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  1. yes, thats the letter, but I do have that, its the information that went with it I need,the list of states that accept an A&S and then there was a partial list of states that would accept it under certain stipulations. But thanks for all your help, I KNOW it was here, it was a couple of postings that someone posted on using an A&S.
  2. hmmmm I thought it was information regarding the states that accepted A&S settlements and what reasons a person could use and A&S. I swear it was on this website. I'll keep digging.
  3. hey Kristin I used to post before under and different user, couldn't remeber it so i made a new one up, you said you had the same name as I, but I don't remember if we spell it the same. So I wrote it like mine. I remember reading some good posts on accord and satisfaction and what states uphold the law on it. I think they all have to now, if I remember right. Could you link me to some of those discussions? I don't need the letter, just the info on laws and the how to go about it. I have decided after using a cell phone that never works in the areas I seem to travel I am going to try to settle