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  1. Each open account should report to the three credit reporting agencies once a month. Figure 7 weeks from when the last payment was received to be on the safe side.
  2. Well yes in that the Visa Liability policy applies. Unfortunately the legal protections for Debit cards are really really lousy. Debit cards are covered under Regulation E ( ) or the "Electronic Funds Transfer Act. Credit cards are covered under Regulation Z ( ). With credit cards you would be liable for a maximum of $50. The Visa zero liability just eliminates the $50. With debit cards the maximum liability is unlimited. If you catch the error and report it within 60 days the maximum liability is $50
  3. That's another vote for paying inside. Also, if you use a credit card you have more protections under the law. With Visa you have zero liability assuming you notice any fraudulent charges in a reasonable period of time. This applies to real credit cards with a Visa logo that are US based and are not business credit cards or debit cards.
  4. Where did you hear that? Yes it kills me that people are falling all over themselves to put in wireless networks at home with no, or almost no consideration as to who can listen in. Me, I am running CAT 6 (shielded CAT 5) 100 Base T with a 100 base T switch. I will probably go the 1,000 Base T and Fire Wire all through the walls of my next house.
  5. This is not a case of a leak that may lead to credit card fraud, it's a case of how much. If you have any effected cards, you may want to get new account numbers. 12 March, 2004 BJ'S WHOLESALE SUSPECTS CREDIT CARD LEAK "Visa, Mastercard issue warnings to banks, consumers BJ's Wholesale Club Inc. revealed Friday that it is investigating a possible computer system break-in that may have exposed its customers' credit card account information. The Massachusetts-based wholesaler, which has 8 million members, mostly in the Northeast, said it was working with credit card associations and law enforce
  6. Thanks! This is the link to the latest BK reform news: This is the link to the whole BK reform Site: This is a list of house members: Another link for house members: This is a list of US senators:
  7. I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum. I thought it was a general credit and credit repair issue. It looks like that while both parties have been paid off to get the BK bill passed, the Republicans took more money. May 23, 2001 "Last year, credit card giant MBNA gave $365,725 in bundled hard money contributions to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee alone. This committee had jurisdiction over the crafting of the bankruptcy bill that served to bail out MBNA and screw its credit card customers. MBNA also gave the Bush campaign $240,700 in bundled contributions. Under the new measu
  8. I did not mean for my post to be political. The potential passing of the BK reform bill is, for the most part, bipartisan. 8) I just wanted people to be aware that the bill is moving again. I figured the bill would not stand a chance in an election year. I was wrong.
  9. Those bast*&d republicans in the house are trying to get last year's BK reform bill passes by bypassing the Senate. Write your congressman. Tell them to cut it out. Tell them the BK reform issue should procede through normal channals. "Feb. 23, 2004 REFORM ACTION POSSIBLE THIS WEEK With the recent procedural move by House Republicans attempting to force the issue of bankruptcy reform, without the "traditional" steps in the Senate, it is believed a bipartisan group of Senators will in the next week (Feb. 23) urge Senate
  10. It might be wise for people who are looking for employment and who have their resumes posted on the Internet to get a credit monitoring service if their credit is good.
  11. Here is a board that is dedicated to discussing credit rebate cards. It's a free way to make money!
  12. I was just wondering. OK so the payments went to the right account number, the one you have on your paperwork. The problem is that they got your SS number wrong? So rather than use your name they chose to use your SS number and report the original inquiry and the account to another individuals report that had an entirely different name. That poor individual may think that they are the victim of identity theft. I am glad you got this straitened out but this situation is very strange. It just goes to show that SS numbers are not to be used as ID numbers. With regards to credit transactions, I t
  13. "Come to find out that the account # on the loan and the SS# listed on that account isn't mine! The name & address was correct and I have been getting bills...but the payments must have been credited to the wrong SS#! " Is your SS# being used as an account number? Were the prior payments credited to the account number that goes with the loan that you signed?
  14. I was not aware that using a debt counseling company was the same as debt consolidation. I thought that debt consolidation was the process of taking all the debt from credit cards and auto loans and moving the debt to one account and paying off all the other accounts the same month as the debt transfer. Usually this is done by getting a home equity line of credit against a home or other real-estate. The interest rate is close to prime so a lot of money can be saved on interest and because all the credit cards are paid off, assuming the cards are left open, the % of credit utilization should dr
  15. Make you wonder don't it. "Stolen Hard Drive Leads to Extra Security at Los Angeles-Area Credit Union By Naush Boghossian, Daily News, Los Angeles Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News Dec. 5--GLENDALE, Calif. - A credit union has beefed-up security measures to protect 49,000 members after thieves stole a computer hard drive with confidential information from its Brand Boulevard office. The California Credit Union of Glendale has sent letters to its members, informing them of the Nov. 15 break-in at 701 N. Brand Blvd., where burglars took a computer hard drive containing personal information a