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  1. Wow! Target sure is fast. I got my card today. I just applied for it last Saturday. The credit limit is only $200 but if what everyone says is correct, hopefully I'll get a CLI before too long.
  2. Thanks Everyone! Hellard - Sorry to hear you're having a difficult time getting credit. I know how frustrating it is. Have you tried a credit union? All of my car loans have been through my credit union. I did apply for the Dell and was approved for $2000 - Shortbus, you're so right about the astronimical interest rate! I'll probably never use it. Congratulations, rmiller0410 on the Best Buy MC. I should have applied for that instead of the Dell. But, I think I'll hold off on applying for anything else for a while.
  3. Hi! I've been a member for quite a while but this is my first post. This board has helped me so much! Reading everyone's accomplishments always gives me confidence to apply for new credit. Since Friday (11/16/07), after reading the forums again, I applied and got approved for Hooters (applied Friday night, don't know CL yet), Target (applied Saturday, don't know CL yet), and Kay's today $1,500 CL. I'm thinking of applying for either a Best Buy or Dell's. Are either of these difficult to get? I have a BK that was discharged 9/2002. As of 11/16/07 my scores are: EQ - 615, EX - 636, TU - 653. I just disputed five collection accounts (same collection agency, very small amounts), that I believe were included in the BK. Over the last four years I've gotten these credit cards: HSBC (5/03) - $300 increased slowly to $980 First Premier (6/03) - $400 no increases Capital One (7/03) $300 no increases Dillards (11/03) $1200 several increases now at $2200 Merrick (11/04) $1200 several increases now at $2300 Care Credit (3/07) $5000 I've also gotten four different small car loans (each paid off before getting the next) Thank you everyone for your inspiration.
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