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  1. for a new vehicle is the longest I've seen, it has to be a new vehicle though. for a refinance they go by your mialage, the more miles you have on your car, the less length of time you can refinance for. New vehicle loans are easy, but most people will only loan for 60 months from what I've seen. 72 months is really uncommon but patelco offers this. keeping a car for 72 months is a long, long time...........
  2. I have to agree with you, only one point. Financial managers themselves are not inherently "bad", they are however there to do a job and that is make money for the dealership. When it comes down to you and the dealership, they choose the dealer. I dont think anyone takes the dealer, the dealer always takes the customer. Just like a casino in vegas.......The house has the odds.
  3. I got the cayenne S, was expensive but I thought I deserved it. I didnt lower my payments any they are about 200.00 more a month than the trailblazer cost me. My wife is still giving my *&&( for buying it but what the hell I say. My wife isnt complaining too much when she rides in it though I'm sure glad I paid off my trailblazer though, piece of crap it is. I must say that I was going to skimp and buy a nissan murano, however the finance/sales people at the local nissan dealer were less than helpful...even when I came in with money in hand. They wanted to barter over the amount of t
  4. but it's useful, thanks for telling everyone about patelco...They seem to be very generous in giving out credit to everyone. Even with my scores I've had issues with amex and others. Buying a car is not that easy, even with good credit. They did make it easy for me, even though I have not purchased a new vehicle yet it's a comfort knowing you can walk into any dealership with that firepower behind you. No more dealing with finance managers, etc....makes it easier to walk out when they try to hose you. josh
  5. I saw the thread about the auto loan and said "what the hell" and applied, trading in my trailblazer on saturday, they approved me for 55k but If I add my wife on to the account I could get more....I'm going to get the porsche cayenne, my trailblazer breaking down all the time Thanks for the info, I never though to apply to patelco, especially after I already got a big fat loan from them. 4.2 percent is not bad for a auto loan josh
  6. glad to see you got your card morrow, it's pretty cool looking. I'll keep it right next to the Amex blue I never use It's basically worthless to me now, since I've already sucked the money out of the account......but it does look cool! jl
  7. customer service sucks, right along with their website. I'm really glad I didnt do things by mail Morrow, If you could get your account number and stuff maybe you could log onto your website and get some access to your funds there? If you do this you could have some funds in your account by a few days. That's what I did, I couldnt stand the wait and I needed the money. Just got a new Heat pump for my house installed with part of it. The rest going for remodeling and paying off about every bill I have in full. josh p.s. I've finally bought the big screen TV i've been drooling about for 2 years
  8. I still havent exactly nailed it down. more like a line of credit that has alot of flexibility. I just transferred the whole lot to another bank account, I can massage the funds easier at my home bank. Patelco's online system isnt anything like BOFA's After I got the funds there I could distribute them to my accounts with BOFA instantaneously. Patelco transfer's take almost a week to get completed. josh
  9. if you got your checks your card should follow shortly. I just got mine, I applied way after you though..wonder why you havent recieved your's yet? Mine is fairly worthless now, since I've already transferred the money to other accounts I shredded the checks josh
  10. I just logged on to the online website and transferred all the dough to my current checking account. It get's interest there and I can use my current credit/debit card to access the funds. I really didnt want to wait for patelco so I did that. I still havent recieved my card and it's been almost 3 weeks. They are slow, but now I dont care...the money's where I need it to be I just set up my bofa checking and transferred the money in, I made two transfers and cost about 2.00 each. Takes about 3-4 days but it all made it. josh
  11. That's interesting, I called patelco too and they said it was a loan. If it's not it has some of the most liberal cash advance properties of any credit card I've seen outside of amex.
  12. Did you try a broker? I think you might want to be working on a letter to the mortage company explaining your debts and how they occured. Also how you are going to fix them. Basically, make it a bleeding heart letter (i.e. My dog died with heavy vet bills, divorce, etc...) this letter could make or break your mortage, especially with those scores. I wouldnt get discouraged nor would I stop trying to improve my credit. josh
  13. I had to do this when I bought my first home. Had just purchased a shiny new vehicle and was pretty ticked when this happened. I got the song and dance "you shouldnt make major puchases, etc..." before you buy your home. My loan officer worked with me and got the rapid rescore (for a price) and it all worked out in the end. Things happen, people need homes and most loan officers (if they want to make a living) will work with you to make sure you get into the home. josh
  14. congrats on the new card....I know how it feels to finally recieve credit after restructuring! Josh