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  1. Unbelievably bad service. Billed my card twice for same amount and are refusing to remove it. Said they didn't care if i was pissed. I filed a complaint with the BBB and will start a small claims suit against them.
  2. Sherman acquisitions is insisting on continuing to report something on my Experian report although it has been removed from all the other bureaus. I've contacted the better business bureau, and sent 3 letters of validation and have only recieved a photocopied response sent to the BBB stating that their parent company The Northland Group would remove. Upon contacting the Northland group they stated that they were no longer collecting for Sherman Acquisitons. What is weird is that Sherman Acquistions is a collection agency which was using another collection agency to collect for them. There are no northland group trade lines on my report but the sherman acqusition was reconfirmed today and remainson my Experian report. I'm livid with them and don't know what my next step should be. help...
  3. hey there, why do my scores always drop with TU when things that are really derogatory are removed. There is no rhyme or reason to this..any ideas why?
  4. I have had a lot of problems with Sherman Acquisitons. They actualy use another agency called the Northland Group to collect for them which is sooooo weird. A CA collecting for a CA. I've sent validation letters, disputes with the Credit Bureaus and have had no luck. I just sent them another letter certifed letting them know that by report wrong information while i requested validation is a big no-no. Lets see what happens. Keep me informed of what your latest has been with them as i just came across a class action suit against them.
  5. I'm having some trouble with Sherman Acquistions as well, so I'd be interested in hearing about this class action suit. I'm even getting letters from NCO saying that they are using Sherman Acquisitons to collect on a debt that is not mine and was removed already from my reports. The new owner of the account has since placed it back again on my reports. Let me know. thanks
  6. Be really careful here with Equifax and gulf state. The reinserted this on my report and denied it. I took them to small claims court and the witch of a judge who did not know s...t about credit agencies ruled in their favor. How she did I have no idea. Regardless, right after that neither I nor anyone else was able to access my account for a few months. The tradeline did "curiously" dissapear right afterwards...HMMM...
  7. It turns out this was an account that they bought from Providian that was in the name of Jr. It wasn't my account and yet they still show it as me opening it last year.....How can I get this off my reports. I've contested it as not mine...it keeps staying on there and I want it off...HELP....
  8. capital one just tried reaging my account stating that i opened an account this year so that they could start the clock again. The account had been removed from all of the credit bureaus and it just showed up again on my Trans Union report. I'm asking TU to fight it but in case it stays on what should i do. Should i file suit against capital one?
  9. yes, and I have since requested my report personaly 3 times and have yet to recieve it. I sent a registered letter and have not received a report yet. The 30 days isn't up but i've a feeling they won't comply
  10. both unfortunately. I'm at a loss as to what to do.
  11. please use my name as I want them to know what wankers I think they are...
  12. absolutely...you can email me at duncan@gioia.cc Thanks a lot I really appreciate it.
  13. please do...are you going to small claims or a regular court?
  14. so you are going on to court with this right? Will you keep me posted and maybe even mention to the judge that you have been blocked?
  15. ok, that's good to know. I think i'll notify the FTC. I'm thinking getting an attorney and taking this further. Does any one out there want to talk about a class action suit?