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  1. I have had experience with both ING and Emigrant Direct. ING has a very nice website, and their customer service is also nice. Emigrant Direct however always beats ING in interest rate by about 0.25%. I already transferred all my cash over to Emigrant Direct last week. Before that, I had money in both places for the past 12 months or so. So far, no problem with Emigrant Direct. It seems to be a great place to park your cash.
  2. Do you have any recommendation of a good law office in CALIFORNIA that specializes in FCRA/FDCPA cases? And on contingency basis? Thanks.
  3. DocDon, The official reason checked is "unclaimed" right on the letter. The post office gave them two notices a week apart, and after two weeks, the post office returned the letter to me. This collection agency just received my first letter last month and responded, so it can't be that they are out of business that quickly, can it?
  4. If collection agencies can pick and choose which piece of mail to open and which one to refuse or to leave unclaimed, wouldn't that throw our whole credit-repair and debt settlement processes out of the window then? To think about it, it is an effective strategy, since most people would prefer to communicate through writing and not by the phone, and especially if these bozos know that the consumers cannot do anything legally about it. If they have not receive it, no FDCPA laws can be applied to them. At this point, I do not know what else to do. I do not want to call them on the phone over t
  5. Hello, Can we do anything legally if a collection agency deliberately NOT receive our mail by leaving it "unclaimed"? The certified letter was returned to sender with the notation "unclaimed" on it after about 2 weeks of notice with many attempt of delivery dates written on it. The collection agency in question received the first mailing and responded asking for more proof of what I was claiming. I sent the proof with the second mailing, but it was returned "unclaimed". Can I sue them? I appreciate help and inputs from anyone on this board. Thank you.
  6. Hi there, I have been reading your posts, and am extremely impressed with your expertise in debt settlement strategies. Thank you for helping everybody out. I have the following debt scenarios that need your expertise: Debt 1: The original creditor is MBNA, and the original credit limit amount is $2000. The account has been deliquent for about 18 months and the latest written communication was a settlement offer from "THE LAW OFFICES OF GERALD E. MOORE & ASSOCIATES, PC" whose office is in Marietta, Georgia. It said that the name of the creditor is "Worldwide Asset Purchasing, LLC, succes
  7. I sent 2 letters each to Equifax and SR Financial Services. Regarding Equifax, both times I disputed the account as included in BK-7 filing, and provided them with paperwork showing my BK-7 filing and the specific account in question on the actual Schedule D. It seems that they just didn't read the letters, nor do they care. They just "verified" it both times, and referred all of my further questions over to SR Financial Services. I guess as far as Equifax is concerned, this account is "alive and well" since those bozos at SR Financial Services reported its DOLA being in May of 2005 (which
  8. Calling all experts... help please!!! My routine credit report inspection reveals a newly-reported collection account in Equifax CR. This account is about 10 years old, and was included in my BK-7 filing in 1999. So I was surprised to see it popping up again in my Equifax CR, reported by some bozo CA named SR Financial Services in San Francisco. The funny thing is, they re-aged the account and reported the last activity date to be 05/2005... which really pissed me off because that is a blatant lie since I have not had any activities whatsoever on this account since 10 years ago. Anyway, the
  9. About 5 weeks ago, I spotted a $500.00 fraudulent charge in my Providian Visa. I noticed the fraudulent charge right away because I have the habit of checking my credit card account at least once a day, if not more. The charge was recorded as a transaction through www.epassporte.com. I immediatedly recognized this as a fraudulent charge because my credit limit dropped by a large amount ($500.00), and I called in immediately to find out what the charge was, and where it was from. Also I never heard of this website before in my life. I immediately claimed the charge to be fraudulent, request
  10. I am wondering if anyone has successfully removed the BK-7 from his/her CRs. Please share your experience with all the gory details if possible. Thanks, and God bless.
  11. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I will try to dispute the BK-7 itself on the 7th year anniversary date. Anyway, I have nothing to lose, and I feel I have suffered enough for filing BK-7. If successful, I will shave off 3 years of waiting, and that is better than nothing. Update: I got the Chevron card with $300 limit and I already used it. I plan to use it once or twice a month, and pay it off every month. Thanks so much for your advice and good luck to all of you out there.
  12. I have been using all the credit-repair techniques taught here in this board WITH GREAT SUCCESS. I thank you all for all the great information here. I removed ALL negatives and inaccuracies from my credit reports from ALL 3 credit bureaus. My credit reports are squeaky clean, except for the BIG BAD BK-7. The funny thing is now my top reason for not achieving a higher score (besides my BK-7, of course) is "short credit history". My credit history began back in 1987, and has been great until I filed BK-7 in 1999, so all of those older accounts dropped off from my reports, and the only account
  13. My BK-7 was discharged around January of 1999. It has been almost 6 1/2 years for me, and I can't wait for this BK-7 to drop off my credit report. So far, I have done well rebuilding my credit, but I still can't get any of the so-called "prime" cards or credit yet. Have any of you had any luck regarding this? I have 11K from Providian Visa Gold, 3K from Household Bank Gold, and 8K from my Credit Union Gold card, and that is all the credit I have ever need, I think. I have always paid off my credit card balance every month for the past 6 1/2 years. I have also just paid off my new car with