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  1. Hey guys!!!!!! Long time no-see! I would like to hear from some of you old-timers that remember me. Well, I'm back in credit-hell again! Did it to myself again. Well, I guess that's what this forum is for huh? Anyway, I'll get off the psychiatry couch......anyone heard of NCC Business Services?
  2. She already has subsidized, non-subsidized, etc. I was just wondering if there was another place we could go where credit is not a factor.........?
  3. I need to get my wife a student loan. The problem is that I've gone back into credit hell again (probably in the 500's). So where is the easiest place to go to get approved? Thanks!
  4. I think it's $150. That's what I found in my pro se packet from 2003 last night. That's the last time I sued.
  5. Can I file an FDCPA petition in a federal appellate court, or is that for appeals only? It's right here in town, and would be much easier. If I have to go to the next bigger city I will, but...... Also, since the stuff happened here, that makes this town the proper venue, correct? (I'm just making sure B4 I have to fly somewhere......)
  6. Yo......what up, my Credit dawgs? Need the process server info for Encore Receivables, or just point me to where I could find that info, please.........OH wait.....don't I have to call my state AG or their state AG for that???? I forgot.........? Also, I have to serve them in Kansas, don't I?
  7. Well, let's have it....? Can you PM it or something?
  8. I didn't say anything about the debts being old, etc., as to not admit anything about the debts, just in case they decided that they wanted to further shoot themselves in the foot. As far as who they work for, this is another company that is set up to mask as a creditor (the original CA), and then have another CA say that they are representing them, so they can pull some crap. Similar to the NCO/MEDCLR thing we had going around here a few years ago.
  9. The company here sent me a dunning letter, and claimed that the first company was their "client", thereby trying to make me believe that the first company is a creditor, instead of a debt collector (DECEPTIVE....). This is on two debts that went past the SOL when I was in my 20's. Both companies are CA's and owned by the same guy. So I had a little more leverage here, and I just let 'em have it! Enjoy: Demoncasterouter 123 Anywhere street Middleof, TX. 99999 Deceptivejerks Inc. 999 Webuyolddebt Blvd. Wherever, USA 00000 1-13-2006 Re: Alleged Acct. #’s: 30303030303 and 4040404040 To Whom It May Concern: This letter is being sent to you in response to a notice sent to me from your company. Be advised that this is not a refusal to pay, but a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 ( that your claim is disputed and validation is requested. I am also advising you that attempting to claim that Scumbucketsiswe is your “client”, is false and misleading. You are attempting to persuade consumers to believe that Scumbucketsiswe is something other than what they are: a debt collection company. Richard Cranium is the Principal for both of these companies, which are collection agencies. The FDCPA strictly forbids this type of deception in debt collection. I suggest you check with federal and state laws. Then I suggest you discontinue any and all further pursuit of this alleged debt, before I am forced to bring suit against Scumbucketsiswe and Deceptivejerks Inc, for violating the FDCPA twice and the Texas Debt Collection Act twice as well. This is an attempt to correct your records and your debt collection practices, and any further attempt at collection without full validation, will result in action taken against you in federal court. Sincerely, Demoncasterouter, you worst nightmare! And I'm comin' to cast the demons out of your company!
  10. They quit calling. Haven't seen a dunning ltr or validation, so maybe they're's amazing how well this stuff works!
  11. If I remember correctly, during the NCO/MEDCLR saga, the deception came when NCO tried to claim that the FDCPA didn't apply to MEDCLR b/c they were the "OC", or "Client". When they responded with this type of answer, the deception happened when NCO was attempting to hide MEDCLR in their follow-up letters as not being bound by the FDCPA, since they were NCO's "client". This is designed to throw off the consumer and make them believe that MEDCLR (or whoever else) is a creditor, and not a debt collector. That is deception. And this is the same thing that this company is attempting to do.
  12. I had only 4 violations w/ one CA, and they settled in their lawyers office. You have at least 6. So you might go ahead and file. I don't know how you'd show proof of the phone call violations, but.......
  13. Would that be large intestigator, or small intestigator...? Sorry, couldn't pass that one up........
  14. A letter sent to me from a CA (We'll call them Scumoftheearth), says this: "We represent the above client, Bottomfeedersareus, who has purchesed your defaulted account........" So I looked up Scumoftheearth and Bottomfeedersareus, and they are the same. So we have another CA trying to pull the same tricks that NCO and MEDCLR used to pull. Is this type of stuff under "Deceptive Practices" in the FDCPA (3 years ago, I would've been able to quote section and number, but I'm so outta the loop....)? And if you would kindly quote, I would be much appreciative.......
