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  1. If I were you, I would try to get a letter from the clerk at the courthouse saying that they don't verify with the cra's. See if the person that you spoke with will put it in writing for you on letterhead. That will help your papertrail. Then file your claim. Good luck! Patty paw67
  2. I have a hh mastercard. They were good for me when I was rebuilding but I will close it out before the annual fee comes due again. Good luck! Patty paw67
  3. For dh Home Depot pulled EQ and Sears pulled EXP. Good luck! Patty paw67
  4. DH was an au on my citi card and it did report. I recently was approved for a Chase card and added dh as an au and it is reporting on his reports also. Patty paw67
  5. Just wanted to thank Charles once again. My BIL & SIL signed on their new home yesterday. They had started out trying to work with a local bank loan officer. They weren't getting anywhere so DH & I told them to contact Charles. We had done that before but for some reason they weren't listening. They finally got ahold of Charles and filled out the application. By this time they had already found "the house" and were going crazy. Well, Charles got them all taken care of. As of yesterday afternoon they are homeowners!! Thank you Charles for helping them. They are so excited and will be moving in this weekend. Patty paw67
  6. Well, I want to say that it IS possible. DH had an open public record (from 2000) on all 3 of his credit reports when we purchased our home in January 2004. We dealt with Charles Clark (aka Firstsource) and he was able to do it for us without any real hassle. Yes, our rate is higher than if we would have had perfect credit but we made the choice to go ahead and do it because we, like you, didn't want to wait any longer. Find out what the interest rate will be and see if you can live with it. If so then I say go for it. If your local person can't do it for you, you may try contacting Charles for help. Good luck to you. Believe me when I say, it was well worth it!! Patty paw67
  7. Sorry to hear about the denial. It might be worth a try to ask for reconsideration. Last year in June or July I was denied the GM card. Sent a letter for reconsideration via PFB and was then approved. If you decide to ask for reconsideration, just try to address the issues that they listed as the reason for denial. That is what I did and it worked like a charm. Good luck! Patty paw67
  8. It is possible that they didn't get deleted from TU. I have had that happen with EQ before. They send a letter saying the account was deleted but it actually was still listed. I just called them up and explained the situation and they deleted the account. Patty paw67
  9. Your best option is to post your questions on the forum and people will chime in and help where they can. If you give the oc or ca name people with experience with the same company may be able to give you advice on those. I can tell you from experience, it takes a lot of time & persistance. I have been working on mine & dh's for 2 years and neither are totally clean. I had my eq clean and exp & tu had 1 oc with a 30 & 60 day and then all 3 reinserted a paid judgement. I have since gotten exp to remove the judgement and tu to remove the account with the 30 & 60 day late. I am still working on the others. I hope that within the next 30 days I will have all 3 finally clean. DH's are also coming along but his had quite a bit more to work on. Persistance does pay off. You just need to keep at it. Post whatever questions, comments or frustrations you are having and others will help where they can. Good luck! Patty paw67
  10. Congrats on the preapproval. Charles has been a great help to many on this board, including myself & dh. Enjoy & don't stress too much!! Patty paw67
  11. You will need to help her get a couple of positive tl's. You might try a secured card or 2. Also might see if there is someone that could add her as an authorized user to a good positive account. Good luck! Patty paw67
  12. Because it is so old you may be able to be on the mortgage without them wanting you to pay it off. DH had a Cap1 co on his reports (balance showed $3800) from 1998 also when we financed our home last year. DH is the primary wage earner so his credit was more important than mine and we were not required to pay it off. Since by your date, it is scheduled to come off in Oct 2005, if you can wait a few extra months, you could probably dispute it as obsolete and have it removed a few months early. Hope this helps! Patty paw67
  13. Where did you get your scores from? A FICO score will be between 300 (or maybe it's 350) & 850. So the scores you are showing are not true FICO's. It is very possible that your scores will dip some with disputes because you will be affecting your "average age of accounts". DH had this same problem when he began but eventually your score will rebound. It is better not to focus on the score because when it takes a dip like that it can get discouraging. Focus on getting a clean report because that is always better than a high score with a couple of neg tl's. With a clean report, if you are denied, you can ask for reconsideration and show them the clean report. It always looks better to have a clean report even if the score is lower. Also, the score will rebound and before you know it you will be where you want to be. DH's scores have all come up between 75 & 110 points since we started. They did take a small dip for a short time but have still consistently gone up. Good luck! Patty paw67
  14. You might want to check and see if the are a PRM which would mean a promotional inq and unless you OPT-OUT they will continue to sell your name on a list and you will continue to see this type of inq. Patty paw67
  15. Good luck to you & your wife. Hope all disputes go well. Patty paw67
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