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  1. Sorry I'v had to much tea this morning.
  2. I called Kim with Comsumer Affairs @ experian and told how I have be disputing to public records for two years. She did something and than had them deleted. Kim (Experian) 1-972-390-4026
  3. I own the land outright. It has city Utility connections
  4. allgone


    Since it isn't on my credit file call I just say I don't have any judgements?
  5. allgone


    I looked at my credit file today and saw that tranunion put something back on my credit file that they had deleted. Can they do this?
  6. allgone


    Thanks that is what I needed to know. I have a judgement, but it isn't on my credit file.
  7. allgone


    I sorry maybe i'm not making myself clear. I wanted to know if the credit report is the only place where they look for public records?
  8. allgone


    where will it show up at ? On your credit report.
  9. allgone


    How does the mortgage company check to see if you have any public records
  10. Does anyone have a copy of a sample procedurral Letter that I can send Experian also. I don't understand do they have to go to the OC or can they go to Lexis/Nexis
  11. How would I be able to do that? Are there any sample letters that I can send? Thanks Simone I DH had child support on his credit file from 1995 and experian had it deleted off. It was for 9,000 and he is still not up to date on his payments
  12. I call the collection company this morning and was told that they will not settle with me because the account is not over 1000.00. I told them I will be filling BK and needed to settle. Does anyone think that the company will think again about making a settlement offer.
  13. allgone


    Can you settle an judgement? My judgement is six years old and the sol is 10 years and I'm trying to get an FHA home loan.
  14. How can I have a paid student loan removed?