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  1. Yikes, SOL used to be 3 years. In fact on this site under "Statute of Limitations" link, it still says 3 years (credit cards are open ended accounts). Did I miss some case law that came down?
  2. Thanks for posting this. I have an old DOFD (5 years plus) -- CapOne. Past SOL. I recently re-fin'd house and they started reporting again after about 4 years of nothing. There are no CA stuff at all due to my use of disputing and validating techniques. Can I get the credit bureau to delete this?
  3. You know, I think that I am in error regarding the SOL in WA -- one web page cited 3 years for open accounts, but that is for mutual open accounts in which I do not believe pertains to a credit card. Does anyone know? Seems that the retail installment agreement or credit card agreement falls under the 6 year statute of limitations. Is CA Lawyer around?
  4. well now, I am in the State of Washington & have two questions -- 1. is an "open" account the same as a retail installment account? For WA residents the SOL is 3 years. 2. Does that only apply to consumer credit cards? I have a business credit card that I guaranteed and the business failed. Wasn't it still an "open" account? Thanks
  5. I got a "final demand" for payment from my credit union on a disputed account & at the bottom is this statement: PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR CREDIT UNION DOES CROSS COLLATERIZE. What the heck does that mean and more importantly how can it impact me? Thanks -- Washington