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  1. I'm happy for you, willing, as you've had to deal with way more stress these past few years than you deserved. The key is that you enjoy what you're doing even though you know you're overqualified. It sounds as if you also feel challenged and are learning, which is something I definitely do not. I did the work that I'm doing now when as I was working my way through college and it was definitely only a means to an end. I will miss so many of the people, though, as in only eight months I already count them as friends.
  2. I took a special early retirement package which was too good to pass up this past February from a company and job which I loved after 28.5 years. In May I accepted a position with a much, much smaller but well-respected company in this area. Even though I loved my job at my former company, I had a very large caseload and at times it could be stressful. I thought that working for a smaller company with a smaller caseload and finally working only 40-45 hours a week would be a nice change. My interviewers and ultimate management saw my resume which clearly spelled out my level of education, my experience and my level of responsibility for the past 25+ years. Unfortunately the position turned out to be not at all as described and I found myself doing work that I was doing more than 25 years ago when I was still "green." The people are great, the atmosphere is upbeat most of the time, and there are some fun perks to working for this company. However, I find myself dreading going to the office each day as the work itself is so unfulfilling. I'm too young to really retire and I need to be challenged and fulfilled in the work that I do. I waited until the six-month mark to talk to them about my unhappiness in order to give myself a chance to show them what I am really able to do for them. Their response was that they couldn't foresee my job responsibilities changing significantly. So....exit stage left. I gave my notice on Jan. 2. I decided to work through December due to my co-worker's being out of the office for her husband's major surgery and many people being out for the holidays. I'm relieved about having given notice as I was becoming increasingly unhappy, but I'm also a bit sad that it turned out to be such a bad fit. I'm also frustrated with management that they would think I would be happy doing a job for which I was obviously overqualified.I will be working at least another 10 years and want to keep moving forward and being challenged, not slipping back 25 years. Would love to hear your stories of jobs which you left behind due to their being a terribly bad fit in one way or another. If they happen to be funny all the better as I could use a good laugh.</p>
  3. I know you're frustrated, Kelly, but you need proof from Amex that they notified the CRAs. This is usually done electronically and so it's difficult for them to provide, but your sending a letter from Amex to you will not do the trick as it can be easily forged. Have you contacted the Credit Reporting Bureau at Amex once again to tell them that TU has not received their update?
  4. It means only that the credit furnisher is complying with the FCRA and reporting your tradeline as disputed, which it is. Once the final determination is made in response to your dispute, either verified or not, the comment should be removed.
  5. Awww, willing, it does my heart good to see your fortune turning around. So many of us remember when you were go through that very rough patch, having to leave Ohio (yep, still think of ya when I drive through Toledo several times a month), and all that. Your story gives encouragement to all who are going through their rough patch now. Good for you and DW!
  6. I've had my mortgage sold a few times over the years and yes, the former lender's balance will eventually report as $0 on your reports. If it doesn't happen within three months or so I'd contact the former lender and have them update their TL with the CRAs.
  7. A hard inquiry is usually placed when you apply for a loan or when a CA or OC is attempting to collect an outstanding debt. A hard inquiry can be seen by anyone who pulls your credit. A soft inquiry can only be seen by you and is usually the result of companies who want to present you with offers of credit.
  8. Is this your first home? If so, have you checked out the $0-down programs for first-time homebuyers? I know $2k or $5k can look like a huge amount when you think of it in one lump sum. Have you tried breaking it down into smaller goals - say, commit to saving an extra $50 per month to start with. Check out for inspiration. I don't agree with all of his ideas, but he does have some very good ones. Give eBay a's amazing what people will buy! Don't get discouraged. Just keep thinking "baby steps" and keep your eye on your goal. You'll have that home in no time!
  9. Unfortunately, there are just too many factors that figure into the FICO scoring model to know how much any one deletion will impact your score. There are quite a few threads on this subject if you want to do a little searching on the site. If these accounts are past the SOL they must be pretty close to falling off your reports. What state are you in (it's always very helpful when trying to answer questions if we know your state of residence, so please insert it into your profile so that it will appear in the upper righthand corner of each of your posts). Are you dealing with CAs/junk debt buyers or the original creditors? If a junk debt buyer, please, please don't pay them at this point as you really don't owe them anything. Do not pay any of these accounts before doing your research first.
  10. Many of the cell phone companies do report. Verizon Wireless used to report each and every month, both positive and negative TLs; however, now they only report TLs for 'seriously delinquent accounts.' Their explanation to me was that they must pay a fee to the CRA for reporting all TLs, so the less TLs they report the more they save. Cell phone contracts are not really 'pay as you go' as you're pretty much locked in to that stinkin' two-year minimum. It is not the CRAs responsibility to report a furnisher's TL. There is no rule that says a furnisher must report an account. However, if they do report they must report accurately. Cingular pulled your report(s) to make sure there was a good chance you would pay them every month. They pay a fee to the CRAs for that service. My guess is that they do as Verizon does, though, and only will report your TL if you are seriously delinquent.
