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  1. Had an HHB acct that was current at time of BK (6/03). They sold acct in 9/03 while acct still in BK. BK discharged in 11/03. They feel they are entitled to report as transferred acct/collection as opposed to IIB only. I have disputed twice, verified, reverified. In fairness one CB is showing IIB as well as the transfer, the others just the transfer. Besides the obvious "continued collection activity" during BK is there a letter that blasts the FCRA violations of IIB reporting (might be an FTC opinion). Any help here is appreciated--going into dispute burnout.
  2. Have been noticing in the past couple months my TU files keep changing status. I had got them at least to the point of IIB. Now I have four changing status 120 days late and in the remarks the IIB notation. These are on accts that were never late so the the lates are BS. I had just disputed two of them and now two more show up. Any body having this happen?
  3. In the middle of getting my reports fixed and wondering how the IIB (other than the normal conotation) affects your scores. Credit wasn't bad before filing other than maxed out and about 800K in business guarantees. Finally got it down to "correct" reporting but have about 16 IIB's and 4 good accts that we zeroed out and started using using again post filing so have some long history. The IIB's are going to be hard to dispute, but wondering if they carry that much "negative" weight making them worth getting rid of? Thinking is "they" had a good mix of credit and filed vs they only had minimal credit and filed. Reality says I can spend the next year getting rid of all BK info , hope for some new accts or move on -or- actually deal reality, take the 30-40 pt hit and "out good credit" the bad info. My scores now are better than they were prefiling and in the hi 500's/low 600's. Just looking to get in the hi/6's without spending my whole life "in dispute". Any good suggestions or life experience?
  4. Scrap, They're plenty of good attys in IN--as well as some bad ones. I paid my $$ and filled out paper work with an assoc, signed it before we left. Atty reviewed it and it was filed the same day. If the guy is primarily into BK's, call the BK court and see if they know him or can give you whats on his calender. I think the new system can pull all cases pertaining to a certain atty. Good luck, if you need a referal in Indianpolis, let me know--there are cheaper-- paid a 1000 for a 7 but had my calls returned within a half hour--evrytime. well worth the extra couple hundred.
  5. Had read a post concerning a suit or charge against the bureaus for not having enough people to service the amount of disputes the had to deal with but can't find it again. Anybody have any knowledge about this--is their a requirement that says you should be able to "speak" to a reporting agency? This CSC BS is getting old with not being able to talk to a human. I file a dispute and they tell me they've investigated and its complete but send me a file with the same letter that says its under investigation. All Equifax says is file another dispute--yeah right start the meter again. Got to be a better way--anybody having any luck or contacts at CSC?
  6. Hum, if your still watching this would like your contact at the AG. Just starting this process and it would probably save some time to use the same contact. Was your file with Equifax or CSC?
  7. Cap One has some odd policies that they don'y always let you know about. The will do one nice thing for you evry six months--ie, raise your limit, waive a late charge, waive a yearly fee (best you'll probably get is half). Using the auto limit raiser starts your time frame all over again. I started with a 300 secured, raised the limits to 3000, got them to give the security back, and then raise limit to 5000. That was the first card--ended up with four. Decide what is more important to you as your one nice thing--then make sure of when your six months is up. They will tell you if you ask, just be sure you don't ask for something in the same call. Then when the "timing" is right--call them-bypass the auto limit increase and tell them you want to speak to someone about your account. Let them know your reviewing your account"S" and want to see what they can do for you--you want a limit increase. Don't go away after the "sorry", no can do. Ask for a supervisor--don't beg or be hostile, just explain you have enjoyed your experience with them and as opposed to cancelling you want what you are asking for--don't be shy with a figure, but don't try to jump from 500 to 5000. They will double and maybe a little more. They look at your credit with them only and I never have had them pull a bureau. Another thing they have is limits on the "type" card you start with--some you can't get the limits you want on, becasue they are "starter" cards and there only purpose is to get you going and for them to make money off you. Don't be scared to get friendly with the csr, they don't bite and if they nip--hang up and call back--you'll always get someone else. I got turned down five time in one day and then hit paydirt and actually got two nice things--tried for three but she told me not to get greedy. Just remember if you are within the 6 months you will get a "no" and no way around it.
  8. Pulled my Privacy Guard and have 23 accts open on Equifax-- pretty close across the other two. Thought I'd pull some freebee hard copies so phoned in my "denied" request. My Equifax shows I have only 5 accts........ This is for the same day 23 v 5. I haven't even started disputing anything yet. What's up with this--anybody have this happen before? Pulled a couple of follow-ups later on PG and their still showing similar to original.
  9. I thought of that option but with dealing with 16 accts my thought was to document that I was closing acct--not sure of their response but the fact would remain that I had closed acct. If they can report their "closed by credit grantor" I'm assuming I should be able to dispute with "closed by debtor". Their only counter would be that they have an open account with an uncollectable 0 balance. Just looking for a shorter version than months of disputing the same thing with all accts -- anticipating that a few of these 16 would refuse to send a letter.
  10. I have 16 accts still reporting as "open" even though the rest of the info is showing as 0 balance, IIB, etc. I also have an acct that was in great shape, not included becuz of nothing owed but which was subsequentially "closed by credit grantor" (thank you Citibank), and is being reported as such. Has anyone tried writing each of creditors and state they want to close the account via Certified mail and using this documentation to force Equifax to report as closed? Seems like if all else failed it would be good evidence in court later.
  11. I've found that one-thanks--what is the reference document that this is from? The one I'm looking for was very specific pertaining to if you make minimum payments for three consecutive months the creditor is to reinstate current status -- it was more mandatory than optional.
  12. This is what I'm looking for but there was a post with referenec to a FCRA or some other reg that spelled out that after 3 minimum payments the account "was" to be brought to current status. I need to have the back-up to force a reage--I've made the 3 payments now they want current info updated which was never part of the original offer.
  13. A month or two back there was "the ruling or regs" relating to making the minimum payments on an account for three consecutive months before an account was charged off -- it related to forcing the creditor to bring the account back to a current reporting status if this was done. Anybody remember this or know where to find it?
  14. KB Do you have any reference to the actual settlement--if not I'll try the attys?
  15. Have a couple of Capital One "joint" accts --the accounts are current. If only one party does a Ch7, the other is obviously still going to have to continue to pay but how is the reporting handled. The party with the Ch7 would be noted as included in BK, but being its a joint acount does this notation go on the partys credit reporting who continues to pay the bill. Seems like they'd be getting penalized if its noted -- Am I correct that the "stay" is only in favor of against filing party and not against the account as a whole? Anybody whose already filed have any real world experience on this?