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  1. If you don't believe it is your debt, why do you need to worry about being able to afford to pay it? Focus more on finding out if you have been a victim of ID theft. I'd be creating a storm if CA wants me to pay the debt I don't owe.
  2. Da_bill_collector is compelled to put his random thoughts in writing after reading all the posts. However, I'm gonna put it in general terms rather than answer specific answers. Hopefully this will answer most of the questions for most out there. First of all, I am very much grateful about this site. I found this site when I was down (emotionally and financially). Just like everybody else, I was trying to clear up my credit and move on with life. Working as a bill collector, I have had an opportunity to learn first hand how people react when dealing with bills. 98% of people I talked to are in that position even though they know very well credit card debt is bad. I compare this to a drug addiction. Lots of folks are getting addicted to it. I talk to average of 100 debtors a day. That includes inbound calls (called hunt group calls) as well as make outbound calls (via dialer or manually). Now if you are saying well I will never talk to a collector, then I guess I have nothing to add. The reason I need to do my job is people simply stopped paying (or slow paid) and OC sent reminder notices etc. The first thing most debtors do when approaced about the debt is they become defensive. They put a blame squarely on credit card company and me for their problems. Istead of trying all avenues and get out of the quagmire, they just act like an ostrich. While I don't condone such behavior, I try my best to educate them about the credit. Anyway, regarding the settlements, I wish I had more power to control what I can give. Different clients have different guidelines. Chevron, for instance, doesn't settle. First National Bank of Marin settles for 50%. And obviously, we all start with the balance in full talk at first. We don't want to short sell ourselves. I need to hit my monthly goal and sooner I can reach it, less stressful job gets. Again, settlements are offered in individual basis. Bargaining is the key. When I got my account settled I accepted the first offer of 35% 'cause it was something I could afford. If I could afford 100% I would have no problem paying it. One thing I learnt about the settlement is, you'll get more favorable settlements when you don't have any assets and rest of your credit looks bad. One mistake most debtors make is they bring emotion when talking about money. I guess it is a human nature. Who in here wouldn't want to be told everything is OK when it is obviously not? Why should people be threatened talking to a collector and not with a consumer credit counselling rep, for instance? CCC reps will say "Oh Ms. Jones, don't worry about the problem. We will do this and do that." And the reality is they end up spending more money and ruin their credit more in the process. At the end, I just like to stress that good credit can be achieved through patience, education, and paying debts. Most people, inclucing me, sometimes want quick fix. I hoped I could get rid of my debts by not paying at first and by disputing as not mine later. But guess what, they are not going away. Trust me, I've done everything under the sun to make my debt go away. Well, except to make an effor to pay. I am just one individual in this entire game but I do my utmost best to help people out while helping me as well. Collections is not a customer service job. Some have equated this job same as running a funeral home; someone's gotta do it. I am well aware of FDCPA and I totally agree with it. However I am also aware that most debtors will not pay if they were not pursued vigorously. At the end there are only 4 outcomes: 1. Debtor will file bankruptcy 2. Creditor will give up and you get lucky 3. You will get sued 4. You pay How much risk do YOU want to take? Please don't listen to any advices given in public board like this one. Your future is in your hands. Everyone who have gone through this credit mess can agree on one thing though, and that is, "There ain't no free lunch." Okay that's it now. Phew I don't think I've ever wrote this long in a long a$$ time. I need to go to work.
  3. Regarding the debtor who paid off the account, I am so glad I saved her 291 months (24 years!)and $5,615.32 in interest had she been stuck paying minimum to original creditor. Her interest rate was 18%. And that's if she didn't use the card. Come on guys!! Be nice to da_bill_collector. Also, is there any federal law for ignoring some of the members here? I hope I'm not in violation of any. If I did, well, "SUE ME!"
  4. Come on... Before you put a blanket statement like that, you need to realize there are people who do that.. Including truly yours....It was long time ago though....
