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  1. My Juniper card was just sent to me with 6.99% and $3500 CL.
  2. What button do I press to get my check my report each day? I am talking about creditchecktotal. Or does it refresh everyday on it's own?
  3. I have got that too. My problem is that when I hit sumit dispute, it does not do anything.
  4. I am able to see my report but I just can't dispute anything.
  5. How can I dispute on Transunion website? I am able to log in and get my report but I am unable to dispute anything. Am I doing something wrong? Please help.
  6. I had that same problem. I called TC and asked them about it and they said that Equifax was having problems. I told them to cancel me then cause I was not going to pay for a missing report. Well they did and I had 30 day's left. I pulled the next day and wham Equifax was back up and working again. I called them back and told them to forget it taht EQ was working. It has been 5 weeks and all is still good.
  7. How do you use it? I was tring all day and I can't. Do I need a copy of my report? I have truecredit and i can't dispute online there neither. Can someone please help me out here. Thank you.
  8. I called the 800 number and it worked for me.
  9. Oh ok Thank you. I found it. Oh yeah I might not get it with my score.
  10. What card did you get approved for? Where can I apply for it?
  11. Oh ok. Does this hurt the credit score or the file?
  12. Yes nascar you are right. I just called CSC and the lady told me it was a split file. It was do to pulling truecredit every day. Were you able to fix yours?
  13. Has this happened to someone before? My whole Equifax file is missing. I pulled truecredit and myfico and there is no info on equifax. Should I be calling them or csccredit?
  14. Hey CallMeLee, I live in Arlington and I was going to check out Don Davis Ford myself. How is that dealership and how was the salesman you delt with? Did they have any more good deals on the trucks or cars? Did you have to put money down due to being upside down?
  15. Thank you. Just called and disputed the inquiries and no problem. I didn't need a report # but one was givin to me. How cool.
  16. Oh cool. What is the # and do I need a report # or something? Do I have to put a fraud alert on my CR?
  17. How do you dispute you inquiries to CSC? I just moved to Texas and I need to do that.
  18. Thank you. I will try that.
  19. Ok sorry about the miscommunication. So I guess i just have to write them and fax it saying I didn't make these inquiries?
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