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  1. Ya both my daughters are under 18 and live at home with me, they don't have any place to go either. I will try those government sites, which is why I posted to see what suggestions people had. Charles, also mentioned one of the other grant people that worked with foreclosures also. If you can come up with any more I will try anything at his point!!!!!!
  2. Just to add a post script the company has told the lawyer they expect me to fail, and if you look them up on the internet they are the very definitiion of a predatory lender. They advertise to brokers as taking people with below 400 credit scores,etc........ I know that mortgage companies,etc are hurting particularly in Michigan, I have owned this house for 23 years. Please help.
  3. Pardon the length but I think it is necessary to document the process that has happened. I took out a home equity loan of 40,000 on our house appraised at 110,000 in November of 2006. It was a bad loan and I knew it when I signed the papers but really needed the money to pay off a relative that was making my life hell for borrowing money from her, and I thought I would get the cash out and refinance the loan into a better one later. The loan was for 40,000, originally I was told my payments would be in the 500 range and with 11% interest ( my credit is still not great from filing bk 7 a couple of years ago), the closing costs amounted to well over 10,000 and the payments ended up being 785.00 with a 21% interest. I know Charles told me not to do it but thought I could make it work out. Paid on loan for six months and with the help of a very nice gentlmen tried to get a new loan to replace this one at a lower interest, payments,etc. Well the company that had the loan (not the original loan brokers) were having trouble and their accountant left the company and had failed to document three months of payments so when I tried to refi it looked like I was three months behind and also Bond Corporation (who is the mortgage company) was totally non responsive and failed to send the proper documentation, return phone calls,etc and by the time things got sorted out at all the mortgage industry fell in on it self (this was March 2007) the gentlemen that I was working with still tried to help but quite frankly I didn't make enought money to go any other route. Then in March/April we had several personal tradegies and were unable to make mortgage payments. I tried being pleasant to Bond Corp, but at no time did they offer to cooperate with me, they only harassed me at work and asked when I could move out. I finally started hanging up on them when ever they called, particularly at work since it was jeopardizing things there. Now they claim that I was the uncooperative one. Anyways, I let the house go into foreclosure hoping for a miracle, and did get a better job, however by the time I got a better job I got an eviction notice. Have hired a lawyer to work with the mortgage company and they did agree to put the house into a land contract, with 600.00 month payments and 11% interest. Problem is that they wanted 1,000 by Monday (5/19) to do the paper work and 10,000 by the 30th for a down payment. I tried to get several "payday" loans to get the 1,000 but ended up 480 short, hoping to have that by the end of the week. They are playing hard ball and hardly giving me any time to come up with this money, I found out about the 1,000/10,000 offer last Thursday!! I had offered 2,000 for a down and then the 600/month payments. If I had time I know that through some of the assistance companies I could get help, or come up with other options but they are really threatening and I don't understand, when just in my neighborhood alone there are at least 40% of the houses either vacant/foreclosed or for sale. I have thought of going to an "buyer" and having them purchase the house so that Bond would be totally out of the deal (of course I know since Bond owns the property at this point that they would have to agree to it) and arrange for a rental situation or something. I have two daughters and would be totally homeless if I were to lose this house with no where to go. I have done alot of reseach and I have looked over the list of foundations that Charles has posted at the beginning and know that if they would just give me some more time---its not like if I moved out the house would sell tomorrow, there are houses in our city that have been vacant for over two years. The other thing that I am not sure of is that the lawyer that is working for me is not a real estate lawyer he is just a family friend that is doing this for no cost and I think that the mortgage company lawyers are taking advantage of that--------I am also very aware of the Ad hoc committee attempt to put a moratorium of foreclosures and evictions, desperately need help any help.........that any one can think of any organizations that would help, any creative solutions. I know that I should have acted sooner but the job I had really didn't offer me any hope of resolving this, and I put all my effort into getting a better job which I now do have--just need time again! HELP!!!!! DON'T WANT TO BE HOMELESS.
