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  1. Aussie, you should had DVed the CAs CMRRR, once you recieved the confirmation that they had recieved the DV letters, then you should had disputed with the CRAs.
  2. From there website they look like a 2bit outfit lol, have you tried validating with them?
  3. "Anyway it is paid but still listed on my CR under "current delinquent accounts" which the CRA says they can do for the next 7 years." If the CA has it listed as the above, thats a FCRA violation, It cant be delinquent if its paid. Id sent the a validation letter based on the FDCPA,, if they even change your CR without validation, you have a violation,,Continued Collection Activity Its kinda like fishing, you get no bites without dangling a worm in the water lol
  4. The statute of limitations for suits under the FDCPA is 1 year from the date the violation occured... Limitation on FCRA is 2 years,, hmm IMHO, if the debt is paid in full, and you really really want to get this off your report/and or sue them, you can get them lol
  5. Stacy the State of Ga has the following that holds the OC responsible for the actions of the CA/DC, your state may have similar laws. 120-1-14-.25 Use of Debt Collectors; Agreement. Every creditor shall be presumed to know that any debt collector engaged by the creditor will be an agent of the creditor and will be acting for and in behalf of the creditor in connection with the collection of any debt allegedly owed the creditor. Every creditor shall be absolutely responsible for observance of these rules and regulations by the debt collector in connection with all activities of the debt collector so far as they are taken in collecting or attempting to collect any debt allegedly owed to the creditor, and it shall be no defense to the creditor that any violation complained of was not an activity of the creditor himself or itself. Before engaging any debt collector, a creditor shall require the debt collector (or a responsible officer of the debt collector) to execute a sworn certificate under the penalty of perjury, that he has read and understands each and all of these rules and regulations pertaining to debt collection and that each and all of them will be carefully observed in the activities of the debt collector. If you will notice, the OC is ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF THE COLLECTOR.
  6. thats a excellant place to start for your quest of information on HIPPA
  7. KB9tbq, be forewarned,it is my understanding if you contact the CA, befor the OC, you give up your rights to privacy under the hippa laws.
  8. id make em validate, tell them its sol, and so are they,as soon as they update the cr, sent a dang ITS Or by pass them and go to the OC with HIPPA violations
  9. You have the right to pay this claim now. To avoid further steps, respond within 48 hours. Consider our clients lawful alternatives closely. Our client may take legal steps against you and if the courts award judgement, the court could allow court costs and attorney fees. Interest may be accruing if authorized under a contract. And you know for a fact the debt is out of SOL, then is this considered a violation? (To avoid further steps, respond within 48 hours.) This is the onlything id have a issue about, its not a mini miranda, The rest of the letter is no more than statements. I know you allready know this, but just because its past the SOL, dosnt meen they cant TRY and sue you. As far as it being an actual violation, Id imagine it would be up to a judge to decide
  10. <blockquote>Originally posted by admin Hey guys, even if you don't agree with what she is saying, you don't need to name call (cockroaches, etc). I like the citing of the statutes and the fact-based disputes, but she is just giving her opinion, and being pretty courageous under all this fire. Give her a chance, even if she is wrong about a few things. </blockquote> I must state for the record, that I totally agree with admin , please dont disrespect insects by placing them in the same catagory as collectors.