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  1. this account was from an account hat i had with a car loan in 1995. apparently this calvary company recently purchased me account. this physcho lady told me that they will be on my credit reports for the next 20 years and will never remove themselves. now arent things supposed to be removed after 7 years anyways? can they just buy my account out and put it on my credit report like that? also the amount I owed was less than half of the 8900 she says that i owe. like i said when i asked for her company contact info she tols me no because she was just calling me for fun and to teach me a lesson..
  2. last tuesday this nut lady called saying i owe 8900 refused to give me contact info. said so many nasty things to me. she told me she was not calling to collect but only to teach me a lesson and to call for her own fun. she called about 5 times each time i told her not to call me again. i found the phone number and address on my own and it was not easy to find them. i called her supervisor and he said he would take care of it... than an hour later she took my cell phone number from caller id and harrassmed me on my cell phone. i called her supervisor again than she called me again i called him
  3. Hello sorry for the dumb question but I am knew here and wondering if their is a paige or thread for newbies that says what all the the abbreviations stand for on the board like ca, oc ect... Can someoen pint me in the right place? thanks, Angie
  4. hello do you have any contact information on calvary a lady named julie is calling and harrassing me all day today she said she will not give me a phone number and is not calling for me to make payments she is only calling to "teach me a lesson" well i would liek to teachher a lesson. she has called me a loser ect.. any phone number would be appriciated. this was from a loan in around 95 where my car got repossessed by a company who promised to give me 2 weeks to make a car payment and instead picked up the car that very day. Thanks angie <blockquote>Originally posted by retmar Purchase
  5. Does anyone have any contact information on this company? I had a loan out several years ago and this lady has called me 4 times she will not give em the contact information to make payments she says she is calling to teach me a lesson and not for me to pay. she has called me a loser ect and said she has looked at my trw and she has called me every hour on the hour for 4 hours. I have called consumer affairs and they are sending me a complaint form. The lady who called me her name is julia.. if that is really her name who knows?? but i want to do something abou this. I dont want to change my p