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  1. unfortunately, i dont think i can do that since i just bought a house. I did find on their site that mortgage and auto loan inquiries are counted as one if done in a 30 day period but didnt see anything in regard to debt consolidation. they do have a quick match service that matches you with lenders and then you talk directly with them and only give certain ones permission to pull your credit and that might be a better way for me to go and not have 10 companies pulling my credit.
  2. Thanks, thats what i dont want to happen. Though, I thought lending tree was they pulled your credit report and then that allowed the others to view it so you arent getting multiple inquiries on it. I ll def. double check there or wherever I decide to go on that issue. thanks
  3. Hi there, I am going to try and get approved for credit card transfer with my banks new year offer of zero interest for 12 months but I also want to have a back up plan. I have a good credit, a score of 662, never been late, just bought a house, the thing brings it down is i am about maxed out with $14k of credit card debt. 2 years ago,i had my score in 720 range when i was paying down debt but some medical bills increased it. these are higher interest credit cards and i want to move these over to either new offer or a debt consolidation loan so i can have my $500 in monthly payments i pay with them actually make a dent in my debt I know Lending Tree is a popular place but seeing if that's my best bet to go or if there is another better option out there to try and get a consolidation loan. Thanks
  4. Thanks, been some time since i ben on here but as usual, quick replies!
  5. Hi there, I am needing to know how quick a credit check shows up on your credit reports? I am trying to get a loan from my bank but i also want to be proactive incase they deny it and also apply at a place like lending tree. Just bought a house and need some short term capital but i also have alot of my credit cards maxed out so hoping bank will do it but if i have to, i will have to try and get loan from alternative source. thanks
  6. Thanks, you never can trust a CA on what they say. sucks on her part bc when you take a kid to the ER, you have to sign paperwork and im assuming part of that is being responsible for the bill so they kind of have you by the you know whats there. never been to ER so not sure if theres a spot to put the ex-husband as person responsible or if they would allow it. good info to know for future reference. bottom line, the ex just needs to pay.
  7. I have a friend who's ex husband is responsible for their daughters medical bills and today she got a call from a collection company stating the ex husband has not paid and if he doesnt pay, then they will come after her and report it to the CB's though she has informed them that according to the divorce decree, he is responsible for all medical bills. thats when quotes some statute and said ..federal law trumps civil law and its..blah blah blah..read her some official legal speak language. so seeing if that is true or not thanks in advance
  8. to follow up on the address change, what about the name change, is it best to send a separate letter with the dispute letters stating the address and name change due to gettnig married? thanks,
  9. Thanks, this is actually for my wife, we got married a few years ago and obviously she moved and the bureuas still have her old address so i was wondering how they might handle the license and return address being different from what they currenlty have. should i include a separate letter explaining the move. thank you
  10. Thank you, i do have a follow up...if my address has changed in the last 2 years and the Credit bureaus still have my old address, do i need to add a separate letter for this b/c my proof of identity will show my new address or will they just update it with my return address. thannks again!!
  11. I see on the dispute letters there is a line that says to show a drivers license or bill copy for proof of identity, do i need to send this? i already had them printed off when i realized i forgot to add that. thanks
  12. Hi there, i just noticed the CB's have our old address on record, so should i have them update at the same time i am sending a dispute letter? do i put in teh same letter or send a new one? thanks
  13. Thanks, here's the crazy thing, i am already on a payment plan with them for last years back taxes and actually its been 2 years in a row and they never have said anything about these 1995 taxes. i know on federal, there is a 10 year limitation on collection so is there a same thing on state? and if so, i guess collecting and removing a lien are 2 different things.
  14. Hi there, I was just checking to see where i stand today for a mortgage when they ran my credit and saw these tax liens on there from 1995 and 1996. funny thing is i never saw them whn i had pulled my credit report in the past. so now my question is... is there anything i can do to get rid of these? Can i settle with the state? i am in missouri. Thanks in advance, Chris
  15. Thanks Guys, appreciate the advice. Stopping by tomorrow to take care of this.
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