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  1. Howdy whipster! I had forgot to mention that my divorce attorney is going to handle my bk. We have gotten to know each other pretty well over the past 2 years and he knows all about what I have and what I don't. I have been working on a list of my assets (not much mind you...less than 2k) and my liabilities (in the 60k range) and have set up an appt. to get the ball rolling. I am lucky in that I do not have any repos nor judgements at this time, but my once good credit is wayyyy shot. During the Temp Hearing the judge ordered the ex to pay on the cc debts which he did not. I never pushed for c
  2. Thanks debttaxguy for answering me. To clarify, I moved out of the marital home in Sept 2007 leaving most items behind as I moved into a tiny apt. In the Nov 2007 Temp Hearing the judge ruled that housings/cars/personal belongings to remain in each owns possession until the final divorce hearing which just came about last month. So basically the assets I gave up happened 2 years ago..well before I decided to file bk.
  3. I just finished a 2-year long divorce. I gave him the house along with the larger assets (401k, furnishings, tools, etc) and took the 60k in debts (all in my name). I was awarded my 2005 car that is titled in his name only and he is solely on the loan. I plan to file a chap 7 in the next few weeks. The marital home is still jointly owned with my name on both the deed and mortgage along with the ex's. My divorce decree states he has ownership and the debt of the home and to try, in good faith, to refi or sell the home in 18 months to remove my name. QUESTION: On the forms, do I add the home as
  4. Need a little help on this one. I HAD A sharebuilder acct. that I started 2 yrs ago for my granddaughter who I have guardianship of. The amount wasnt big, just $2k. I pulled the money out this week and need to find a place to invest it that is bankruptcy-proof. This money is meant to help with my granddaughters college education, she is 4 yrs old right now. Reason I am asking this is that I am filing for divorce, and once that is thru, will be filing bk7. I will be full time student and poor as heck. I just dont want to lose this small amount of money.. Any Ideas? THANKS!!
  5. Hi All.. I had a long thread not long ago about my Sharebuilder acct. There is just over $2k in it. I went online 3 days ago and sold my shares to try to recoup what I could. NOW it is saying it is in my Money Market acct. I HAD $24.81 available in my Money Market acct 2 days ago, I withdrew it. IS this money going to move to a withdrawel phase? I have been watching it daily, I just am unsure HOW to pull out what I can since it is not giving me the option as yet..wait another day or two?? ~Lisa
  6. Yeah..My plate is WAY over full....LOL..Not to start a sob story that is unrelated, BUT: 1) My husband doesnt know about this acct..He is an alcoholic and abusive, and just last month tried hiring someone to 'do in' another person who irritates him. 2) My ex son-in-law (childs father) is on supervised visitation weekly due to felonies and misdemeanors he did against us 3 yrs ago. He doesnt pay support even tho there is a civil warrant for his arrest to do so, that is 2 yrs old, still no money. He has damaged my car severely just recently, no proof tho. He threatens to take my granddaughter and
  7. Okay.. so IF I put the remaining money into an EDUCATION account, it is exempt from a BK7?? My GOAL is to have $25k-$30k in roughly 14-16 yrs. This is to help her with college expenses, OR if she ends up choosing not to go, then a decent used car/down pay on a house. A lot can happen between now and then. WHERE would the best place be to put the money to save it from BK AND to get some decent growth over the years? Like I mentioned earlier, I WILL be adding more investment money once I am employed after school is over for me (roughly 2 yrs) Any input on the EE Bonds? Waste of time/money???
  8. Hi and thanks.. Im still a bit confused tho.. guess I need a hand-holding on this one. If this helps anyone on their suggestions to me: I am 42 yrs old...about to file divorce, starting back to school (18 mth business course) and will most likely be filing a BK7 after all the divorce dust lands. We will be the typical Ramen Noodle/Mac-n-cheese family (me and the kiddo) I just want to make the right decision. I wont have anymore $$ to invest for at least 2 years. So sell it off? Take the money, reinvest elsewhere? *sigh* ~LB
  9. Thanks for your reply Freak!! So I am assuming that I just click on the "sell stock" link...Is it that easy? OR should I cancel any more bank withdrawels and just let the money sit there for the next 14 years? Suggestions? Like I said, it is for my 4 yr old granddaugters college, I have legal guardianship of her, so she is basically my kid... I also have 3 yrs of EE Bonds sitting in my filing cabinet...I think I have to keep them for 17 yrs to get the $50 face value? (i paid $25 ea for them) THANKS ONCE AGAIN!!!
  10. Okay.... As much as I hate to admit I am 'investment dumb', this is what I found: Total Market value = $2,241.60 Money Market Cash =$25.74 Total Acct Balance $2,267.34 I am on a monthly automatic investment of $100 per month (it actally has been 22 months of investing, not a full 24 mths yet) Basic Plan. I didnt really pick any individual stocks... What is listed is S&P 500 Index SPDR @97.8% ($2,218.50) Lehmn AGG Bond Fund IShares @1.0% ($23.01) Money Market Cash @1.1% ($25.74) Today it now says $25.74 available to withdraw. Does this help?? Best way to close this all down and take wh
  11. WOW Guys,, thanks for ALL your input!!! I will go to my account again and look at some of the suggestions posted here and get back to ya all =)) ~LB
  12. Yikes!... No, never monitor it.... the few times I look at it per year has NEVER shown me as 'in the green' Suggestions? Should I stop adding to it and let it sit?? ??
  13. Hi all.. I opened a Sharebuilder acct 2 yrs ago at $100 per month, for my granddaughters college (she is 4 now). I am going to be divorcing soon and doubt I will have the $100 per month to keep this going. I tried today to pull out my money, says I have $42 available. OKAYYYYY Does that mean I gave $2400 to them and only have $42 to show for it? I dont CARE if I have MADE any money, I just need my money back out, I want to purchase a CD for my granddaughter instead. Yeah, I am DUMB at investing... Please tell me what to do! Thanks ~
  14. Hi GUYS!!! I was going to post this in off-topic, but i really need some sharp minds to help out and dont know if they visit the Off Topic board or not. QUESTION: How or what way should a person make it appear they have lived in another state for the needed 6 months to be considered a resident of that state? My daughter has been in FL for 3 weeks now. How would she make it appear as if she has been there longer? OR how would i make it appear i have lived/been a resident of SC where my sister lives for 6 months (i plan on moving there in 6 months or so, but need to establish residency immediat
  15. Thanks Rav...I had a feeling I could do it that way, problem is, this card is in my husbands name only and the hours he works doesnt let him hit the bank during opening hours... He is needing to pull the money for a family member..kind of an emergency coming up for them...