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  1. Hey all! I had to go back and see my first post to see when I joined this site - hard to believe it's been like 7 years since I first posted anything...probably was lurking before that I check in once and awhile, less often when my credit is doing just fine Wanted to update everyone with good news. After buying our house last year with cash, we're beginning some of the big remodeling tasks this summer. We moved our money to a credit union around the same time we got out of Ch. 7 and haven't looked back at big banks. We were able to get a home equity loan and refinance our auto loan, all
  2. My mom, who lives near Sioux Falls, SD, recently had some mail returned to her. A postal worker was stealing mail for awhile. The Easter cards she had returned to her were from 2008. The guy had a warehouse in another city where he would take the stolen mail. He apparently was stealing cash out of greeting cards and Lord only knows what else. Both my mom and my grandma got items they had mailed back within the last few days, after this man was caught. Creepy. When a person really thinks about all the ways we are vulnerable to these types of theft of our info. it's almost too much to wra
  3. This didn't stop our mortgage servicers in our Chapter 13. Something smells rotten here to me, Methuss. I know you keep saying it was simply an error on BoA's part, but I wouldn't put money on that! Momindebt - I really feel for you. I've been where you are...we were 1/2 way through a 3 year Chapter 13 when we discovered our servicer paying out escrow, leaving us with a balance when we didn't have an escrow set up. We had an escrow going into the Chapter 13, for forced place (bogus) insurance, we HAD insurance for the entire duration we owned the house and our lawyer, when we filed, said
  4. I've been gone awhile, but I just wanted to add that I think this is a good conversation to be a respectable fashion, which it seems it has here. I think what's missing from the conversation is the need for financial literacy in this country. I racked up debt and probably looked about as irresponsible as I could as a young 20 something. My irresponsibility was really financial illiteracy. Then I found this site. My reformation was part determination to change my own behavior and part obtaining the right information to be able to do that and also to understand my rights under the
  5. Finally some relief for strapped student loan borrowers! The Federal Student Aid site This program has it's own Some families won't have to pay anything, while some will have a much lower payment. At first I thought this might be a hoax - I watched the cartoon first - but then I got to Googlin' and found it's totally legit. I heard it first on Facebook
  6. Mindy, Welcome! I agree that usury sucks and I also like Duran Duran Looking forward to hearing more from you!
  7. Thank you very much for that advice, Glitter! I think I am a very lucky parent to have staff and medical professionals so involved with my daughter's care - everyone on my daughter's "team" really go above and beyond for her...which can sometimes really take a load off my and my husband's shoulders! Also, the "little bird" had a learning experience with all of this, too. We've all gotten more information and that has eased our fears considerably!
  8. Thanks Glitter, I'll be sure to check into that book. I've also enjoyed the movies "Maxed Out" and "In Debt We Trust" - I find that the more I learn, the less safe debt, especially incurred with large corporate type businesses, seems to be. Which has led to quite a change in how DH and I handle our affairs.
  9. Thanks everyone for your input about this. I spoke to my daughter's doctor today and was well assured that if we stress the importance of good hygiene(handwashing) to our daughter and staff keep things clean she should be in no greater danger than she would be, say, in school. Although in her home it would be a slightly greater risk due to closer quarters. As for the "little bird" I am well aware, as a former health care worker myself, of the violation that has taken place. And I do trust her with my daughter, she's done a fabulous job with her. I will continue to keep an eye on all things
  10. My immediate reaction to the headline "Oh God!" I then got about half way thru the article before giving up, thinking "thank God I own my home" I can't imagine that this housing crisis stuff is going to end any time soon when the people that drove us off the road are still behind the wheel, in one way or another. It's very clear, to me anyway, that the valuable lessons that this crisis has to offer have been wasted on more than a few. Well that and that the crimes (IMO) that helped in creating the crisis continue to go un/under reported and the crimes are still (possibly) in progress.
  11. Hey all! Wondering if anyone has any experience with the "super bug" MRSA? My daughter is living in a group home for developmentally disabled young women and they are moving in a new client that has it - a little bird told me about the MRSA, concerned for my daughter's and the other client's safety. This little bird could lose her job for informing me of this, but the company that runs the homes wasn't going to. My daughter is in overall good health, but frequently has open skin due to some of her behaviors. The staff may know enough to wash their hands well and use universal precautions,
  12. Sorry to hear about the loss of your mother-in-law. I pray that you and your partner will find comfort and I also pray that our country will have equal rights for all very soon - we're getting there, I hope you can take heart in that. Although it is sad that it seems to be taking so long.
  13. Someone asked what we're going to do now with no mortgage...well we're currently on just one income so there isn't a lot of extra at this moment. I'm focusing on the work we have to do to the new house but hope to get a new job within the next couple of months. I also just paid the state of Minnesota our tax bill. Also on my way to the airport now,(love my Blackberry!) heading out for a week in AZ that's all paid for. I might use my CC to pay for my rental car but I have the amount already subtracted from my bank balance either way. All this and a year ago I was losing a home and in bankrup