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  1. the court would go after the 200k, and you could not have it. So if you were in the chapter 13 they would take it and put it in the ch13 pot, but since you have not filled I would wait. If you receive the 200k then you could catch up your house with it. That would probably be acceptable since you would be paying debt.
  2. indy mac would not modify the loan, and so we filled chap 7, we dont anticipate them doing a reaffirmation agreement so we will probably fill a chap 13. We would prefer a modification, or reaffirmation
  3. we are in kentucky and we just did ch7 but our bank is indy mac and i dont see them offering us a reaffirmation or a modification so that probably mean ch 13. will we have to catch the whole mortgage up? and is there no modifications, or reductions of any sort?
  4. We are going to file 13 to save our house. Will we have to catch up every dollar we owe in rears? Will there be any relief on interest, or any thing. will there be any reduction in payments.
  5. now thats a good strategy.. what is a 623, and where do i get one.
  6. we just did chap 7 and now we need a reaffirmation from indy mac, anyone know how to go about getting one.
  7. I won but now how to get it off the credit report... I just disputed but who knows how that will work.. I bet indiana probably just some day in the future list them as satisified. I bet it will be near impossible to get them off...
  8. here is what happened. 1. My lawyer got my checking account released temporarly so we could eat. 2. Then my lawyer and accountant did nothing. 3. I wrote a letter to the taxpayer advocacy group in Indiana. 2 weeks later I got a letter back. They agreed with me that it was all a mistake and the dropped the warrants, and contacted the collection agency and the bank. 4. I suspect it is still on my credit report, I got turned down for a motorcycle over this. What do you all think I should do... dispute or sue.
  9. my lawyer got the levy temporarly lifted off my checking account but i still must prove i did not live there.... which i did not... so hopefully i can get copies of my state tax forms.
  10. so i got in touch with indiana, and they tell me the tax years are 1997-2004 of which i did not live in indiana or earn income there. So they said they estimated this from my federal i am writing to kentucky to get my back tax forms... hopefully that will help.. my lawer sent them some nasty letters...
  11. so i have 8 years of tax warrants from indiana... i lived there in 94/95 for 18 months. So here is the plan... I had filled taxes every year, and i filled bk in 2005... so my bk lawyer is going to charge them with contemp of court and ask for an emergency stay on the tax levies... Hopefully i can get this filled.... they seized the exwifes accounts, and all my little kids accounts since she had them under her name..
  12. I just got this wonderful letter from my bank (in kentucky) telling me that my accounts had been levied and seized by the state of indiana. There was a whole list of tax warrants listed.... Now I lived in Indiana in 96/97 and i filled taxes those years... but mostly i have lived in virginia and kentucky of which i have filled taxes every year... so it appears that indiana just assumed i lived there and when i did not file for those proceeding years they just made up an ammount and issued a tax warrant...So i am in real trouble... I just fax it off to my lawyer and we will see what happens... t
  13. HR 1424 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 section 110 requires loan modification, interest rate reduction, loan reduction and other OTHER. I have just typed up a petition for relief under this law, I will be sending it to the sec of treasury, fdlic, my bank, and the federal property manager, I said that the law is entitled Emergency and I exspect you to treat this as an emergency.... I gave them 30 days to comply and I will file in federal court in 30 or 60 days and I will make a motion for a preliminary injunction. The law forbids preliminary injuncitons on certian sections but not
  14. you all dont recommend a reply to there reply... and then the motion.....
  15. we are in the process of the same thing. We discover a judgement attached to our house that was paid in the same manner as you describe.... We are going to try to have the court strip it.