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  1. There are two accts with AXP. There are also two letters, on American Express letterhead, but in the body of the letter it says I must call either NCO, or Nationwide, in the other otherwise identical letter, to settle this matter. At the bottom there is a "payment coupon" which lists the account number and the current balance. The funny thing is the account numbers on the letters do NOT match the account numbers that AXP is reporting to the CRAs. The CAs have not reported this as of Dec. IOW the account numbers on both Eqi and Exp reports are the same, however, neither of those numbers matc
  2. MG05 I am seriously considering this route and absolutely agree I am never going to "use" credit again in my life. Of course, I think there are some forces out there determined to make that impossible, but that's a whole other discussion. Can you elaborate on your last sentence? How can an attorney help, or is it just paying a 'professional' to grease the wheels of the greed that passes for commerce in our country? On what basis would I dispute late reports, etc? I had some success 5 years ago having collection accounts deleted when, after 3 certified return receipt dvs were ignored by CA,
  3. Angelicus, first of all be very very general when you speak with these people. Do not give them details about bank accounts, work, or anything else (like selling ur car, now they know they have at least one asset they can go after). Not to harp, but just for future reference. I realize it is hard for honest people to lie when asked a simple question that you would answer any of your friends or family, just remember these folks are not! I would really urge everyone to have a "line" for any questions regarding job, assets, etc, such that they are left with the impression that you have nothi
  4. Pipefitter your credit report will be listed as "settled" or something to that effect. Better than charged off, but still not 'good.' If you do not have it in writing, you have no way of knowing they WONT sell whatever is left to JDB. You need that writing...they will not sell it to any business, individual, or entity (and I would use all three of those words) whatsoever nor cause any further collection activities whatsoever, as your AGREEMENT and the consideration therein represents full and final payment of any and all debts.
  5. Fishboy could you update us with how this turned out? I'm particularly curious as to whether you ever received the agreement, to your satisfaction as was indicated verbally, and if you entered into it as so, did they clean up your credit as promised? Thx.
  6. How about this alternative strategy. Have the following as part of agreement: 1) CA certifies that is has either a) purchased this debt from original creditor or has had the debt assigned to them by OC, as allowed by contract between myself and OC. 2) CA further certifies and represents that it is legally entitled to collect on this debt, and to enter into this agreement, and all its terms, on behalf of itself, and the original creditor. 3) CA agrees to completely delete any and all references to this account made by CA with any and all credit reporting agencies. 4) OC agrees to update, w
  7. jrock i cannot answer your question specifically, but as I was reading your post this little missive from days past reentered my head: Experian P.O. Box 2104 Allen, TX 75013-2104 Allen, Texas, is, of course, located in Collin County. It is probably just a coinkydink but I would also reference the many posts here which have said that these debt settlement cos are owned by the banks and/or collection agencies. My best guess is that the industry as a whole, (and probably Experian as well) have some judges in Collin County that they feel 'amiable' towards. Just some idle speculation on my part,
  8. First thank you for the additional replies. It looks like I'm going to need some more help, even with this seemingly 'simple' matter. So I get back from xmas and ready to settle this and let's go for the big fish first, Chase. I have four accounts with them (although two were actually wamu accts and im not thrilled about paying in full what I know chase probably paid .30/dollar but i want these folks out of my life forever!!!). I'm told three accts are with CAs and they cant do anything and I have to call them. The fourth account I'm told is "back with them" and so I speak with someone an
  9. I will make sure they agree, in writing, to both those terms. Thank you both.
  10. I have about 75k in cc debt, and through some fortunate circumstances, I believe I can pay it all off, each, in lump sum. First this debt is with C, JPM, BOA, CAP, etc., all the big ones. All of these accounts are reflected as charged off. I am still getting notices from the cc companies to pay this debt, and even some settlement offers of 40-45%, and also notices from CAs. However, since I am able to pay it all off I think a phone call to the OCs advising them of the situation may persuade them to work with me. What should I demand from these cretins, for giving them everything they want? C
  11. They can try, but you are not legally obligated to pay them. And, you are still subject to letters and phone calls in their collection attempts. Of course, you can write them and tell them to stop calling you, but sometimes, if you are able in this case, it's better just to go ahead and settle which will stop the harassment, and also get the item off your credit report.
  12. No, just because the SOL has run (it's 4 years in many, many states) doesn't mean it comes off your credit report - that's 7 years. So, that's what the original poster is hoping to them, even though he doesn't have to, in exchange for deletion of the negative item still on the credit report. Dillard's gets some $$ they legally can't collect, and poster gets the negative item off!
  13. Does anyone happen to know what the score needed for a card to be granted, or a general range? I want to get the American Airlines Citibank card to add to my mileage. I'm at 680 (thanks to this site, the many that contribute, and a lot of work on my part) which I think should be fine, but on the other hand I really want to be sure, not wanting a request on my report should it be denied. Thanks.
  14. Is this a bad idea, or is it fine provided your agreement is ironclad? Reason I ask is that an OC wants debt paid off quick. Don't have the cash, but can charge it, and it won't put me in a bad situation. I am just about debt-free as a matter of fact. Paying this off in this manner would simply mean two more months of the six-month plan I have been on to become debt free. I guess the only thing that I'm worried about is them using this to charge more at some later time. But, if I make it explicit that it's a one-time payment that should take care of it. Any comments/suggestions/sample wo
  15. Make sure, absolutely, positively, that you have them sign a letter saying they will DELETE the entry entirely and never report it again. There are lots of sample letters....just scroll through his forum and look for them. Dillard's will take your money and just report it as a 0 balance if you don't do it right.....I, unfortunately, know all too well ;(