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  1. Hi .....Love the new layout of the site...you have done a great job.... I am considering filing bankruptcy again..........yes again....my divorce has really gotten my credit looking terrible...........in Michigan, I cab file again after 6 years has gone by.......I have since gotten many judgments and collections........I know that I can have a lawyer vacate all the judgments, but my question is, will my credit report show two bankruptcys or just one???? I know that I can also include in my credit report a letter of explaination.......will that possibly help? Thanks in advance
  2. HI all..seems I am posting all over the boards today.... About two months ago I walked into work and a co-worker told me that "BLAH BLAH" called and left her number. So, like a good little girl, I called back and low and behold it was our local credit agency........I just hung the phone up and asked "Debbie" if she would be a witness for me....and she said sure. Is it too late for me to file a small claims suit? I have the witness just not the date they called. They know better than to call me at work. And, I also know that it wasn't regarding just one account that they have but many....so would I get money for each account that they have?? Thanks for all the other help that you all have given me. Debbie :ooh: :ooh: :ooh:
  3. After reading all the posts on judgments, I have just one question..........how do they know that they have the right person when judgments are placed on your CR's? There isn't one single place that I can find where my SS# is on the judgment papers. And, there are, I am sure, a lot of others out there with my same name. The person that the CRA's send to look into public records doesn't know my SS# either....so how do they know????? Debbie :ooh: :ooh: :ooh:
  4. hi all....again i am being harrassed (sp) at work by a little collection agency in our little city......they were told a long time ago not to call me at work....it stopped for a wahile and is now started again.....should i call "Kelly" back and ask her what she wants??...also should i let her name off all othe the collections she has there and then tell her that i am going to sue for violation of the law?? wonder if i could get 1000 a piece for each one that she names?? i do have a witness that i was called at work too......just curious....thanks
  5. try going to this link and see if there is anything there that may help you... http://www.dbf.state.fl.us/licensing/
  6. I received "validation" on some medical collections...thier cover letter states "Enclosed is the detail for each account you requested. Under the FDCPA, we are only obligated to supply this information within the first 30 days of each individual account listed with us. All of these accounts have been listed with us for much longer than 30 days, and none of the accounts have been reported inaccurately nor incomplete to Trans Union. Please contact us with arrangements to pay in full". They sent me copies of the "right to treat" that I signed at the hospital.....I have read these over and over and find that #1) nowhere on the form is anything about me being obligated to pay them or thier assigns...#2) they said that the agreement with thier client that grants them the authority to collect on this debt is N/A....and each of the photocopies of the itemized statement says, "This is an attempt, blah, blah, blah".....so my question is, this wouldn't be a validation would it?? it has a clause about guarantees - payment in full of any and all charges (including interest charges, court costs, attorney fees, and collection fees when applicable) for services rendered. What do I do now???? thanks and sorry this was so long
  7. welcome aboard the "FREEDOM EXPRESS"!!!!!! i think we have all been in your shoes at on time or another..this forum is the cat's @ss to help you. if it helped me it will you too...all these wonderful people here are heaven sent!! any q's u might have can be answered here somewhere...just surf them and READ READ READ!!! believe me it pure pleasure to answer the phone now and know that it won't be a ca hasseling you....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! :cheesy:
  8. thanks for the info......so it really acts as kind of a stopper for those of us playing this game of run a round, so to speak, with the ca's......i really appreciate the answer......a big THANK YOU!!
  9. hi all....i am making some progress with the help of all of you....thank god for this forum!! anyways.....i read about the agent, principle & assigns thingy to put at the end of a validation letter......well i have decided to use it on the second validation letters that i am going to have to write. my question is, will this stop them from assigning it to some other ca? and by adding this, just what will this help me to do?? :ooh:
  10. hi everyone......just wanted to get a couple of opinions here....the collection agency that i have asked to validate a few accounts sent me a letter stating that i would be getting an itemized satement from the oc (hospital).....what i got from them was copies of what my bc/bs insurance paid...that's it...so today the ca called me at work and asked if i got them ok.....i told them yes i did....and THEN she asked me when i was gonna pay them.......isn't this a violation?????? :ooh: