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  1. Hi,  CALayer, I finally got the response to my CCP 96.


    Here’s the reply by the Debt Collector:


    Please hereby respectfully submits its Trial Witnesses as follows:


    1.   1.   John Doe, the Trial Specialist for Unifund CCR, LLC who can be reached by and through the Attorney’s of Records … (address of the law offices Fullerton, CA) phone# too.


    2.   2. John Doe #2. Vice President for Citibank (Address in South Dakota of course)


    3.    3.  Plaintiff intends on calling the name Defendant for testimony. (ME)



    I never received a CCP 98 from the Plaintiff. (COURT DATE IS IN 2 WEEKS)


    Is the debt collector really going to bring the Vice president of Citibank to California?


    What do you think I should do next?

    Thank you