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  1. What a whacky thread!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear/read your misfortunes! Homeownership does have pitfalls for some. I hope it works out for you though!
  2. Don't send them a copy. Just call them and give the date of INQ and exactly waht it says. They sometimes can tell what branch, i.e. Mortgage, Revolving, insurance..., by the description. Than ask for a signed application. Or demand it!
  3. Good thing I read this... When I left here a while ago CHASE was one I was reaching for... Good thing I didn't get it. Good heads up!
  4. Bumping i slike Sasquatch! You hear rumors but it's hardly ever proven. Just count oyur blessings! Yes, TC can be bumping and I have no idea why it didn't work the whole time. Don't bother counting promo pulls and all other reviews. They are nothing...
  5. Too funny! Just a note. When I started I paid $150 fees on a $200 First Premier card then $40 for a CLI! So $10 don't look too bad to me from here! The last post was funny though!
  6. Dang! That's good too! I have Blue already and just applied, which I shouldn't have and got a 7700 CL. That's why I satyaed away from here for a while. I will NEVER use this card but it's a nice card to use in a pinch.
  7. I'd send a CRR letter to the CRA's demanding removal. Note that the Notation on account says they couldn't reach you for 1 day and that is a violation of the 30 day rule. They did not write you nor have the responded to the CRA in accordance with the FCRA.
  8. IF it was me. I'd call and beg, barring you were only late during this small and temporary time. This sometimes will be looked at as removable. Than I'd try to maybe go higher in the company of OC. THAN I'd dispute if I get no where.
  9. A dispute will not change DOLA... Paying a CO account will update the DOLA, acc being sold to a CA will change DOLA and some other factors. The status is probably when you disputed or last update.
  10. IF you can get them updated to "Paid in full/ Never LAte" than that would be great! If not, which I have a feeling you won't, than removal and Rebuilb would be great too.... Once oyu paid you lost some bargaining power.
  11. EX... Thier 3 strike rule kills me! I always had to thin kof that before I disputed and used them wisely! They finally caved but DANG!!!!!! TU removed 2 tax liens immediately and seemed to remove INQ's easily too!