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  1. I doubt the validity of this story. Comes under the heading of "smoke". No traffic cop is going to NOT write you a ticket because you hand him/her a PrePaid Legal member card. Especially if you have it coming. Cops aren't intimedated by attorneys. What it will do, is it to alert that cop that you will likely go to court and they will be certain to take notes in detail that will help them remember the circumstances and make the case against you in court.
  2. I have had PrePaid Legal insurance for years. I haven't taken advantage of many of the benefits it offers BUT have used the traffic defense benefit AND the attorney was successfull in getting a RADAR speeding ticket overturned. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, I can call a lawyer and get an answer on many legal questions, as well as the many other benefits the policy offers. Cheap piece of mind. Now if you have a frivoulous case, the attorney may advise you to just pay the ticket but if they determine there is a valid defense then that is a different matter. The benefits vary
  3. That would be easy if they were a domestic corporation. They also have no offices or assets here in my state. I have a judgement from state A and they are located in state B. My small claims judgement is not enforceable in state B. At least that is my understanding. I will try your suggestion to send them a demand letter. Do you think I should invoice it to "accounts payable" or send it to their legal dept? On the D&B and CRA issue. Can I as an individual report an unpaid judgement? If not, how would I go about getting it recorded? I can see this as being great leverage.
  4. FYI: I checked with the Division of Corporations to find out if the company I wanted to sue was registered in my state. The state's record showed them to be a foreign corporation, meaning they are NOT incorporated in my state BUT they do maintain a registered agent here, as required. Okay, so I served them through their registered agent and sued them in small claims court. Easy enough. Now I was suing them under the FDCPA, which is a federal statute. However, my state maintains a state statute that is essentially the same, so the small claims venue seemed valid. So far so good. My understand
  5. I successfully sued a collection agency under the FDCPA. They are a well known name and a wholly owned subsidiary of a publically held, major corporation. I have a valid small claims judgment in hand for approximately $3000. The time for an appeal on their part has passed. This corporation is licensed in my state to collect but is not a domestic corporation. They do maintain a registered agent in the state and that is where they were served for the initial case, which I won by default, and also for the creditor's hearing. Any ideas on how to proceed with collecting the judgment would be appre
  6. I checked with the state. The state is the beneficiary of the bond. I can download some simple forms and file a complaint with the state that they haven't paid a legitiment judgement as awarded by a state distict court and see what happens. I'm inclined to try to exhaust all other legal avenues before enlisting a state bureaucratic office to try to help me. The problem is that I sued in state small claims court and the co doesn't have any offices here BUT they do collect here from afar and so are licensed. I'd appreciate any legal tatics I could employ. The difficulty is collecting a small cla
  7. I got a judgment for $3K, the max allowed in small claims. I sued for FDCPA violations and was awarded what I asked for under a default judgment, plus costs. Still haven't been successful in collecting though. I waited until the allowed time for an appeals passed and filed for a creditor's hearing with a summons personally served to the registered agent. No shows at the hearing, hearing ajourned, still haven't collected. The saga continues.
  8. UPDATE: I waited for time to pass for an allowable appeal and then filed for a creditor's hearing. I had the corporation and the President/CEO personally served at the registered agents office. Of course, the President wasn't there but the summons was signed by the registered agent who then has a responsibility to notify the co. and officer in question. No one showed at the creditor's hearing and after speaking to the magistrate, she allowed for an ajournment of the hearing since the corp officer is out of state and the corporation is "foreign". I figured they'd would probably be a "no show"
  9. I successfully sued a national collection agency under the FDCPA. I was awarded the max under my state's small claims court limitation, (more than 1k, less than 3k). They were originally served by the court at their registered agent's address in my state by USPS Cert mail. The court also later notified them of their decision by regular mail and they had 7 days from date of decision to appeal and 21 days to pay. They haven't paid so now I am entitled to have them subpoenaed into court to show assets. The company is a for profit foreign corporation, (in my state), registered in Delaware and bas
  10. We just became aware of a collection item on my wife's credit file. Collection company out of Texas. Disputed debt and they sent a copy of statement claiming unpaid fees from a long ago closed checking account in early 1999. My wife can't recall whether the fees are legit or not, but acct. was closed around the time we married and shortly before we moved out of state. She just wants to pay this and get it off her credit file. I say this is beyond Florida's SOL (5yrs) and can't be legally collected. Our current state of residence has a 6yr SOL, a few more months before it expires. Which state'
  11. Thanks for the help but already did that and still got "stale bread".
  12. I just logged on and clicked on reports. I noticed the date posted online was June 8. I signed up for the trial in mid May. I checked several times after I knew my disputes had been received just to see if any updates got posted and they didn't. Either they don't update frequently or maybe they aren't tied in directly with the CRA's databases. It seems that each day you log on you would get a "new" report?? I'm going to cancel after my trial anyway. Not worth $90+ to me to see old merged report(s) with FAKO scores anyway.
  13. I got a 60 day trial to PG to check it out and monitor CR's. Checked during dispute period to see if any results were posted, they weren't. Have got back results from two CRA's and checked in with PG to see if updated. It's not. I noticed the date of the PG report is early June. It seems to lag significantly from the CRAs. Not much good for monitoring if it lags by nearly a month, IMHO.
  14. Wife had a disagreement with CapOne that lead to her refusal to pay for awhile and the resulting increase in fees and overlimit charges. Eventually got ironed out between them and they were paid in full, although it came after court case decided in their favor. Anyway it is now reported as a "charge-off settled legally for less than the full amount". NOT TRUE. This item was NOT charged off and was paid IN FULL, in fact, the Judge ordered it paid, fees and all. We have disputed and it remains. It seems it is nearly impossible to get a CapPne tradeline removed.
  15. I've got the hard copy Exp. mailed. It has, from right to left, across the top, the following columns for entry: Source/Acct.#, Date opened/Reported since, Date of status/Last reported, Type/Terms/Mthly Pymt, Responsibility, Credit limit or Orig. amount/High bal, Recent bal/Recent pymt, Status Details. I think you have a merged report like a PG or maybe the online version of Exp. They are not reporting our dispute as "disputed". Under "Status Details" they have "This item was verified and updated on 5-2004". They also have the date under "Date of status/Last reported". We know it to