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  1. Has anyone heard of Accelerated Debt Consolidation they are in Florida? I called them becasue I have a large credit account 4 months past due and I am getting nowhere with it.(HSBC) The interest rate is so high.24.99%and the MIn. Payment went up in Jan.....The account will be charged off shortly and already has a agency "handling" the account for them This Accelerated Debt Consolidation say they can get the Int. rate down to 9%, and cut out the late fees etc if HSBC will accept. I have tried to do this myself and claim hardship etc, with this credit card company and they will not budge with
  2. I have a debt of 14,000. I am 4 payments behind and creditor has not charged off but is having a collection agency hound me everyday. They say the only thing they will take is a settlement of 11,223.00 which I would love to pay them but I am having no luck in coming up with the money as of right now but I am still trying. I got in this mess when they raised the min. payment in Jan. until then I was fine. I am suppose to call back by friday, I talked to this collectors supervisor and he said on friday they will "sign -off" on the account and recommend legal action which at that time. He said i
  3. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas/recommendation on a situation I am in. I had a loan with HSBC, orginally this was an installment loan then turned into a credit card loan, once that happened the interest rate went sky high and then they raised the minimum monthly payment in Feb of this year. I could not pay the the higher payment, (almost 200.00 more a month.) Last payment I made was Jan. I could not afford the Feb. Payment. I was fine with the monthly payments until it was raised. I called HSBC at that time and asked if there was anything I could do, they told me not until I was past du
  4. My husband and I live in Michigan and would like to buy a home. Where should we begin on finding a Mortgage? Is a mortgage broker better to use? I have no idea What is the best site to get our FICO scores? Niether of us have great credit, it is fair, we have had past credit issues. And we need as low as 5%-7% down. Any advice out there?
  5. On my husbands credit report from Experian there is a Public record item that is incorrect. It shows a Federal tax Lien records with our Countys Register of Deeds. I have disputed this and it comes back as verified and it says "remains" on the Corrected credit report summary. Does Experian have to tell me how they are verifying this item? The IRS shows nothing on this, there is no tax Lien, the Register of Deeds also shows nothing, the Identification number provided on the credit report does not exist with them. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do about this?
  6. I need advice if anyone can offer any. Sorry this is long.. I live in MI. and I have gotten collection letters from Asset for about a year now saying that I owed $ on a Comerica account. ( I have NEVER had any kind of account with Comerica)I called Comerica and they had no info on this. I sent several Validation letters CMRR to Asset starting with Last Jan., finally got a reply today with a computer print out that I could not understand. The last few weeks they keep calling a relatives # for me leaving messages. I decided to call them today and told the person I spoke with I did not understand
  7. I got screwed of course. The Judge did not even want to listen to what my defense was. Served summons 8-31-04 wrong complaint attached. (The court knew, the clerk wrote me out a statement after she called att. office saying that the att. office told us to disregard summons, new one had to be served with correct complaint.) 9-23-04 Att. office filed default appl. 10-26-04 I was left a photocopy of original summons with NO compliant on neighbors door. 11-3-04 court entered default. How does this follow the law? The original address the sever filed with the court did not even exsist. I showed th
  8. I am in Michigan, and i filed a motion and affidavit to set aside judegment, the court clerk told me that was all i needed and it states on there why i filed it, (the reason)
  9. What exactly is an "Affidavits of facts". I have to go to court Monday , i am trying to get a judgement dismissed and the paper I got from the lawyers office who i got the judgment from wrote I failed to file a Affidavits of facts, which the court did not say I needed when i filed my motion. I filed a Motion and Affidavit to set aside judgement. Any help would be great . My defense is I was not served correct complaint so I could not answer. Which court clerk even called att. office and was told to disregard summons until new one was served. She wrote this out on paper for me. Original compla
  10. I live IN Michigan. The summons is filed with the 42-1 District Court. There is a file # on the Summons, along with a case #.
  11. The debt is mine, the name on the court paper- summons and complaint is correct, but attached to it is the complaint and it is not mine it is for someone else in another city. On the front of the summons a paper is stpled on and says I can call them to make arrangements on this debt and avoid court. I plan to call next week. But I want to still answer the summons. Do I use the court "answer" form? Then mail a copy (certified)to the attorneys office and take a copy to the court to be sure the court gets it? Even if I call this attorney and come up with an arrangement, I do not want a default
  12. Need help & Advice PLEASE- Recieved a Summons and Complaint, it was filed with the court. It says I 21 days to file an answer. With who do I file and answer? The Plaintiff or the Plaintiffs Attorney? And the Court? Also are they suppose to attach an actual Complaint to the the Summons and Complaint form, listing what they are sueing me for? And if yes, what if they did and it is not mine, they attached the wrong one for someone else. Also I have been paying another company on this account in monthly payments. This new place bought it, I had no idea and now this..... Please Help.....
  13. I need any help or advice I can get On Michigan's SOL. I read alot of the Legislature but do not understand all of it. The SOL is 6 years. I have an old collection account with Asset Accept.(Comerica account.) It is no longer on CR as it has been over 7 years but the last listing reported was with Asset Accept. (as a Collections account) on a Comerica account . Last activity listed is 04/1995. I made some $10.00 payments to Asset a few times, but last activity on my CR always stayed the same 4/1995. So my questions is did the $10.00 payments reset my SOL? According to MI. Laws I have found the
  14. Ok, i finally found it but am still confused by a few other things I found but do not fully understand. I also found this: 600.5831 Accrual of claim; mutal & open account current- in actions brought to recover the balance due upon a mutual & open account current, the claim accrues at the time of the last item proved to the account. * wouldn't this mean the last payment showing on the account? On my old credit report the item I am concerned about shows last activity as 4/95 this entry is by the actual CA. But I made a few small payments to the CA, I never signed anything in writing.
  15. Hi, I am looking for any advice. I got a phone call by Boudreau & Associates Law Firm, stating that Sherman Acq. purchased my old Providian account from Comp U Credit and has placed the account with Boudreau law firm for collection. He said that my account has been referred for legal action. I needed to make a repayment plan with them to avoid that. Then I got a letter saying the same thing a few days later. I am sending a validation letter this week to them. But, I think it's odd I have never gotten anything from Sherman. This Boudreau firm keeps calling my cellphone which I have been tol