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  1. yes yes, I am back again... well... couple years... scores were in low 700... few things happen in my life, I am back to square one with credit card debt. I was doing good until begining of this year. Slipped on one card, then mortgage, had to catch that up, resulting in being late on everything else, late fees, overlimit fees, just keeps going and going.. one month, you catch up with this, but you behind on that.. everyone wants money. Anyways, my car loan which is 500 bucks a month will be paid off in couple months, so I will be able to concentrate on becoming debt free. I am currently about uuhmm... almost 20k in cc debt.. Not good.... So here I am again....my scores are from 500 to 519 I will be here a while...
  2. 6 minute abs, 6 week diet, Teaboo, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach Diet, This diet, that diet... Guys... how about just eating clean and burn more calories than you input in your body? Serioulsy...Diet industry is HUGE. But what's sad is that about 80% of people WILL gain all the weight back, plus more. That is a FACT. Here is a tip for you: Eat 5-6 clean, smaller meals per day Get some activity Get good rest sleep Repeat As long as you burn more calories than you eat, you will loose weight. Period. Calculate your BMR (look up google for BMR calculators) and then, substract 500 calories from that. This will give you your daily calorie intake in order for you to lose weight HEALTHY and not the ala Biggest Looser style. Put the diet books away... get out and get some activity instead.
  3. Heh, so I applied for chase platinum card just for the hell of it. I had Chase before, but they canceled my account because I was 45 days late! That was long time ago though.... So today, I got a call from Chase...they asked me few questions, like my address, etc...and then the guy says:" Ok sir, thank you very much.. we will go ahead with the approval for 5k" WOOT!! Ok am I done with credit cards...I have plenty Amex Blue - 5k Amex JetBlue - 2k Amex Clear - 4k Amex Delta - 2k Citi - 3.5k BMW Card - 1k Patelco - 1.6k Home Depot - 1k Lowes - 1k BestBuy Card - 2.2k Paypal Buyer Credit - 600 bucks Done.. no more!
  4. They basically told me that if I want to see my TU report, I need to use 3rd party services like CreditExpert, etc. I told them, that I NEED my TU report FROM TU, not some 3rd party service. They wouldn't even listen to me. I asked for a manager and the guy told me straight up "NO"... I am not kidding...He told me that my account has been permanently locked and there is nothing that he can do. This is freaking crazy!! I can't believe this. They are straight up denying me access to MY OWN damn credit report!!!Are they just playing around or do they seriously think that people will not file massive lawsuits against them. I mean, I WANT MY DAMN TU REPORT FROM TU, not some 3rd party crap. I can't even BUY it. It's like I am totally locked out of pulling my TU report directly from TU.
  5. Nope.. still can't buy from TU because if I try to buy it like I do it first time, it tells me to put my name, address, ss# yada yada yada.. so I do that and submit. When I submit, it tells me that I already have an account with them and I should logon. So I logon, using my TC logon info and it tells me that I am locked out! So I can't even check my report going through TU website. OMG.. I just called them... they pretty much told me to ef off. This can't be legal. I can't check my TU report directly from TU. Only way of checking it for me is if I go by other places like Credit Expert...I already have AMEX membership which works great, but this is just pissing me off! They are probably getting bombed with lawsuits right now.
  6. Ok so, just like many of you, I got canceled.. after 3 years of being a memeber... So, today, I wanted to check my TU report... I try to logon to True Credit.. put my name in, info, address and all that, just like I would never do it before... well.. it tells me that my info is already on file and I need to logon.. so I log on.. and it tells me that my records are locked...WTF??!?!?!? So now I can't even check my credit report from TransUnion????? I am gonna RAISE ABSOLUTE HELL over this.
  7. Thanks! I am in Ohio. They are calling me on my cell phone, so I got their number in my logs. Funny thing is, that they called me a while ago, like 2 months ago or so and I talked to the lady and I told her why the hell is she calling me when they lost the lawsuit. She didn't even know anything about it and said that she will put my documents in "fraud" and get my name off their files... I guess they didn't. I still receive mail from them with "deals" to pay. I might just send them letter then. I won the lawsuit at their cost.Nothing out of my pocket. They basically were counting on me folding, but I didn't. I replied to their complaints, replied to their discovery (which was funny because all they asked me to do was to admit stuff - idiots), I send them my discovery asking for various documents and such, well of course, they send me some garbage that didn't show anything. When it came to go to court, they didn't show up. So I won. Idiots.
  8. Hey peeps... Few months ago, I was sued by CA for some old debt. They lost...mostly because I didn't back out and went along with my discovery, and all the documents. They actually didn't show up in court, so I won...I won without prejustice (or whatever it is that let's them sue me again).. Anyways...they are calling me. Almost everyday. I don't' pick up but I just want them to stop calling me. What should I tell them?
  9. LOL! Finally! Approved for Amex Blue Cash....this is the only amex that they kept declining me I got it!! I got approved!!!
  10. Clear came in 5 days from the date that I applied... I applied for JetBlue and Delta on 23rd and still waiting. Count for about 7 days..
  11. Oh I know...I already got the card...they didn't give me discover but they said I was approved for the other one...as long as there is no annual fee and rate is decent, I am ok with it.
  12. LOL I wish!!! PFFF!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centurion_Card
  13. That's exactly how I feel. When I started this process, I was praying to get approved for Chevron Rebuilder card. Now, I have cards with limits that I didn't even have BEFORE I started my credit rebuilding. I don't know what else I should get. I don't think I need anything else really. I have every card from every type, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex. I don't have HELOC though.. maybe I should apply since my credit is much better now and have some kind of safety blanket. This is like crack... and to make matters worst, I just got my investigation results back from TU. They deleted my very last collection that I had hanging there. It was tiny, only for 100 bucks, but now, I dont' have any collections! My credit is squeeky clean. No lates, no collections... Hhmm...what card should I get next? LOL
  14. Oh boy... So, I got a letter yesterday from good old Chevron Rebuilder... my first card that I received during my credit repair adventure. They told me that my 50 bucks annual fee is due. It goes without saying that I simply canceled the account.... So, I recently got 3 Amex cards....then Platinum Discovery card... these are the cards that I would never dream of having. Today, I was thinking... hhmm...I would like to have one more good card in my valet. So I decided to logon to my bank (Dollar Bank) which is small bank that I been doing business with for 8 years. I have my car loan with them and my checking..I thought, it would be nice to have a credit card from my own bank and just call it the end lol I just got the email with decision. I was approved for their Visa card! WOHOO! 0% APR for 6 months, no annual fees...no clue with the CL is... but I don't care. This completes my journey. I can't really think of any other cards that I would like to have... Carry on
  15. Good job.. Just don't charge it up too high.. they will drop your CL if you do! Ask me how I know lol
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