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  1. GM has heavy fleet sales, huge rebates and numerous low interest offers. Translation: Trashed resale value. busted
  2. calawyer good enough for me...just ordered too found it on amazon, if anyone else is curious busted
  3. thx sj... I've seen it mentioned that a current high cl history makes it more likely new applications will be for higher cl's too. Can that factor alone help? Seems income/open available credit/current balances would be the issue. busted
  4. All things being equal with other aspects of your credit, what increases the chances of a CL increase? Using the card more? less? High or Low Utilization? Big Ticket Purchases? Balance Transfer or Cash Advance Use? Paying in full every month? I rec'd 100% CL increase w/o asking after 1 yr of 15% utilization. (4k to 8k) Any thoughts? busted
  5. I feel so left out... PM me somebody...weeeeeeeeee. busted
  6. A valid point that PG wants to remain doing business. You can bail out by mail: Privacy Guard Attn: Membership Services 7 Cambridge Dr Trumbull CT 06611 CMRR
  7. I requested vette CLI after 6 mos. One hard inq and no increase. Blah. This was a few months ago. Paid off balance and don't use it. Now they get nothing ($). busted
  8. The SOL for your open account in Pa is 4 years. A CA could file for any amount they choose. The suggestion is that because of the effort for them to file it may be a higher amount but that is not always true. Sometimes their motivation is to get a default judgement for failure to appear. If you defend you'll get a shot at them not showing in that scenerio. A CA can collect without reporting to a CRA. Collecting and reporting are seperate events. In fact, if the CA is small time enough they might not even have an account set up with a CRA in order to report. If you actually get a summons y
  9. Obviously FICO scoring is highly variable. Having said that, my sweet spot is two cc with low utilization and one with none. This subject had been mentioned in a more detailed post and had included an excellent graph. With virtually nothing else changing I can always get higher FICO with one of the three CC at zero utilization. I put $1 back on the third card and drop about five points everytime. Sooo maybe those trying to fine tune might look at this. I don't thing it can hurt! UTILIZATION: CC# 1 5% CC# 2 3% CC# 3 1% FICO 685 CC#1 25% CC#2 3% CC#3 0% FICO 685 CC#1 25% CC#2 3% CC#3 1% FICO 68
  10. pg updates 3am eastern and relative to same elsewhere. busted