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  1. Thanks for the input. I am happy with the deal. Being 62, my goal is to draw SS at 66 and continue to work using SS to pay down the principal by age 70 and be able to retire with NO MORTGAGE. Seems like a "no-brainer" to me. Edited to add: Plan to be in the house until I retire or it's paid.
  2. I'm in the process of a VA Streamline Refi. Currently 5.5% 30 year fixed going to a 3.5% 15 year fixed. No appraisal, no credit check, no costs. Wife, seeing 2.75% offers, thinks I can do better so mortgage broker doesn't "clean up" on his commission at our expense. I am locked at 3.5% and feel it's a great rate and should proceed. What do the professionals think? Matt
  3. Smogtek is alive and well. Eight (8) years post-credit repair and holding. Currently working on a VA Streamline Refi going from a 5.5 30-year to a 3.5 15-year. Matt
  4. Can't go wrong with BBC America. Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes By and, of course, Doc Martin. Matt
  5. 2 words - BABY STEPS. As others have said, we've ALL been there before and it can be overwhelming at times. Tackle the easy ones 1st, then work your way up. IT WILL WORK. I was here around 2002-03 and got things cleaned up and got a house. For the past seven years I drove cash POS cars and paid bills on time and my scores went UP. Last month lost a great deal on a new Civic because an OLD medical bill reared its' head. Went after the doctor, CA and credit bureau and it was gone in 3 days! My Experian score jumped 54 points with the removal of that ONE (1) 9 year old baddy! Struck a BETTER deal
  6. Nevermind. Forgot about my Peer Guardian settings. D'oh!
  7. Anyone else having problems accessing the equifax website or is it just me? Matt
  8. Your best bet in dealing with IC is to use the Minnesota AG. I used them successfully back in 2002. They were responsive, fast and effective. Gone in about 2 weeks AND you can do it online through their website Matt
  9. Better late than never I suppose. "Male" Matt
  10. $3.99.9 at the station located at the intersection of the I-15 and SR 138 just below the Cajon Pass in San Bernardino county.
  11. Almost as bizarre as the guy they found about four blocks from our house dead with an arrow in his chest. Bunch of Sheriff's cars with the street I use to enter and exit our tract blocking the streets. Even more bizarre is he was found by a "passerby" at 2 AM! I can't wait for either retirement or promotion, so I can move.
  12. According to Mitchell OnDemand: P0404 – EGR Position Sensor Performance Problem: The EGR flow or valve movement is not what it is expected. Possible Causes Good Trip Equal to Zero High Resistance in 5 Volt Supply EGR Solenoid Control Circuit Intermittent Condition EGR Sensor Signal Circuit Open EGR Sensor Signal Circuit Shorted to Ground Sensor Ground Circuit Open EGR Assembly (Ground) PCM There are about 10 diagnostic steps requiring some specialized equipment, so this is probably best handled by a properly trained technician. Best guess, without seeing the vehicle, is that the EGR may have s
  13. Thanks, but I guess my real question is - Is the score you buy from TU or EX on their website real or not? Or is the only REAL score the one you get from EQ? All in all it doesn't matter because I'm not looking for credit lines even though I could probably get whatever I want. I started here in 2002, got a home in 2003 and have just been adding on-time payments and time to my reports. Like most everybody, I'm just riding out the slowdown/recession and doing upkeep & minor improvements like landscaping to the house.
  14. They were from each CRA through their websites. I just happened to get a notice from that it was time for my free annual reports. Once you log in, you choose each CRA you want a report from. I went to each one separately for my free report and added a score to each one, so the scores came from each CRA.
  15. For something REALLY different, try sprinkling some wasabe powder on top! I know. Sounded bizarre at first to me, but I tried it on my step-son's recommendation and it was actually good.