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  1. I took the plunge since I don't have to worry about INQ's for awhile, mortgage closed a few days ago, DENIED for too many INQ's and balance to limit on revolving. I just thought some would like to know that they pull EQ:)
  2. We got a new home for Christmas, best part is we are already living here so we don't have to move. This board really helped me thru it. I would like to say thanks!
  3. I didnt check my tenants credit history but if I had, I would have been concerned with whether they let EVERYTHING go. Medical bills or old collection wouldnt have been a big deal but past evictions ARE probably the biggest reason landlords want to check. and that was the basis for my question..if landlords are going to USE a credit history to make a decision..then they should report monthly too! Thats what chaps me about utils and phone, they dont report when its GOOD...but when its bad.... I do agree with you !
  4. We all have utilities and phone bills to pay every month. Well they don't report to the CRA's. So what I am going to try to do is increase my CL on my lone Visa card and have the utils bill to it..then pay off. I would still be writing the same amount of check but it would be on my CRA report instead of not. Good? Bad?
  5. it wouldnt have to be just the slow payers. If I report..its going to be good and bad. Of course, 100 accounts is rather ambituois for me (never say never) so thats probably out. turning them over for collection (1800 bucks and change!) honestly never crossed my mind! that was 3 years ago so I am probably SOL (in both senses!)
  6. I had a rental house once. Tentants stayed for almost 3 years then we had to evict them. Could I have reported them to the big 3? LOL not trying to be mean or anything as this could also be a good thing for tentants who never miss a payment. I would like to get back into real estate in the future and have pondered whether this would be a positive idea or not. I would like some feedback from the more experienced here. Thanks!
  7. Almost there... You close on the 26th too? COOL we are too! (hope nothing goes wrong for either of us!) I have followed your journey to home ownership and am really sharing in your and your DH's joy. My DW and I are really thankful at being able to buy also and I guess on the 27th we will REALLY have something to be thankful for Take care and enjoy!
  8. Awww RATS...I knew it wouldnt last forever LOL Would anyone here seriously pay for a WK report? I mean, it wasnt even a real score
  9. That's a good point actually, I think you've definitely "arrived" when you no longer obsess about your score and don't have to check PG everyday.... LOL! or have DREAMS about it...woke this AM from a dream that my WK finally had 0 inquiries and clean derogs! had to log on and check before my first coffee just to see, then realized how obsessed I really am at this point. I will be glad to get to a point where I can relax a little, but I figured since I have not ever had "excellent" credit and finally maturing since I passed 30, its time to be able to use credit wisely I spent most of yesterday (vacation this week and buying a home) doing a good bit of work on my credit, including a 100 mile round trip to visit a couple of CA's in PERSON (they are very polite and well mannered in person BTW) paying them off to satisfy the lender One little CA told me that they would not be able to delete the collections from my reports, I then joked about "misplacing" our files if I disputed the entries, she winked at me and DW and said in a low voice" do that next month when our girl is on vacation" then gave us a big grin. you bet I will!
  10. 110k mortgage? 5 percent and change on a new car? yeah I would call that "arrived" too! great work!
  11. I mean having high 700's and no negs is GOOD of course..when we all get there (some people here ARE there thanks to this forum) but what kinda titanium, plutoniom, gazupltanium card can you carry that says "I am creditally perfect LOL" For would mean a no-manual review mortgage underwriting, no Capital one or Cross country bank offers arriving in the mail, being able to get big ticket items on my signature ETC, not saying I would turn into a hyper-consumer of course but its nice to get a new appliance on my signature when the old one pukes LOL what does it mean to you?
  12. My guess is (and its purely a guess) its more potentially profitable to report..and thereby have a chance to COLLECT on a negative. Removing one doesnt generate, or have a chance to generate anything, so its a low priorty for them. I am still really new at this so I don't know what I would do with that letter, maybe fax it to the CRA's as proof of agreement to remove? Someone more knowledgeable than me might jump in here and offer a better one:))
  13. i just TODAY had one inquiry drop off. Starting to get a little hopeful here LOL. I will keep pulling daily. I had 16, went up to 18 when Mortgage broker pulled I am down to 17
  14. Disputed 2 collections and a judgement Judgement gone, One collection gone Paid collection remains I will try again in a few weeks:)
  15. yeah! they did that to me about 10 months ago when I applied for a mortgage awhile back. and I had a creditor call me intmidating for payment since they "knew" all about my plans to buy a home. lol! I got so disgusted with that that I just simply dropped it for awhile I think this company did the same thing..they have a neat little list of creditors that I have to pay off at closing (its one of the conditions) luckily I just BARELY have the cash to pay them and closing costs too. There wont be a penny extra when its all thru but it looks like its going to go this time. Funny thing is...BUYING this home will REDUCE my housing costs by about 100 bucks a month..thereby putting me in a BETTER cashflow position to pay my bills! you think they could realize that. I have sent a letter to a CA telling them I will settle in full for deletion. do you generally have good luck with this approach?