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  1. Thank you all SO SO SO much for the information. I have been so stressed out since my mom got the letter just before Christmas. I have one more question that you all may or may not know. Did he violate the HIPPAA as well, since he sent a collection letter regarding a medical bill to a third party? -creditfix's daughter-
  3. Is a "legal assignee of record" held to the regulations of the FDCPA?
  4. Hi. I am creditfix's daughter. I researched Bristol Tracking Company. I found there website at They state on their website under the FAQ section that since they are a legal assignee of record that they are not affected by the FDCPA. They state: "A collection service may contact the deadbeat and irritate him to death! They may even place a black mark on his credit report. But, they rarely collect! And with the passage of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), the debtor has the right to just tell a third-party debt collector to cease all communications. We, a
  5. We discovered this guy checked my daughter's credit two (2) days BEFORE sending me a 3rd party communication about her debt. She still has never received anything from him. She just sent him an ITS letter along with a DV letter. She is calling lawyers on Monday to sue the guy.
  6. Had to go ahead and send it - wanted to wait a little longer to send it but time was running out (leaving town). We tweaked it a little bit.
  7. It seems to me that it would be TUs problem that the attorneys they hired didn't pay attention then filed the papers in the wrong court. Unless, they can file to vacate the judgment they owe you $5,000!!! Keep us posted - would love to hear you have money in hand!
  8. Auntnana, I think a little more info is needed here for anyone to answer your question. Good luck
  9. For background info on this you can read the posts under "Isn't This A Violation of the FDCPA?" Please read this letter and advise me whether or not it is strong enough or if I have left anything out. Thanks! Dear _______, I have been made aware that you have contacted my mother (a third party) regarding the above-mentioned debt. Please be advised that by doing so you are in clear violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You have made at least two violations by doing so. You have also defamed my character by sending out communication concerning any debt you say I owe. You have cre
  10. I need help with an ITS letter regarding this case. If any of you have time to help I'd surely appreciate it.
  11. Congrats! The CRAs must give you written notice 5 days prior to reinsertion or they are in violation of the FCRA. It is doubtful they will reinsert. Keep chipping away at it. That was quite a jump in your wife's score!
  12. WAY TO GO!!!!!! C O N G R A T S !!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks calawyer and Ladynred. I will send him a letter by CMRR. Now, what should my daughter do about this. One thing she is going to do is go to the bar association and see if she can get any money from the fund to help her pay whatever her attorney did not pay. I'm assuming this Bristol Tracking Company is a collection agency. Should she send them a DV letter and at least hold him off from doing anything for the next 30 days? She has a new baby and is not working right now and her husband is in the middle of changing jobs and going back to school. She had thought all this was behind her. Sho
  14. This is a long story, so here's the Reader's Digest version: The lawyer WAS a friend of mine. She skipped the country and stuck it to a lot of her clients including my daughter. Another attorney checked into this for me and said that the attorney has since been disbarred. The doctor tried to sue my daughter for a lot more money than was owed. He had a contract with the insurance to accept a flat rate for services. The attorney went to court with my daughter and the judge would not allow the doctor to be awarded the amount he was asking for. He was asking for over $4,000.00 and the judge said h
  15. I received a letter today from "Bristol Tracking Company" regarding my daughter who is an adult. They say they are trying to collect a judgment (her attorney told us she was paying this doctor bill years ago). The letter has the mini miranda at the bottom of it. The body of the letter states: "This letter is to notify you that I have been legally assigned the right to enforce and collect a judgment entered against your daughter (name withheld for the purposes of this discussion board) at _______ Court in favor of Dr. ______ on February 10, 2000, Small Claims Case Number _______ in the amount o