  11. It has been my experience that if the account is closed, the OCs are usually not willing to go to the trouble to have them re-inserted on your reports. Really nothing in it for them. If you are still doing business with the OC then they will usually work with you. If you will provide us with more detail about the TL ... when it was opened, when it was closed (if it is closed), which OC this is, if it was always a positive TL, etc. ... we may be able to help you attack the problem from another angle.
  12. This has nothing to do with the predicament you're in. Who did what to whom will not within the mother/daughter relationship won't make one lick of difference to the CA or to a judge. No matter how unpleasant and difficult your mother may be or may have been, her identity was stolen and that is all the law is going to care about. We're here to help, but you need to watch the attitude.
  13. While I have gotten some names from the NACA site, would like to hear from anyone who has used a St. Louis-area BK attorney with whom they've been pleased.
  14. If this is a negative TL then their not reporting to the third CRA is actually a good thing. There is no violation of the FCRA by their not reporting to all three CRAs. They can if they want to, but they don't have to.
  15. You will need to fill out the questionnaire that can be found here: You haven't given us enough info in your first few posts for us to adequately answer your questions. First and foremost you need to find out whether you've actually been sued, or if the CA's lawyer simply sent you a copy of a complaint they may file against you if you don't settle with them to their satisfaction. The name of the court will be at the top of the Complaint. Contact them ASAP and find out if a Complaint has actually been filed against you.
  16. This is just my two cents; however, I believe it makes good sense to only apply for a mortgage in the amount of the spouse with the highest income. That way, if one of the incomes suddenly disappears then you can still make the mortgate payment.
  17. I'm just amazed that you went in person to visit the CA. A brave soul, you were, because they were sure to outnumber you! Out of curiosity I attended a job fair the other day. One of the companies there was Boulder Credit Services, a CA and junk debt buyer. I couldn't resist leaning in and listening to what their rep had to say to the group around her. She said that their job would be to "let people know about a past-due debt and to convince them to pay it...following the law, of course." However, I did a search and don't find them mentioned on this site, so perhaps they are the 1 in a 1000 CA that does play fair. Willing, what was your job at the BBB?
  18. The site I'd refer you to is ... this one, the good ol' CreditInfoCenter! You want to read the FDCPA and the FCRA (see links at the top of this page).
  19. Wells Fargo on a few occasions over the years has been late in paying my property taxes, which are rolled into my mortgage payment. I never realize it, though, until I get the notices from the city or county saying "we can seize your property if you don't pay." Usually Wells Fargo is already working on correcting their oversight by that time, but it's still unnerving to open that type of mail. They have always paid any late fees or penalties and your friend's bank most likely will, too. S/he needs to insist. Also, it's not unusual for a mortgage payment to increase if the escrow is short. Due to a tax hike in my city my mortgage payment just got bumped up $129.
  20. I think you meant "Oy" ? So you've never had an account with Verizon?
  21. You don't have to order something off an infomercial in order to be harrassed with this type of telemarketing call. Sometimes it's not even an online purchase. Just recently when I was setting up a new computer system and was making frequent trips to one of the big box stores I was given a pitch for magazine subscriptions each time through the checkout line. The last time it happened, to save the cashier time, before she could begin I said very nicely and with a smile, "I don't want the magazines, so you don't have to say the spiel." She shot back at me, "Just let me do my job!" I completed my transaction with her and then went to the manager and said, "1) I don't appreciate being solicited by the cashier for other products each time I make a purchase; and 2) your cashier at #_ station is hostile and unprofessional and I don't appreciate that either." He promised me that he would speak with her and that all cashiers would be counseled on the subject (although I doubt very highly that that every happened). BTW, I've occasionally ordered something off an infomercial and have never been harrassed by a telemarketer afterwards. However, my cc company does solicit me for various products and services every time I call about my account. Very annoying. gtty: You need to pick up the phone one of the times this telemarketer calls and let them know you want no further contact. Usually that will do the trick.
  22. I know a lot of 82+ people with lots of $$$. It may not be in the form of a monthly income, but it's there. So Sears would not be wise not to extend credit just because someone is elderly. Does your MIL have other assets such as a home? If so, probably the worst-case scenario is that your MIL simply does not pay the cc, Sears sues and wins a judgment, and they put a lien on your MIL's house. When it is eventually sold then Sears collects on its judgment from the proceeds. If she has no assets and Sears sues and wins, then there really is little they can do to enforce the judgment. She may be summoned into court post judgment so that they can determine exactly what her assets or income are. This is just a suggestion, but if the debt is not a lot, perhaps your MIL's children could pool their $$$ to bail her out this one time so she can stop stressing about it. If they are assured of receiving a lump sum payment, Sears may even agree to reduce the balance owed. (It would also be a good idea for you to buy your MIL a caller i.d. device so that she can see who's calling. Lovely invention. She can then decide whether or not she wants to answer.)
  23. I would work on clearing up the negative TLs before applying for more credit. That will do more to improve your scores than opening up new accounts. Also, the unpaid chargeoffs ... if their from 2002-2003 ... could prove troublesome to potential mortgage lenders.