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  1. Hi Everyone, Its been awhile since I have been on here thanks to a good score. TU 680, EX 687, EXP ? I have 1 more collection from Afni. I had a phone conversation with them 6 months ago and asked them to send info from original creditor. No response until now. Never got anything from them. The debt is 1655.00 which seems to be about 4 times the original debt. They wanted to settle for half which is still alot more than owed but I would be willing to pay if they would delete TL which would probably put me in the 700 club. What are my chances of them deleting or verifying the debt if I decide
  2. Its not on my CR yet, but i'm sure it will be. I want to stop them from putting it on and have the inq's removed???
  3. Its not on my CR yet, but i'm sure it will be. I want to stop them from putting it on and have the inq's removed???
  4. A few years back I was a victum of identity fraud. Funny thing was, I didn't think anyone would give me credit at that time. T-MOBILE and radio shack were on my report. Radio Shack sent me the fraud package and found me right and removed the TL from my report but T-mobile had sent it to collections. I called T-mobile and they said to call the CA. This went back and forth and finally neither one had the folder of imfo. I disputed and it came off. Now there back! Plaza CA has put 2 inq.'s on my report and sent me a letter trying to settle for half. How should I handle this?? Thanks, Andyb
  5. I have 3 judgements on my CR, one will fall off in november and the others have a few yrs left. They are from the NY state sales tax. The last judgement was given for not filing on time but there was no money due. The second was for interest.(23.50) which they never sent me anything about. I think all they have to do is send a letter to your last known address but I have moved and have since filed from the new address, so thay have it. My question is, do you think they would show up for court if I tried to vacate? Would it be a good idea to hire a lawyer to do this for me as i'm limited for ti
  6. Funy thing, I just got a mrotgage and I just got notice they have 2 inq's on my credit report, so I can assume they will be contacting me real soon? Think i'm right? Andyb
  7. Has anyone had any luck with Afni deleting after paying??? Andyb
  8. I was told by a dental office worker that a dental or medical collection can't be put on your credit report. Is this true?? I live in NY
  9. Thanks again calawyer. I called the atty on fri and again today but haven't received a call back. I think hes purposely not calling back to scare me considering this fri is the dead line for the information subpoena. I also wrote email to 2 attys in my area but haven't gotten anything back yet. I would really like to settle this myself if possible but i'm not sure where to start. Origional amount 4100. plus 3000. interest. Any idea where i should start? And what would be a reasonable settlement?
  10. Thanks calawyer! Its all greek to me. It seems like i'm in between a rock and a hard place. If i give them the info they want they will take what i have, if i don't they will issue a bench warrant. It seems the only thing to do is try and settle for a lesser amount. I'm hoping i could settle for about 2-3 grand considering its old and original is 4100. but with interest its 7 grand. Any suggestions that might help? Can i hire you to settle this? There isn't too many lawyers in this field and they probably all know eachother lol. How much would they charge to help me?
  11. I have a judgement against me for 4000.00 from 1994 which is now 7000.00. I just received a certified letter from the attorney with a restraining notice and information subpoena asking me 132 questions from anything to everything. It give me 7 days to return the answers or i'm in contempt of court. What should i do? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  12. Will getting a new line of credit affect my score? or will it balance out with the debt to usage ratio? And also will disputing a second mortgage thats paid off with a late from 2/2002 hurt my score if its deleted or should i let it be???
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    Thanks SIS and CD for the helpfull info. I've heard about Dolan. How would i go about disputing it with them? the same as anyother CRA? I would think but maybe i'm wrong (hopefully i'm wrong) that all they would need to verify the judgements would be a copy of the judgement and easily verified. I've also heard that i could vacate if it wasn't served right but in NY i think all they have to do is send regular mail to the last known address, but i'm not 100% sure about that.
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    Help anyone?

    I hope your right but i will look into it. with my luck i'll get a nasty judge and yell for wasting the courts time lol