  15. Here's the letter I just fired off concerning this: Demoncasterouter Youmessedwiththewrongconsumer Drive Tooclose, TX. 99999 CluelessCA 1111 Wedontknowschidtt Street Closetoconsumer, TX. 99990 1-10-2006 Re: Alleged Acct. #:*&^%$ To Whom It May Concern: I have received your mail sent to me dated 1-9-06. While you have noted this alleged account as “disputed” in your office, this notation still does not allow you to legally continue pursuit of this alleged debt. You have not provided full validation of this alleged debt in accordance with F.D.C.P.A. 15 USC 1692g Sec. 809 (. If I receive no response from you concerning this letter, then I will assume that this is your final statement regarding the validity of this alleged debt, and that you are foregoing the remaining 9 days to provide full validation. Therefore, ANY further collection attempts would be illegal on your part, according to the above mentioned chapter, and according to the Texas Debt Collection Act 392.202(a). This includes: - Sending any further dunning letters - Making any phone calls to me concerning this alleged debt - Or reporting ANY information of this alleged debt to ANY credit reporting agency, negative or otherwise from this day forward I will be checking my credit reports from the various credit reporting agencies within the next 30 days and beyond. As the situation stands now, if I find ANY reference to this alleged debt reported to any credit bureaus, I will not hesitate to file suit against your company, immediately. You would be well advised to close this account immediately, and discontinue any further collection activity. I feel it only fair to warn you that I will hold (your company) liable for any further collection activity, without providing me proper validation, by filing suit. And just so you know, I do not file suit in small claims court, I use the federal court system. Sincerely, Demoncasterouter
  16. Update! Just got another letter from them. Here's what it says: "Dear Mr. CA-suer, We are in receipt of your second letter dated 1-8-06. The outstanding balance of $875 for account *&^%$, was placed in our office by Joe Blow's Hospital on 10-31-05. The balance is owed to Joe Blow's Hospital. We have coded the account as a dispute in our office. Cordially, Nastybottomfeedingca" They will be receiving a 3rd letter from me tonight stating that it is illegal for them to engage in any further collection activity on this account, especially POSTING TO MY CR's! I'm also going to tell them that if I find it on my CR's, without them sending full validation, I will sue right then and there! (I'm not gonna tell them I've sued before and won, I'm just gonna let them hang themselves.) Hehehehehe! I've forgotten how fun this is!
  17. This is a hospital bill, I forgot to add. Everything is itemized, no interest of course. My problem is that this is from a hospital from which one of my children had to go to. My insurance paid most of it. I paid on the outstanding balance for a while, but I don't know how much I still owe. Some people might say: "If it's a legitimate debt, then you need to just pay it, you weenie!" But I don't know how much I really owe, I don't know how much my insurance did or did not pay, etc. But for them to get an itemized bill from the OC, then HANDWRITE "Balance owed: $875" when in the computer box it says: "Please pay $0.00" is a crock of caca! I DV'd them again and told them to either FULLY validate, or go away. I don't know what they'll do now. But if I see it on any of my CR's, I'm gonna go ahead and Fed court. Although this would be only one violation, I think I could prove it intentional, since they already received my other DV. For newbies: This is within the SOL period and a legit debt. I would not suggest filing in this type of situation EXCEPT for the fact that if they continue w/ collection activity, I have them b/c they simply have not validated properly. And if they place it on my CR from here on out without first sending me the proper validation, that is blatant disregard to the consumer (me). For all others: I'm just putting this out here b/c of the precarious nature of the situation. And I wanna talk to yall while this is going on. And so I can mooch off of some of yall when I have to serve them, b/c I forgot how to do that!
  18. Got an attempt at validation. I know the FTC letters and court opinions well. And I know that full validation can come down to an opinion. But the validation I received included: A printout from the OC (Ok so far) But it said: Total Charges: 14,435.00. Estimated Insurance Coverage: 14,435.00. Please pay: $0.00 Then at the bottom, someone had handwritten: "Balance due: $875". And it looks exactly like the handwrtiting of the person who sent the validation. I could send you, or anyone a copy of a hospital bill, and then write "Balance due: $1000" or $2500, or whatever. I don't think this is full validation.... Your thoughts????
  19. Hey Swede! Good to see ya! Remeber our days at FCM? Too bad that site went down, it was a good site. "you;re in Texas so sue them under Texas FDCPA and get more money out of it" Yeah, I was thinking that. I lost my link to the Texas Statutes so if you know where I can go, can you lead me there? "did you send CMRRR????????" I've been doing It's pretty cool, and much easier if you don't know about it...?
  20. I DV'd w/ cease phone calls this CA on 12/31. Got a call @ 8:00 that night. I let it go. Today, (1-2-06), I've already gotten 2 calls. I'm just rackin' up the documentation every time they call. I'm also taking pictures of the caller ID. I'll probably send another DV, just to show that I'm trying to communicate with them. Then, when they keep caling after a few days.....BAM! Lawsuit! This ones kinda fun! Just goes to show ya, most of the time, the right hand knows not what the left hand is doing!
  21. After carefully looking at this again, I noticed that the CA clerk signed her name to the cover letter of their attempt to validate. Her handwriting is on the bottom of the last page of the printout saying: "Balance due: $875" I could write any amount on any of your statements and send it to you as "legit". This is BS. I don't know how much my insurance paid on this, and I don't remember how much I paid. This debt could be paid, and I wouldn't know the difference.... I just think the CA writing the balance due in their handwriting on the bottom of a typed statement is not proper validation.
  22. Is it wrong for me to add: "You need to know that I have pursued Collection Agencies such as yourselves in the U.S. Federal Court in Ft. Worth, Texas and settled out of court for more than twice what the agency claimed that I owed. I will not hesitate to do the same with this situation if this is not resolved within the next 30 days" Or something like that?
  23. And yet......even another update: I qualified for a LARGE siganture loan, of which I went ahead and took out. I was able to pay off many things! I paid off all of the credit cards, and the rest of the loan I owed on the business. Now all I have is the mortgage, 2 cars, and a $255 per month loan. Life is sweet now! Thanks for all of your input!
  24. Got 2 letters from CA. DV'd and here was the response: They did have a printout of the account, which ended with: "Total of sub-charges: $14,435.45" Then, at the bottom of the page it reads: "Pay this amount: $0.00". Then, someone HANDWROTE near the bottom: "Balance due: $875" I could handwrite anything........? Waddaya think?
  25. Well, I Dv'd them, and they responded. They did have a printout of the account, which ended with: "Total of sub-charges: $14,435.45" Then, at the bottom of the page it reads: "Pay this amount: $0.00". Then, someone HANDWROTE: "Balance due: $875" I could handwrite anything........ I don't know about this being validation or not....? I'll post in the validation section.