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  1. My Juniper card was just sent to me with 6.99% and $3500 CL.
  2. What button do I press to get my check my report each day? I am talking about creditchecktotal. Or does it refresh everyday on it's own?
  3. I have got that too. My problem is that when I hit sumit dispute, it does not do anything.
  4. I am able to see my report but I just can't dispute anything.
  5. How can I dispute on Transunion website? I am able to log in and get my report but I am unable to dispute anything. Am I doing something wrong? Please help.
  6. I had that same problem. I called TC and asked them about it and they said that Equifax was having problems. I told them to cancel me then cause I was not going to pay for a missing report. Well they did and I had 30 day's left. I pulled the next day and wham Equifax was back up and working again. I called them back and told them to forget it taht EQ was working. It has been 5 weeks and all is still good.
  7. How do you use it? I was tring all day and I can't. Do I need a copy of my report? I have truecredit and i can't dispute online there neither. Can someone please help me out here. Thank you.
  8. I called the 800 number and it worked for me.
  9. Oh ok Thank you. I found it. Oh yeah I might not get it with my score.
  10. What card did you get approved for? Where can I apply for it?
  11. Oh ok. Does this hurt the credit score or the file?
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