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  1. Three questions. 1. Does anyone know the laws about collections agencies/OC's depositing settlement offer checks in FL? This state is not listed in the debt settlement section of "tips of paying". If I write "paid in full" and they cash it is that legally binding so no one can collect on the same debt in the state of Florida? Can anyone provide a resource that I can quote in my letter that I will send with the settlement check. Thanks
  2. I have never recieved any response from anyone I have sent letters to, I just send them all certified and nothing.....ITs very frustrating not to get any reponses or counteroffers. This debt is uncollectable in about 15 months, I figured people would be jumping on settlements.....But hey cant please everyone.....
  3. I have a Discover that was C/O 14 months ago with a balance of 9.9k. The account went to Wolpoff and I sent them validation and settlement offers for 32%, no response. The account is now at NCO, I have sent them three offers, once every 30 days, all for 32%, again no response. The 32% is truly all I have to settle with, I have begged, borrowed, and stolen the current amount. Any suggestions? Should I continue sending letters to NCO Financial or to Discover? I appreciate the help.
  4. I was asked an interesting question from a friend and didnt know the answer so I thought I would ask you nice people. I was able to help someone remove a chapter 7 from all three CRA. The CH7 was filed about 6 years ago and she asked if she still had to answer "yes I have declared BK in the last 10 years" when applying for mortgages or leases? If this is off her CR does can she say no? or are there other ways of investigating? Please advise what the best course of action would be...Thaks dvm04
  5. Got a settlement through Acadamy Collection representing Att for 34.9% of the outstanding debt.....Takes patience and work but worth it in the long run, (was considering chapter 7).....Thanks for all the input of the people on this board....Now only have to deal with Discover.....
  6. DVM04


    WEll the sleeping Giant awoke, got a call from a Collection Attorney representing Discover. Now I am concerned about being sued. CAn anyone give me an idea of the chain of events that needs to take place if discover or citi take legal action? I cant wake one day and have my bank accts frozen...thanks
  7. I would start writing letters and stop talking, I would take this weekend and write out C&D letters to get them off your back. This will at least stop the phone calls and give you sometime to collect your thoughts and weigh your options. Good luck
  8. DVM04


    How do these judgements typically work? Will Citi or Discover notify me that they are seeking a judgment or lawsuit or will I wake up one day and my bank accts be seized? This is what I am trying to avoid, and would rather move towards the Ch 7. I am not contacting Discover or attempting to wake the sleeping dragon and I will let them do there own thing....I just dont know if Citi sending all my statements was a sign of impending suit....thanks again
  9. DVM04


    I talk to you on so many boards....Thanks for all the input. Ok here we go over 200 days late....Charged off two accts with Citi and Discover. Just the other day recieved my entire year of statements from Citi in two large envelopes, no letter, instructions, or any info. Was recieving calls from National Financial Systems, CA for Citi for a few weeks and they offered a 70% settlement, told them if I had that kind of cash I wouldnt be in this mess....Have heard absolutly nothing from Discover, not even a single call from them or a CA. So now I am trying to borrow money to at least settle these accts....All that info deciding between Ch7 and settlement I talked to you about in the bankrupcy board....So thats the story...
  10. DVM04


    I had my acct through Citibank Charged off three weeks ago and just received two large envelopes with statements of the entire last year. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this SOP or should I be concered about being a marked target through there legal services? Thanks.....
  11. I am 34 days away from having two accts charged off, what timeframe is the best to send out settlement letters for the best results? A week prior, a month, after charged off? I am shooting for them to accept 30% of the original balance...Thanks
  12. DVM04

    How to?

    Thanks I have contacted Citibank and they have told me that I am 45 days from being charged off. I will send the settlement letter to them certified a week prior. Is it strange I have not heard anything from Discover? I should be somewhere about 140 days late to them also. Thanks again for the replies, it helps put stuff in order.
  13. DVM04

    How to?

    Thanks for the reply. How will I know when the acct is charged off or close to it like you suggested? Should I be calling this collection agency back or just ignore them? I have sent my validation letters to them but only a few days ago.... a Since this Citi is using this ca now does that mean the acct is charged off, and I can contact them? Thanks again
  14. DVM04

    How to?

    I am currently 5-6 months late on payments to two separate CC companies, Citibank and Discover. I currently owe each of them 9k. I have been contacted by NFS, a collection agency that Citibank hired and nothing from Discover for months. NFS offered a 7100 dollar settlement, but I told them I havent gotten the money. I am currently a student who hasnt had earned income for over two years and wont for another two. How do I go about settling these debts? I have read 30 posts on this site but nothing says how to get started. Should I just pick up the phone and call Citi and Discover or should I send them certified letters saying I can afford to pay you 2k instead of my 9k? Or should I do nothing and let them contact me? Thanks for the start up advice.
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