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  1. There is no contract with SST. So how do they have any rights to collect any moneys other then the loan payments under this contract? I believe this loan servicing BS should be illegal period. If the bank don't want to or can't service their own loans then they shouldn't make the loans. This is why SST thinks it can legally extort moneys from people for fraudulant reasons. Under 30 days late they shouldn't be sending people to my house. It's not like we didn't answer the phone, we just talked to them the day before. The biggest problems I have with this is the fact that they did send someone to my house and are going to try and charge me for this stunt. If a loandlord did this it would be called a violation of quiet time right? Why isn't this a violation. Maybe I'll move the boat to another town, let it go 30 days late and let the try to find it.
  2. I just don't get it. They are servicing the loan for Meridian. The payment is only 23 days late. They sent someone to my house and gave a letter that said please call us.? What gives, $90.00 for that? We had just talked to them on the phone 2 days ago. I am so p*ssed at these people. What right do they have to do things like that when they are not the lending bank? Can they actually repossess without being 30 days late even though they don't own the note?
  3. I have a boat financed with Meridian Bank, they have SST servicing the loan. The payment is 23 days past the due date. They sent a person to my home gave me a lette saying to call, and took pictures of the boat. Today they call and say they can reposess the boat if it goes 30 days late, and the fee for them sending someone to my home is between $20.00 and $90.00. My question is: Do they have the right to send someone to my home to give me a letter and charge me for this? I'd like to sue these a-holes if at all possible. They are very rude people, even when they did there introductory call when they first started servicing the loan they were rude and demanded all kinds of information, Which was only 3 days after the loan was made by Meridian.
  4. Called and cancelled! I told the lady on the phone either raise the limit or get rid of the AF of $59.00, she no to both, then I asked the interest rate (WOW!! 18.99% are they nuts?) so I said kill it and then hung up on her. Kinda stupid, I have 5 or 6 cards with limits in the 5k range none over 13% and none have an AF. I really didn't need it, I was really after the rewards, but for $59.00, I think I can reward myself with that expense gone..lol Now for the real fun part, my cross cut shredder loves to eat up junky Credit Cards...LOL
  5. I applied toady for the Best Buy store card, I got the you have to call us because of fraud alert on report deal. So I called and went through the whole process of giving them answers to about 10 questions (why so many???), the lady comes back on the phone and says, were sorry we can't give you the store card, BUT, we can give the Best Buy Master Card, would that interest you? I said sure, how much is the limit, she said a wopping $300.00...I actually laughed in the phone....LOL I figure they did a hard pull so I better take the card. The craziest part is, I thought there was a limit to how many HSBC cards you could have. I already have 3, now this will be 4. Union Plus HSBC MasterCard Boscovs and now Best Buy MC
  6. I have also had WF CC for a long time. I have nothing but great things to say about them. They do have a wierd way of doing CLIs though. I had $1,000 limit for about 2 years, As I only charged small amounts and paid the bal in full every month too. Then I used the card for a large purchase and was going to pay it off in a few payments (about 4), after 2 payments I noticed the CL went to $2500. I didn't request the increase and I still paid it off in 4 payments. I called 2 months ago and asked for CLI, they said no. Unwillingly I just used it to secure a 2008 Shelby GT500 (yes, I wanted the car that bad) from an out of state car dealer, I used $2000. of it, 2 days later CLI to $4500. Go figure. My guess is, if you use it and maybe carry a balance for a few months they will up it without asking. I'm not saying for sure, but that's whta I've noticed.
  7. I have 2, both with 5K starting and a Circuit City with a 4k starting. I guess you could say thats really 3 Chase cards.
  8. I have 4: Juniper-500 seamiles-500 emigrant direct-500 osh kosh-750 all low credit limits. I didn't get them at the same time. But they all have good rates.
  9. Apperantly after a year of having the Hooters card they want to change the way the annual fee is paid, It's broken into monthly installments???. I called and was told this is how they do it after your intial year. Anyone else have this? I've got my increases every couple of months automatically, never late and never charged it up close to the limit. Started at $600, now at $1000. This is just wrong. I don't mind the annual, but monthly, Why? I keep a zero balance on it so I don't have to pay it every month and the rate is like 25%. Can't sock drawer it and forget it now. I am going to write a letter asking if they could allow me to pay it yearly, we'll see what happens.
  10. Over charging is one thing, but then on top of that the outragious interest rate (50%+) and poor customer service is unexcusable. The added interest to my account then charged me 50%+ interest on top of it after I paid the account in full. What part of rip off did you not understand? It's a rebuilding system that's worse than the others out there.
  11. Watch out for these people. They added $2.10 to my account after I paid the entire balance off and they are trying to charge me $1.32 interest! Looks like more than 50% interest to me. No one there speaks english and nobody has any authority to do anything about it. If I pay this, I will CLOSE it. RIP OFF! Expensive stuff and adding charges. No deals there. March 3rd paid off account ($72.42) + $2.00 PayPal fee. April 4th get bill for $3.42 Check statement and there it was. I have loads of other credit cards, I could have went to the store and bought it on another card. I had the line I figured I would use it. My mistake.
  12. well, court is tomorrow morning. Now what? The judge hasn't seen the request for dismissal yet and the plantiff refused my interrogitories. What does she say to the judge to get this thrown out? Again, no paper work attached to the summary request, and no answers to the interrogitories from them. I seen no proof of the alleged debt what so ever and have no knowledge of it either.
  13. So I can file with this reason? The Court is requested to dimiss the above docket # perssuant to rule R. 4:23-5. The Plaintiff has objected or failed to respond to the request or any part thereof to permit inspection as requested. Please correct or add to as needed.