legal problem I can get free legal aid for her or I can go to a lawyer that handles SSI cases depending upon what the legal matter is. Many more lawyers are now handling SSI cases then ever before. Look in your phone book for lawyers that say they handle SSI. I don't know what the laws out in California are but here in my area we can get a free consultation. You need a car to get around your disability should be reason enough, even if your legs are alright and theres no problem there. The law should be on your side when it comes to that. Something else I know one person on SSI that drives a car and is mildly retarted. You think that she would be a danger on the rode, but quite the opposite, it would be worse for her to walk. Their are many people just like her, and the laws say, they are capable of driving and being licensed and responsible. Take another persons car away when your disabled and have them walk into unknown neighborhoods it can bring fear and anxciety to someone. They take your car away from you and something happens to you they are responsible. Understand what I am telling you? Look in your phone book for a lawyer. Keep us updated.
  2. I just recieved my experian credit report in the mail today. They give this to dispute online http://experian.com/disputes/ They want a reference number. On my report it says creditexpert.com enroll now for 30 days free get unlimited acess, blah blah. Maybe you can enroll and then before the thirty days are up they won't charge you. I'm looking for phone numbers on mine. O.K. they give this number for disputes 1-800-583-4080. Let me known if you get a live person. I don't know how they would expect someone to dispute with a computer.
  3. Does anybody have an answer? What I want to know is if they entered a judgement the court and then 3 weeks later give me a date for a default judgment. Is this LEGAL?
  4. You must be close to the sol or past it. Do you have a copy of one of your credit reports? Or maybe you can go on line and purhase one before tomorrow. This might give you a better idea of the date.
  5. What State are you in? You might not get a court date right away. In my case I got the summons almost a year to the date of the judgment. The CA must have loved this one, a whole year of their dunning letters. You can call the court clerk up and ask what court it will be held in. Small claims court, civil court, etc..
  6. Kristy, I don't know how to bring up the other link. I have another question and can someone explain to me why I have 2 differant judgment dates. I'll explain. I have a letter that goes like this: The Plaintiff, having move pursuant to CPLR R. 3212 for an Order granting summary judgment in its favor and against the defendant xxxx , and said motion having been submitted on date, and this court rendered a decision on same date granting the Plaintiffs Motion in its entirity;...... ............. it goes on...... Ordered that the Plaintiffs Motion be granted in its entirity and its further ordered that the Clerk is hereby directed to enter in favor of the Defendant and it goes on.... This letter is from the CA/ lawyers to the Judge who signed and granted this. Now 3 weeks later I have a default judgment Why give me a court date if they already granted judgment and sent me a Notice of Entry order. What were they going to do erase all these dates??? Can somebody explain this, please??
  7. Here is something interesting I found for New Yorkers, western court district. which includes me. NOTICE TO PRO SE LITIGANTS OPPOSING SUMMARY JUDGMENT Any party moving for summary judgment against a party proceeding pro se shall serve and file as a separate document, together with the papers in support of the motion, a “Notice to Pro Se Litigant Opposing Motion For Summary Judgment” in the form indicated below. Where the pro se party is not the plaintiff, the movant shall amend the form notice as necessary to reflect that fact. Notice to Pro Se Litigant Opposing Motion For Summary Judgment Plaintiff is hereby advised that the defendant has asked the Court to decide this case without a trial, based on written materials, including affidavits, submitted in support of the motion. THE CLAIMS PLAINTIFF ASSERTS IN HIS/HER COMPLAINT MAY BE DISMISSED WITHOUT A TRIAL IF HE/SHE DOES NOT RESPOND TO THIS MOTION by filing his/her own sworn affidavits or other papers as required by Rule 56(e). An affidavit is a sworn statement of fact based on personal knowledge that would be admissible in evidence at trial. I know for a fact I didn't recieve this letter from CA/lawyers. they sure didn't want me to appear in court or answer them. What they did do was send me letters to mix me up. I just found this out yesterday, had I known it when I went into court to vacate my judgment I would have brought this up. Am I understanding this right? I was suppose to receive a separate letter with my summary judgment so I knew I could go to court and defend this suit? Anybody?
  8. Cran, if all it has is the servers signature and date. They might not have delivered it. What state are you in?
  9. The attorney doesn't have to show up in court. He can fax or mail an answer to the court. In that case its just you and the judge. I vacated a judgment also, they didn't show up in court, to long of a drive, they gave no answer to the court. Now get this my motion, was denied. Dum judge. If a person thinks something might move in there favor, quite the opposite could happen. Also there was another person there who had the same lawyers sueing her but a different collection agency. I referred her to this board. I don't like the idea that this judge could be awarding lawsuits to ones that don't have the accounts they claim they do.
  10. Here some information about them from the Governor. http://www.state.ny.us/governor/press/year02/nov18_2_02.htm Lets get them OUT of Buffalo.
  11. Maybe it means their going after your income taxes. If thats the case don't file to last minute. Of course it doesn't sound like income tax. Maybe somebody bought something in your name. Or their waiting for you to buy property and they have a lien in advance.
  12. Sky Warner, It does seem like this Judge follows his own rules and not the law. I won't file a complant against him unless I'm advised to. I live in Niagara Falls. I'll start looking again for an Attorney. This case does get complicated. The CA that had this account filed for bankruptcy nobody notified me. I just have been reading it on the computer. I am going by all the information I have and this company is where the lawyers placed my account following the class action lawsuit against Providian. I have that letter. I don't think this Judge can read. http://www.sdb.uscourts.gov/Decisions/2003%20Decisions/2003%20-24%20Credit%20Store%20Inc.htm I am confused. What do you do in a situation like this?
  13. I showed the judge all my papers I had. He saw where the lawyers placed the charged off account following the class action suit against Providian. He saw this CA never showed up on any of my credit reports. He saw my credit report how they used a skip tracing company to gain access to my credit report. He saw the violations. I even printed one out for him. He said an assignnees goes from one person to the next and the next and the next. Oh Yeah, but Providian doesn't have this account anymore and they are saying they are working on assignment. I called Providian. This Judge is a nitwit. He hasn't been the judge there that long. He was one sided, I though they weren't suppose to do that. The CA/lawyers sent the judge a letter and he signed it, 3 weeks before I think I was suppose to have a court hearing.(default judgement) A letter that they were granted summary judgement and to enter it into there court records. Does anybody know anything about this kind of letter? Anybody that lives in the western N. Y. area might have heard about the police/court officer that took his own life maybe about a month ago. Those bastards.
  14. O.k. I had court on November 29, I just recieved my answer to vacate the judgement. It was denied. This is far from over. The lawyers/CA have never proved they have this account. All I have is 3 computer printed statements(One shows it paid but late.) A copy of the billing rights. This was in with the summary judgement. The CA/ lawyers never gave an answer to the court they knew there was a court date. I sent them my motion papers. The judge laughed at me 2 times along with the court officer. They were the only ones that laughted the 3 court ladies didn't. I have 2 different judgement dates. i don't think there was a court date.
  15. I don't know what state you live in so I can't locate where you can put a complant in. This is New York States banking web site with information. It can give you an idea of what you have to do. http://www.banking.state.ny.us/ccs.htm You will have to make sure you put your complant in writting to the bank you are dealing. If it can't be resolved then you can take it a step further.