  5. I totally agree that I made the debtor feel like if she didn't pay by Friday, she would get sued. I never said that explicitly, but it was implied. It is same like asking the debtor, "Ma'm have you ever had your wages garnished?" I don't see anything wrong saying that. I could not talk like that for the first few months. But now, I am calm and relaxed when talking to debtor on the phone. And, the account has been with our office for about 2 months. During that time we called twice a day and about 3 letters have been sent out. And we all know, longer time passes without payment, collections get exponentially difficult. I have more respect for debtors who call and talk to me about every few days and not pay than those who lie every time I call them. Not that I've never done my share before. Actually I have few debtors who call me about every few days and most of them know more about my life than anybody else. Some people just need to be able to share their life stories and I'm glad I'm there to do my part. Can't wait for the weekend so I can drink . Peace out.
  6. This is how the conversation went (synopsis): Ring Ring ßill: This is the office of Mr. XX. How may I assist you? Debtor: Hi I am calling about my account that I'm behind on & I don't want to get sued. ßill: Under Federal Law PL 05-109, Subsection 803(2) 15 United States code 1692a(2), this office has documented file of every notice, telephone attempt, and verbal contact made by this office in pursuit of your payment obligation. Unless full payment is posted to your file by this friday, your status will reflect "voluntary collection deemed impossible." Once you pay it, then there is no need for us to recommend the lawsuit. debtor: Ok I will mail the check out next week. ßill: Why don't we set up check over the phone so that I can fax you the letter saying your account is all taken care of. debtor: I need to borrow the money from my mom. ßill: Sure, I can do conference call for you. Anyway, that's how it ended. She got what she wanted and so did I. I wish every calls were that easy. I personally don't think I violated any FDCPA. 8)
  7. Our agency doesn't file lawsuit but does recommend one when we send it back. All depends on the credit report. Since she had impeccable history plus a mortgage account, her chance was much higher than others. And that's what I told her. She readily agreed the terms and I faxed her our terms before getting check over the phone. It was all about urgency. Without setting a deadline, I just can't collect.
  8. Yeah I'm glad Chase accepted the offer as well. And then I get a call today from another debtor. She was just panicked asking if we were going to sue her. Looking at her CBR with all R1 and I1, I told her we won't have to sue if she can pay the account by Friday. She paid off her account in full for $4K after doing a 3-way conference call with her mom. She was happy and I was happy. Should I feel guilty for not offering her settlement? All in all, I had a great day!!!
  9. Broke in Austin, What would you do if all the deadbeat dads do this thing when asked for child support money? That is why there is law in this land and as much as you want to take law in your own hand, reality doesn't let you. Hope you understand collectors are just like you and me.
  10. depends on if the debt was assigned or sold. my agency gets debts assigned so we don't add interest. also, in case of credit cards, fees keep accumulating if the accounts are not charged off. that is one of the major complaints we get as a CA. people think we are charging fees when it is OC charging regular interests and late fees.
  11. 10% settlement is possible. How much are they offering right now? I was offered 35% without me even asking by Chase. Creditors would rather get some money from you than not get anything at all.
  12. While others may cringe when I say this, you should just go ahead and pay this and call it a lesson learned. Lots of folks have had good luck getting the tradelines removed once the account is paid through dispute to CRA. CA usually don't bother to verify on the paid debt compared to OC. Again, just my 2 cents.
  13. It is perfectly normal & human to hide out when debt problem arise. You are not alone in this behavior. Sooner you can admit you've got a problem, faster you can get out of it. I absolutely hate to deal with people who are still in denial phase. Good luck.
  14. I'm cool with humor, satire, critique etc. I'm no longer stuck up like I used to be ... No, he was not from Afghanistan. For confidentiality, I can't disclose too much details. But in the course of dunning, I explained to him why it is in his best interest to get this taken care of rather than risk sued. He wants to return to US in couple of years again. And to those who had bad experience with collectors, just ask this simple question to check how smart the collector is: What is your FICO score? If they don't know what it means, then don't talk on the phone. Just an idea. I wouldn't even talk to a collector whose score is less than 600.
  15. Native, Thanks for the nice comments. Everyone can appreciate a nice comment once in a while, especially in anonymous forum like Internet. Kindness knows no boundary. And I'm proud of men/women in army serving our country. Update on the settlement. Received the total of $1000 via Western Union. He called in with control number few minutes ago.