  4. Thanks I like the wording of your suggestion, but I will change it to be a little more formal/PC, they are private individuals and I am hoping that they are not willing/wanting or able to really hire a lawyer and really pursue this if I can make them believe that I will pay them off, the one is less then 400 and the other is 850.00.
  5. I know that small claims is something other then what you normally deal with but I was looking for some extra help. I have several people I own money to, private people/businesses, that I have owed for about a year. I incured the debts and then due to a mistake that my tax preparer made and several mishaps, including a car accident I was unable to pay them off right away, I have been making payments to these people but they have been sporatic and now a couple of them are taking me to small claims court, I have a new job that I got just 4 months ago and it is a great job and one that is very hard to come by in Michigan, if these people would be alittle more patient with me I would have gotten them paid off, particularly with my new position. I don't need to take the chance of losing my position by contantly having to go to court. Anyways, what would be a good way to handle these small claims court summons? I have two so far, I was going to continue making payments to these people no matter how small to try to satisfy them and get rid of the debt, but have gotten a little scared by what I have read on the internet about small claims. Any help on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated.
  6. part of the back taxes I owe is due to a cc issueing a 1099 on a debt which was discharged in chp 7, called lawyer to info and he claimed it was impossible for a cc to issue a 1099, since it wasn't earned income--I don't know what to say to him to show him that yes it is possible and does happen!!!
  7. I found out that I owe back taxes because my tax preparer made a "typo" on my 2005 returns (how pleasant) , she said they would pay the penalty but that I would still be resonsible for the taxes owed which was quite sizeable (she typed in 10 instead of 9,000). Do I have any recourse? I have been struggling for years trying to get out of the credit mess my unemployment helped create and it seems like I have been getting kicked in the butt by stuff like this constantly--so if they is annnnythinggg I can to lightent he load, please let me know. The only thing I have been thinking of is demanding that they prepare my taxes for free this year.
  8. The more I think about it the more I know I wouldn't have freaked out so much if the lawyer had just been forthright and said at the very beginning of the week--I have a meeting Friday on this matter this is what I plan on mediating--why all the clock and dagger stuff I don't know, it just made me freak, and made me want to cover my butt, I have gotten in trouble before with letting a lawyer know more information then I needed to.
  9. Thanks for the info, and I normally don't have an attitude sorry, just under a lot of stress. Come to find out that is basically what the attorney was after was to get the debt reduced and put in my name to relieve my mother of responsiblity and come to a payment agreement. What made me mad was that he dragged this out and gave me very little (at best ) information. I already told him that I was willing to pay on this directly so I don't know what his hang up was, turns out the mediation was in his office this am, not the court house, I didn't know about this meeting even until Tuesday of this week and I am sure he knew about it a long time ago, he didn't let me know what his mediation plans were until less then 10 min before the meeting, which made me very suspicious-particularly since I don't care for the guy anyways. The way he handle all of this was horrible if he had come forward when he knew when the meeting was and let me know what his plans are this would have been handled a lot differently. I will never use him as a lawyer that is for sure. I have kept all of his horrible and sketchy emails so if it ever comes back that I was uncooperative--I can prove that I didn't know what was going on until the last minute. He emailed me literally 15 min before the meeting and asked me if I was going to respond to his mediation plans when I hadn't even been told what they were.
  10. Don't judge another until you have walked two moons in their moccasins. I didn't ask to be judged just for advise. The last two of you are submitting advise on how you view my mothers and my relationship and whether she or I are good people. You have not lived every day of my life with my mother and know what I have gone through with her---small compared to what you think I am making her go through. So screw you.
  11. I had been making payments directly to my mother since I owe her for other times she had helped me out when we were unemployed so I was making lump sum payments directly to her. She is being sued by asset acceptance, I am not sure if they are collections or bought the debt or what, since we are not getting along I have not seen any of the paperwork. The meeting on Friday is according to the lawyer a "mediation", and I told him how much and when I could make payments directly to asset acceptance for the meeting, I have been through these meetings before and know how and what they will be asking, I even told him to come to this site so he would know how to handle the collection lawyers, because in my mother case, even if they do find her liable, there is only so much they can do since she is retired and on a fixed income and we do have a record of payments and are willing to come to another agreement. I have been talking to this lawyer via email, but he has a bug up his butt about me calling him, I have told him before, I work in a warehouse, personal calls are discouraged and are monitored, I have to put in my time card number to make a personal call and will get charged for it, since I do have a computer monitor I can email and it is perfectly legal via the employee handbook. Also since this is an emotional issue for me, I don't want to get bullied or harassed into saying or doing something I will regret, I have done that with lawyers before, so I would rather converse by email so that any questions he has I have time to word them just right, and I have told him that I felt anything that we had to discuss could be done by email.
  12. We have also discussed moving out of Michigan but with kids and a house its alot harder, although some people have just abandoned their houses. I don't think that my mother would do anything that would cripple me legally because I owe her quite a bit of money from when we were unemployed and if she were to cripple me legally it would make it hard for her to get the money I owe her and by the way have been paying monthly on-- and have the certified check stubs to prove it. Also even though our relationship has broken down--she thinks that the one mistake I made has made me a bad person, she loves her grandchildren and knows that anything she does to me could potentially damage any relationship she has with them.
  13. Yes I do have documentation of payments to my mother and have offered through my mothers lawyer to further make payments directly to the collection agency, so I really don't know what further there is to discuss, I think I agree with the other post that said to be cautious in this situation and not discuss or disclose any more then I have to. I have talked to the creditors before on this matter and their statement basically was they didn't care who used the card, it was taken out in my mothers name and ss so that is who they are holding liable.
  14. Ok, thanks, that makes me feel a little better, I just don't know how to handle this, my mother has effectively alienated alot of people out of her life- she tells everyone that I am an only child even though she has two boys from another marriage one was killed in vietnam, the other she has disowned because he inherited more from her mother then she did even though her mother raised him---and I have seen her disown friends over 40 years for doing things she didn't approve of. I am working so hard to better my life and she doesn't believe me--my husband been going to school and working full time and will be done soon so he can look for a better job also, and I have been doing everything possible to better mine---trying to sell things I don't need anymore--but with the economy in Michigan it hasn't been easy. Sorry for venting on a subject not money.
  15. Need advise Please!!Several years ago I used my mothers name/credit to obtain some credit, she became aware of it afterwards and was fine as long as I could pay it. I was stupid and cocky and thought I would always have a good job and would be able to pay it off. Well of course I live in Michigan myself and my husband have gone through job loss and are struggling to get by on less then half of what we made 5 years ago. I have been making payments to my mother the best that I can with a job that pays 8/hr and my husband barely grossing 16/hr, and I have taken care of most of the past credit issues except for one that has gone to court. My mother and I stopped talking last fall---because she thinks that I have done all this on purpose to make her life miserable, and I keep on trying to tell her that I am sorry for my past mistakes but I can't undo them (well I am trying to pay them off as best I can) all I can do is try to make things better--I truely am not a bad person I just made a very very stupid mistake years ago. Well anyways I have tried to tell her and her lawyer friend how to handle this court situation but they are not listening to me, I told them that I had been through this before, you go to court agree on a payment plan, and I told her lawyer what I could agree to pay per month. But he wants to "talk to me". I am afraid to talk to him because I am afraid he will lambast me as a person and tell me how wrong I was to do what I did (when I already know all this, I just want to make things better, if I could go back in time and undo what I did I would but I can't, and I haven't won the lotto yet so I can't raise a majik stick and pay it all away), I am afraid of talking to him because once before when we used him to help me out of a situation he made a snide comment about not understanding why my parents would want to help me. I really am not a bad person just a person that made one stupid mistake, and then went through hell with unemployment,etc and I am truely trying to put everything back on the right track--but I am afraid of what the lawyer and my mother could do. I can make payments if they are small enough on this issue so I don't know what there is to "talk" about. The court appointment is Friday, the lawyer is a friend of hers from church and I really don't think he is a very good lawyer or knows credit law-- I have tried telling him via email- how to handle creditors/collections but he dosen't seem to take my advise. PLEASE ADVISE!!!!!! ASAP